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My Mothers Day

I hope all of you mothers had a great weekend!  I think Mothers Day is my favorite holiday.  Well.  Christmas can’t be beat, but Mothers Day is becoming a very close second for me.  My girls were so sweet and Kenny was a real trooper this weekend.  They did their best to make sure I felt special.  (Kole was up to his usual tricks, but he is saying “ma ma” and a few other words now and that is gift enough where he is concerned!)  Kenny woke up with the kids at 6:30 Saturday morning so I could sleep in.  Kole was screaming around 7:00 and woke me up, but that extra half hour was still a bonus.  (You take what you can get when you’re the mom, right?).  I was then greeted by these lovely signs going down my stairs:

When I followed the signs and went “this way down the stairs” (instead of the other way down the stairs?)  I found my cute family with breakfast made and a few more pictures hanging on the wall…

This was a favorite.  Apparently the girls were trying to spell out “Happy Mothers Day” in yarn but it was taking too long.  So they just did the initials H M d and added some periods (that look like o’s) in the middle instead.  Kenny and I had a good laugh coming up with a variety of things this could stand for.  :)

I also received some beautiful cards along with hand made gifts. 
 My girls’ handwriting and pictures are always a favorite.  
(So glad you love my “hairdue” Ellie.)  

   (And Addison, I love you so much too and I “em gad dat” you are my daughter.)


Soon after breakfast Kenny took all three kids to the park for the morning.  I enjoyed some nice alone time that included a bubble bath.  It has been YEARS since I’ve had a bubble bath in my tub (pre-Kole era).  It was so nice.  Amazingly nice.  The house was so still and quiet.  I dimmed the lights and lit my candle and then took my time getting ready after.  BEST mother’s day gift ever (aside from my treasured cards).  Then later that day Kenny and I went on a date to look at wood floors!  K maybe that was the best mother’s day gift ever!  You know when you get so giddy/excited about something that you have a hard time talking without your voice coming up in your throat and squeaking?  That was me for two hours in the flooring store.  No joke.  I had the best time!  I knew exactly what I was looking for and found two options for our wood floors that I am so excited about!  We also looked at a few options for carpet and bathroom tile.  Kenny was great in the store.  Just stepped back and let me take over.  Now that the floor plan and landscape design are for the most part behind us he could care less what I put in this house (as long as I’m staying on budget of course).  I have a feeling we are getting to a place where he will stop joining me on these trips.  His voice doesn’t squeak when we walk in a store full of flooring material.

After doing our “house homework” we went to dinner.  I decided on Outback.  Kind of obsessed with their sauteed mushrooms lately.  Then today was another great day of being pampered and showered with cards and hugs from my sweet kids.  

Addie’s teacher in church helped her with this pretty card.  What can I say – I make a mean grilled cheese sandwich.  But if you’ve read my blog profile you already knew that.  :)  
And one more treasured letter from my Ellie…
 Loved the front…

Especially loved the back.  
People tell the two of us how much we look alike all the time and we love it.   
I guess we are freckle girl twins.  :)
Lucky me.  
I can’t think of anything better than being mom to these three.  
Lucky me indeed.  
xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “My Mothers Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Erin!!

    I’m curious to see which wood flooring you are looking at. We are getting wood floors soon and I am pretty sure I know which one we want, but you know, I can always change my mind. It hasn’t been ordered yet! Are you going dark wood, light wood, or somewhere in between? Distressed?

    Okay, enough on the floors. Let’s move on to the photo collage at the end of your post. I love it! Ever since the online photo editing “Picnic” went away, I’m lost as how to edit and put my photos in collages. What do you use? Photoshop? Lightroom? I actually have Lightroom but I don’t know how to use it!!! Which is so lame of me because it’s not like it’s FREE or anything!

    Hope you’re week is a good one. And YAY for Kole saying a few words!! I know that makes you so happy ~ maybe you can video him saying his first words and post it? Just a suggestion :)

  2. Happy Mother’s Day!! It sounds like you had such a memorable day. Yeah for having a Mother’s Day bubble bath! I am sure that was so relaxing. My husband also let me shower and actually take the time to do my hair and make up. It’s the little things, right?

  3. Aww…those handmade cards are the best, aren’t they! My favorites always were the ones the preschool teacher’s would put together for Mother’s Day Tea. It was always a list of things about mom, such as my mom has ______ hair, or is _______ tall, and makes the best ______. Some of the answers over the years were priceless!

  4. I always LOVE seeing Ellie’s notes to you, but the yarn – Wow! She’s is just ever creative! How funny, I love it! Love the freckle twins, glad she likes her freckles!

  5. Erin, your Mother’s Day sound like it was perfect!!

    I wanted to tell you that I was reading a new People magazine, and there was a section on celebrity kitchens – one of which was Martha Stewart’s. She said that a former kitchen she designed had a HUGE island, and she didn’t like it at all! In her most current kitchen renovation, she has two long islands. Of course, her kitchen looks more “industrial”, but I thought you would like to hear that she prefers the two islands instead of one huge island.

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY one mother (& Grandma) to another mother!!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Katrina – I’m leaning towards somewhere in between (not too dark or too light) and slightly distressed. I know – that doesn’t narrow it down much! HA! For photo collages I have always used Picasa. It’s free and so easy to use. You’ll have to check it out ( I’ve always wanted to get Lightroom but I know I wouldn’t have time to mess with it and figure it out this year! I use Photoshop to edit pics. Hope that’s helpful! I want to see your floors after you get them installed! So exciting!! :)

    Jane – thank you so much for sharing that with me! I think that pretty much seals the deal! If Martha doesn’t like it, who will!? ;)

  7. Hi Erin – is “Outback” an Australian themed restaurant ? We went to one (I think) in Mexico City once and they had all sorts of strange things we don’t ever have in Australia – just interested to hear if it is the same thing. Don’t get me wrong the food was good just not Australian. Thanks – Jeanette in Melbourne

  8. Jeanette – Hi! Yes! Outback Steakhouse is Austrailian themed with things like “Auzzie fries.” :) I’m sure it’s totally NOT Austrailian, but still great food!

  9. Oh my Erin! I loved this post. It was all sunshine and smiles and then I saw the back of Ellie’s card and it made me tear up. Being a mom really is the best job in the world. Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for sharing.

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