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Spring/Summer Mantel

Finally!  I’m sharing my Spring mantel.  But now Spring is almost over.  So let’s call it a Spring/Summer mantel, shall we?  Yes.  We shall.   
Here is a look at last year’s Spring mantel…
Notice the eggs in apothecary jars.  I wanted to use my eggs in apothecary jars again this year.  But eggs in apothecary jars in May?  Not so much.  So I’ll shoot for getting my Spring mantel done a little earlier next year.  Eggs in apothecary jars will be my incentive.   I like them.  :)  
But instead of eggs in apothecary jars, this year I went with pitchers on candle sticks.  This mantel should actually be titled the “thrown together in 20 minutes and still kinda bugging me mantel.”  I don’t love it.  I like it.  But it’s missing something.  Some yellow on the left?  Another color brought in?  Something hanging in the middle of the mirror?  I had this mantel put together so quickly back in March, but it just didn’t look right so I waited and waited and waited to take pics of it.  I tried random things at random times, but it just kept looking so… random.  
Finally I pulled the butterfly plate out of my kitchen cupboard, stuck it up, and called it DONE.  And there is something so nice about DONE.  Even if it’s not done to my satisfaction.  (Done = Satisfaction these days!)

I love these candle sticks so much that I’ve had them up all year.  Fun to display decor other than candles on them like I did in the Fall.

I bought these glass jars at Pottery Barn several months ago.  LOVE them.  While I was at it I also bought some sea glass to give the mantel a “summery” feel.

Aren’t the colors beautiful!?  I think I’m dangerously close to having too much aqua in my house at the moment.  But I don’t care.  And I know it’s so trendy.  And I don’t care about that either.  It makes me happy.  When I walk in my house and see all the aqua I smile.  That’s what I care about.  

I’m loving clear glass jars/bottles right now so I tossed one of those on the mantel too.    
The mantel ties in well with my table decor (same flowers).  :)

 And that’s a wrap on my “Spring/Summer – not in love with it but glad it’s done mantel!”  
Ever had one of those?  :)
p.s.  I think all three final contestants are amazing singers, but I have had a crush on this guy from day one.  (Kenny’s ok with it.  He has a crush on him too.)  Love his voice.  Love his personality.  Fingers are crossed Philip!!  (I just caught up on American Idol while I finished this post and felt that needed to be said.) 
And now I’m DONE.  

p.s.  You can see the rest of my recent home decor here.

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xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Spring/Summer Mantel

  1. Hi Erin. I love your mantel!! I am in love with yellow this year! My house was in green over load so I bought some soft yellow with white down throw pillows at BBandB. I have those same flowers and I love them. Yellow is popping up everywhere in my house. Now if I could only find those lemon topiaries you bought at Pier one. I would be done!!! I keep looking…Maybe they will have them again this year! :)
    Love the aqua sea glass too.

  2. Thanks so much Cathy! I love that you are always up so late like me! :) The lemon trees were from Pottery Barn. I thought of you when I was in there the other day and looked for some! No lemon trees, but lots of other fun stuff for summer!

  3. I love your mantel and I too have a huge crush on Phillip. Love his voice. So unique in my opinion. And did I say he is so CUTE!!!!

  4. Hi Erin!
    Great summer mantel. I love the color of that sea glass. I love being obsessed with a color too. Right now I’m loving aqua and orange. Just picked up an orange swimsuit and it made my day. :)

    ps- I have a crush on P. Phillip too. We are rooting for him. He did great last night.

  5. Thanks everyone! So glad you like the mantel. Sara – a white frame is a good idea!

    And YEA for other Philip lovers!! :)

  6. I’m laughing as I type this because really, who am I to give decor advice, right?

    I think you should add a little yellow to the left side. Not sure how, that’s where you come in. I also think it would look great to have something hanging in the middle. But I’d have to see it then give you my final opinion.

    Can you believe I am typing this on my laptop from a hotel only 2 minutes from you??? Ah!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see you!!!!

  7. Reenie – Score at Target! Love that.

    Shari – I tried both of those ideas and could NOT find anything that looked good. I’m sure I’ll find the perfect thing, right around Fall when it’s time to change things again. Never fails!

    SO SO excited to see you tomorrow!! Yea!

  8. Love the blue & Yellow! I think the butterfly plate just makes it perfect!! You have a good eye for it :)

  9. I think it’s lovely … and the aqua is so soothing.

    And the butterfly plate addition is perfect … I mean a cute plate like that needs to be out and about not hidden behind a cabinet door!

    And the pitchers on the candlesticks are my fave …



  10. Hi, I’m visiting from Layla’s summer fun link party!

    I love both your spring and summer mantels – I love the pitchers on candlesticks!

  11. I came across this post while looking for some aqua & yellow inspiration. I love this combination! So, I have a random question for you- in some of these pictures you can see into the kitchen and you have a platter up above your cupboards that looks gorgeous! (The large one in the middle with aqua and yellow.) Just wondered where you got it because I need something like that to tie things together a bit in my house. Hopefully I could still find it a year later?! Thanks for sharing all your great decorating ideas. Also, I’m glad Addie is doing better! How scary to have her in the hospital. Thanks for your time :)

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