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Ramblings – from Erin & Kole

I can’t thank you all enough for your sweet comments and well wishes about my news!  Your excitement is making me more excited!  If that’s possible!  :)  Seriously, you are all so kind to be excited and happy for me.  I am thrilled that I will have all of you to help me make decisions and to listen to me ramble on and on about all things house.  Because let me tell you – Kenny is already over it!  In fact, he has banned the word “built-ins” from my vocabulary.  Maybe I have been insanely a tiny bit obsessed with the built-ins I have planned, but I can’t help it!!  Built-ins are all I can think about!  My mind wanders off daily to a happy place where I am organizing all of those built-ins! Whenever my architect brings up built-ins I get so excited my voice goes up three notches.  Kenny on the other hand, starts looking sick to his stomach.  And then he gets this all too familiar look on his face.  His “time to reign in my wife” look.  But there will be no reigning me in when it comes to my built-ins!  Kenny is figuring this out quickly and is bracing himself for the year ahead.  
Since I don’t want all of you to ban me from my new favorite word, I’ll move on to something else.
For now. 

Meet the newest member of the family!  Isn’t she lovely!?  She is from Pottery Barn and was my Valentine gift from Kenny this year.  I may have e-mailed Kenny daily slightly hinted that I loved this lamp and begged and pleaded kindly suggested that he get it for me at some point.  So when he saw it go on sale, he ordered it for me.  He also bought me the Breaking Dawn DVD.  I know.  He was impressive this year!  In fact, he made me feel pretty lame about what I bought him for Valentines Day – gift card to get the car washed.  BORING!  I’ll have to do better next year.  Maybe Kenny wants a lamp from Pottery Barn?  I bet he’d love that.

She is my inspiration for a little “Spring spruce up” going on around here.  Wonder where she’ll go in the new house?  Hmm.. maybe in the formal family room… next to the built-ins.  Or maybe on the built-ins in our master bedroom?  Built-ins!  Built-ins!  Built-ins!  That feels so good!  I may be banned from saying the word but Kenny never mentioned anything about typing it.

Switching gears again – here is Kole sharing a scene straight out of our house everyday…
Oh how I love to bounce up and down on my sisters’ bed!  I can’t get enough of this and would do it for hours if mom wasn’t worried about me hitting my head on the top bunk.  I don’t know why she’s worried.  Maybe because I’ve done it so many times?  And maybe because it always seems to end with me screaming with a bump on my head or a fat lip?  Oh well!  Hasn’t stopped me yet!  
Wait a minute.  Stop the bouncing!  What are those sisters of mine up to?  

Looks like they’re having a tea party.  With real water and everything.  They sure seem to be having fun.  Wonder if I should interrupt the party and show them some real fun?  I can’t get enough of this little trick either!

{CHEERS!}  Nah…they’re really enjoying themselves.  Maybe I’ll leave them alone.  
On second thought…
I’m going in for the kill!  

And as you can imagine the picture taking stops at this point while mom deals with one big mess and two upset sisters.

All in a day!

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Ramblings – from Erin & Kole

  1. You make me laugh!!! BUILT IN”S!! We have just decided to start looking at display homes to start the home ownership dream andI think my partner is worried about everything i want or want to change!!! Pinterest makes me want more!!!! :)
    Good Luck
    P.S Kole reminds me of my last boy, keeps me on my toes but melts my heart!!

  2. Hi Erin. You all are so cute. You especially make me laugh when you’re posting about Kole’s adventures. Maybe because I don’t have a boy of my own. I do have a new nephew who just turned one and he’s a hoot! As far as the built ins go I would want them too girl and I’m sure my hubs would get tired of me too. The old house my aunt and uncle used to live in had beautiful white built ins. I wanted to live in that house so bad when I grew up then they up a moved south after they retired to a huge beautiful home that they also had built now I want that one. Ha! I’m looking forward to hearing about the progress of your home.

  3. I’ve adding built-ins all over the place in my house too! Boys are so fun! My little guy (who’s 5 now) gets himself everyday too. The fun times and creativity just gets better as they get older.

  4. Ah, thanks for the laughter! I hope you get many built-ins and more :). Your valentine story sounds pretty familiar. We make it easy for them to know what to get, right!

  5. Congratulations Erin on your new house adventure! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. We own a little piece of Texas but it will be a while until we can build. I love the stories that you tell with your pictures.

  6. Another really neat site for home idea’s is houzz. How exciting for you to put all your idea’s together for your new home. Good Luck!!

  7. Congratulations on building – how exciting! In the last couple of photos you posted of your son, Kole, I noticed that all of a sudden he is losing that “baby face” and looking more like a little boy than a baby. Of course he is as adorable as ever, just looking a bit older!

  8. And now that Kole is a regular nursery attendee he too will learn the “5 little monkeys”. NO, he did not get the jumping on the bed idea from nursery. Well…maybe. did he?

  9. That cannot be the same little baby I was holding in my arms not very long ago. That boy is getting so big.

    I love your new lamp, btw. Such a pretty color.

    You are inspiring me to buy some new spring pillows.

  10. Built ins? Go check out the new model home openings – Lattitude just opened this past Saturday… Built-ins are all in the master bedrooms and they look so nice. I totally thought of you….another model home opening within the past 2 weeks is off the 56/Carmel Valley road- Miraval by Davidson homes. You have to check them out!!!

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