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Ellie and Addison

Makes me happy

My girls have been busy.  Busy drawing, writing, and creating.   
All of their creations make me so happy. 

Ellie has been losing teeth right and left.  She is getting to where as soon as a tooth gets loose she just yanks it out.  Cracks me up!  She wants the tooth fairy to visit so badly.  Not for the money.   Mostly just because she loves the tooth fairy so much.  Ellie draws her perfectly.  I envision the tooth fairy  looking just like Ellie’s drawings with long hair and beautiful wings.  Did you know that the tooth fairy’s name is Liliana?  Ours is anyway.  :)  Such a fairy-like name, don’t you think?  Her handwriting isn’t very consistent.  And it’s kind of similar to mine, in a non-consistent sort of way.  Wonder if she knows that.  I’ll have to point it out to her sometime.  
“Dear Tooth Fairy, I knocked my tooth out myself.  Love, Ellie.”
My favorite.  :)

Of course if Ellie is leaving notes for the “toofere” so is Addison.  She is counting the days until she loses her first tooth.  I hope it’s a ways away.  I love her baby teeth smile so much.

Last weekend Ellie sat down at the table, pulled out the crayons and in half an hour presented us with this book all about butterflies…

I think I need a close up of those bedazzled eggs.
Simply stunning.  
That is one looooonng tongue on that butterfly on the right.  

And my favorite page:  “Hawks are enemies.  They eat butterflies and think they are a tasty snack.”  
“Yikes” is right.  Check out the hawk’s angry eyebrows.  He means business.  
Kenny, Addison and I were all fighting over who gets to keep the butterfly book so Ellie has promised us more coming soon.  Next up – “All About Puppies.”  Can’t wait for that one.  
Wonder if I can snag an autographed copy?

Addison made this page on a school computer today.  It made me smile when I took it out of her backpack.  Yes.  Those are definitely the many feelings and faces of my Addie.  She especially nailed the “angry” face.  That one was a regular pretty early on…

(December 2008 – age 21/2)  
There once was a girl
who had a little curl
right in the middle of her forehead…
(December 2010 – age 4)
You better not cry, you better not pout…
Clearly we were still working on the not pouting part.
Although I still give my Addison props for knowing how to look fancy while pouting.  
Nothing better to me than a house full of my girls’ creations.  
They crack me up and make me smile every. single. day.  
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Makes me happy

  1. Your girls are so cute! I love the book on the butterflies. Love the curl on Addie. They are so creative!! My Elle would never let me pull a tooth out. It would dangle for days. I decided she needed an apple…lol. Worked every time.
    Enjoy your week.

  2. So what do you DO with all their little creations and notes and such? I know that some moms simply take photos of them and toss them into the trash – I can’t bring myself to do that!! Over the years my kids have written little notes, created cards, have drawn many pictures and created works of art with their little hands…and it’s all just too precious for me to toss away and simply depend on a photo for the memory. I have boxes and boxes of it all, and more keeps getting added to the collection and it isn’t going to stop any time soon, being that I still have so many little ones. I would love to hear what YOU do with everything your children create for you. Do you take photos of some and then toss them out? I envy those who can do that. I really do! (you might have already done a post about this — if so, you can just direct me to it :)

  3. My oldest is 4 and I already have a large box of creations! It’s so hard to purge! I try to get as many into our PL scrapbooks as possible.
    I have a question for you- do you keep any of their clothes? I know you are a master organizer, and through posts, it sounds like you send a lot to your niece, but everything?
    I ask because I have a 4 year old girl, 2 year old boy and just found out #3 is another boy. So excited for another little guy, but mourning the boxes and boxes of girls clothes and bows that I was so hoping to see another child in. It took A LOT to convince hubby for one more, so pretty much no chance of a #4. I do have a niece and my sister wants more, but I think it will break my heart a little to give all this away. I was thinking of saving a small, okay LARGE box for grandchildren of my favorite or boutique type items and maybe have one of those quilts made of some favorites also. Sigh….girls stuff is so fun!

  4. I love that little book…I remember doing the same thing again and again on boring summer days. I love your little girl posts-miss those days!

  5. Love all the artwork. Puts a huge smile in my heart. I have so much from my kids too. I look at it when I need a quick pick me up. Thanks for sharing!

  6. OK – I really enjoy a lot of your posts but this one is plain adorable! I especially love the pouting in the princess dress OVER pajamas. So cute!

  7. There is nothing so wonderful as cute kid creations! What a fun post and the tooth fairy info was too darling! Our tooth fairy is Matilda, perhaps she and Liliana are buddies!

  8. This post is an absolute DELIGHT!! I love reading your blog daily – it makes ME smile!! :-)

  9. Oh, Erin! This is such an adorable post. Thanks for sharing the girls’ creations. I was thoroughly impressed by the book! That cover page is amazing!!!

  10. So sweet! My 4 year old also LOVES making books. I plan to keep ALL of them FOREVER and EVER! LOL {They will be taking over the house soon!} ;)

  11. Thanks everyone! Your comments are so sweet. I’m glad you like this post! :)

    Katrina and Michelle – I will answer your questions in a Q & A post next week!

    Bryn – Matilda! I love it! :)

  12. Lovely book Ellie!

    She is so creative, I love it!
    And yes Tooth Fairy, you need to work on consistency, you don’t want to give yourself away! :)

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