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Jewelry Organization (fun ideas!)

Answering a reader’s question today.  Some of you asked me questions back in NOVEMBER that I STILL haven’t answered yet.  I am so LAME.  Is writing in all caps making that clear?  How LAME I am!!  Anyway – so sorry.  I try to answer most questions in the comments, but if it is a question that requires a little more writing/pictures I save it for a blog post.  I have a handy little e-mail folder marked “blog questions to post” where I save all of your questions.  The problem is that they get filed away in my handy little e-mail folder all nice and organized and then I NEVER ANSWER THEM!  I’m going to try to answer a few of them here and there.  If you still even care to know the answer to your question!  (SO LAME!)  **Side note – lame is kind of a weird word, isn’t it?

Moving on.  

Jennie said:  “I love all your organization and I was wondering how you organize jewelry?  I have lots of long necklaces and jewelry – any ideas?”

I’ve shared the way I organize my jewelry before although it’s not a great solution if you have a lot of jewelry to organize.

To be honest I’m not much of a jewelry person.  I wear my wedding ring and usually earrings and once in a while I’ll toss on a necklace,  but that’s it.  This little jewelry box from Target has worked well for me so far.  I don’t keep anything I don’t wear so it stays nice and tidy.  
I hang my necklaces on some little butterfly hooks in my room (bought this at Marshall’s about five years ago for 6 bucks – don’t ask me how I still remember the price but I do!).  
I have more necklaces than I did when this picture was taken (these pictures are over a year old) but they all still fit on the butterfly hooks!  This works for now, but I’m planning to re-do my jewelry organization (and my whole bedroom for that matter!) in our next house.  So of course I’ve been looking for some other fun jewelry solutions.  Here are a few ideas I’ve saved on Pinterest.  (Hand over your heart for the mention of that beloved site).  
Source: via Erin @ Sunny Side Up on Pinterest

This is so pretty and simple.  All you need is an old frame, some spray paint, and fabric/cork.  A fun DIY project!

Source: via Erin @ Sunny Side Up on Pinterest

 So creative!  Love this!  And you can buy unique 3-tiered stands like this all over the place.

Source: via Erin @ Sunny Side Up on Pinterest

I love this idea too!  Buy some fun knobs from Anthro (or anywhere else) and create a beautiful necklace display.  I love to use necklaces to double as decor for your room. 

Or you could just add hooks to cutlery trays for necklaces!  So clever!

I don’t think using small bowls for jewelry is the best solution as far as making the most of your space, but if you have the room I love the look!  Such a pretty way to display your jewelry.

Add hooks to a wooden hanger to hold earrings.

And one of my favorites.  Bracelets on glass bottles.  The box is fun, but this would be so pretty just sitting on a dresser too.  So many clever ways to organize and display jewelry!  Nothing lame about them.  ;)

(Hope that helps Jennie!)

Happy Thursday everyone!  
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Jewelry Organization (fun ideas!)

  1. I need to get on this. I can never get mine organized the right way, so I just never get it out and wear it. Maybe if I hang it up in my room it will be fun decoration and get me to actually wear it. Thanks!

  2. Kind of a off track question…I have 3 kids too. 6 & 5 girls and 2.5 boy. Very similar to your family. I wanted to know how you place your car seats/boosters in your car. Also I wanted to ask you why you choose a mini van vs. a large suv. I have a Yukon xl and want to get a mini van. I wanted to know your input. I am sure you did a lot of research.
    I am trying to convince the hubby!

  3. Hey Erin…totally off the subject, but when you get your new house what appliances are you going to get…white, black, or stainless steel? My fridge went out and I am debabting what to do. Do you have to wash your fridge all the time because of finger prints?

  4. Hi Nicole! I’m going to answer your question in a post next week because it goes so nicely with another question I’m answering. :)

    Hi Bonnie! I’m going to get stainless steel in my next house for sure. YES. Lots of fingerprints but I personally LOVE the look and it’s easy to wipe them down every few days with some stainless steel wipes.

  5. How do you rid of the nostalgic jewelry? I find I keep a lot of things around because of the sentimental value. But hen everythings a mess!! And it’s not even stuff I use. Darcy

  6. Super cute ideas! I love the bracelets on glass bottles and all I could think when I saw your long necklaces hanging was DUH – why hadn’t I thought of that?! I’ll have to get on that pronto. Our dresser in our bedroom is a sad, sad sight and could benefit from some organization – starting with my jewelry!

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