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Kole’s picture spotlight

My baby is turning two this Friday!  Kole is my last baby and when he turned one I was extremely emotional.  In fact, I cried so much that Kole had to take over my blog to write his own birthday post.  ;)  This year I feel like crying too.  Tears of JOY!!  Ok – in all seriousness I am so sad to see my baby getting bigger.  But at the same time I am so happy to leave the year of the one year old.  Next to newborn land it is my least favorite stage.  Yes, one year olds are absolutely adorable.  They have to be.  It’s the only way their parents can survive them!  :)  I actually love age two – still adorable but more talking and understanding and the ability to entertain themselves for longer than three seconds.  I have yet to find anything “terrible” about age two so this year I say bring out the birthday hats!!  
So for the month of March I took down Ellie’s birthday spotlight…
and put up Kole’s.  I sat down at my computer one night and thought I’ll just take a few minutes and round up my favorite pictures of my little buddy.  An hour later I had around 40 pictures that were all my favorite – no joke.  So I carefully narrowed it to 20.  Then finally narrowed it down to 12.  This kid may be the third, but if you saw the amount of pictures I’ve taken of him you’d never know it! 

  I also added a couple of pictures with me in them.  Because, well – March is my birthday month too.  And let’s face it, Kole and I are pretty much a package deal.  You don’t find one of us without the other.

xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Kole’s picture spotlight

  1. I’m with you .. I have a 7yo, 4.5yo and my last baby is 19 months.


    I do not love the 1 year old stage – it’s so very exhausting.

    I’m very much looking forward to him turning 2 years old.

  2. Happy Birthday to your little man, so cute!! Kole is one day older than my little guy who will turn two as well, this Saturday. Do you guys have a fun party planned?

  3. Happy Birthday, Kole! He is so absolutely adorable… as I get sad about my little guy approaching 1, looking at your little buddy helps me remember that it still keeps being awesome and he’s still your little guy!

  4. I have so many pictures of Patrick it isn’t even funny…but then again, when Isaac was born we only had old-fashioned film cameras so I have that excuse in my old age! :) I can’t believe he is two already! How did that happen so fast! It just seems like yesterday he was a tiny baby.

  5. CRAZY that he is going to be 2! I can’t believe it – look how far you’ve come since “almost dying”! I have loved 2 with my kids too! Seems more like age 5 that they are hard for me…

  6. Happy Birthday Kole!

    This post is so timely for me, it’s crazy. We just vacationed (in San Diego!) and got home last night. My 17 month old was a freaking nightmare on the plane last night…it was horrifying. He screamed and screamed (his best tool for getting what he wants) and drove everyone crazy. He also screamed on the plane ride there, but not as long. He was also a handful during the entire trip, looking back I don’t know what I was expecting. I was living in la la land hoping for the best I guess. I think we maybe should have *GASP* left him home!! My other two did great so I guess that’s something.

    I can’t say I am looking forward to him turning two, but then again, maybe I am!

  7. Happy, happy birthday to the little man in your life! I have two boys, and I think that 18-months to 24-months is a challenging stage, but also so rewarding! I still remember stumbling across your blog when my littlest was born, and he’s almost 21-months-old!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! He’s such a cutie! And two is such a fun age!!!!

    My most favorite ages are newborn to about 3 or 4 years old. And within those years, my favorite year is that first year. Then next would be that second year. For me, the younger the better.

    My youngest will be 4 in July…and I’m longing for another “baby”. Usually I’d have a two year old and a newborn by now, but the age-thing has slowed my fertility down. ::: sigh ::: That’s the one and only thing I hate about being in my 40’s. Well, that and the fact that my hair is thinning :/

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