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Ellie and Addison

Recent and Random

See the silver clock on this picture of my mantel from a couple of years ago?  It was the first thing I bought for our current house about ten years ago.  When our house was being built I started getting so excited to finally decorate a place of my own.  Kenny and I had only lived in apartments up to that point and all of our furniture was either leftovers from family members or wedding gifts (and we were so poor we were lucky to have what we did!).  But Law School was almost over and Kenny and I both had real jobs waiting for us in California.  So I decided it was time to break free of our poor struggling student chains!  I went to Pottery Barn (because what better place to stage a break out) and bought this clock.  It was around $45 and I remember feeling like it was such a splurge!  I winced at the checkout counter when the lady rang it up and days later I almost took it back.  I felt so guilty spending that much on a clock!  But I didn’t take it back and it is still in my house today and is a fun reminder of how exciting it was to finally pick out my own home decor for a place of our own.

So when I was out shopping last week and just happened upon a Pottery Barn (it’s a true mystery how I always seem to end up in that place…)

I saw this vintage iron tiered basket set.  And it spoke to me.  And I decided it needed to be my first new purchase for my next new house.  On sale for around $45.  Just like my clock.  Only this time I didn’t wince at the checkout counter.  :)

You all know I have a thing for baskets.  (I was reminded of how many I have when I had to move one basket out of the way to take a picture of the new one!)  And to be honest, I have NO place for this in my house right now.  I am just going to patiently wait until I get into my new house and then find its purpose!  

I can use it to hold bathroom essentials like it is displayed in the PB catalog, 
Or for fruit in the kitchen like my current tiered baskets.   Or maybe for scrapbook supplies in my office…  SO many possibilities!  I get giddy just thinking about it.  :)  
And if none of those ideas work, Ellie pointed out that it would make the perfect home for her Littlest Petshops.   I have to admit, that cat does look nice and cozy.  
Another fun purchase I made months ago – this organizer for my kitchen…

Isn’t it fun!?  Found it at Home Goods.  When Kenny saw it he said “oh great.  You bought another stacker so you can stack more stuff.”  He clearly doesn’t get it.  I want to paint my “stacker” and make fun new labels for whatever I do decide to stack inside.  It’s located next to our garage door so I’m thinking it will be great for cell phones, keys, wallets, miscellaneous stuff the kids need each day.  One more thing on my list of future projects!

 Today was our first day of summer and Ellie spent in on the beach!  She is doing her lifeguard camp again (pics are from last summer) so she is one happy girl.  And my car is one sandy mess.  As it will be for the next two weeks.

I managed to keep my other two entertained.  A living room fort was made just in time for Kole to destroy it.  (So glad to see Kenny’s law school books finally being put to good use.)
While Kole napped, I balanced my checkbook and Addison made necklaces.  Then I decided her project look a lot more fun than mine so I joined her.  We paraded around the rest of the day in our new jewelry.  Addison told me when I put her to bed that “the necklaces stayed fashionable all day long.”
That they did.  :)

 Of course once Ellie was home the kids entertained each other all afternoon and it made me so happy!  I was just soaking in the fact that we didn’t have anywhere we needed to rush to.  Nowhere we needed to be.  Just free time to do whatever we wanted!  Kids played in the backyard.

I turned on my go to for music – “Pandora” – internet radio on the TV.  I have it set to play “Lenka” music.  I love Lenka and it plays not only her songs but anything else that sounds at all similar to her.  I did a little cleaning…

 reviewed my house plans for the thousandth time…

 and attempted to organize my mountains of new house stuff that I still need to go through.
On tomorrow’s agenda:

Tackle the homework drawer.  Things got a little crazy the last few weeks of school!  
And the craft drawer.  Which clearly needs some love before the kids can get creative this summer. 

I pulled out my list from last January and updated it a bit.  Slowly but surely I’ll tackle all of the spaces I want to organize this year.  Summer is a great time to organize.   Right along with Winter and Spring and Fall.

But I’m so happy that summer is finally here.    
xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Recent and Random

  1. The law school book comment cracked me up! Too funny.

    I love that cute basket. Can’t wait to see what you decide to use it for.

  2. Seeing your drawers a teeny bit messy always makes me feel better that I have a mess in my house. I am trying to do ‘operation organize life’ right now and I definitely check out your blog for helpful tips!

  3. Love this star chart! I may have to try it with Kendall and see how she does:) I still have my spring header up as well…today was the first official day of summer so we aren’t behind!!

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