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Kole’s latest obsession is feeding us all.  

He takes our family rule about “sharing” to a whole new level.  
Sometimes we all get a little tired of eating everything he puts in our mouths.  

But it makes him SO happy.  
So we all just continue to open wide.  
Kole and Kenny are down for their Saturday afternoon naps.  I’m off to make the girls grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate (even though it’s so warm outside I got sunburned putting up our Christmas lights).  Then the three of us are going to curl up under a blanket and watch The Polar Express.  I love days like this.  Happy Saturday everyone!  
xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. I can’t wait to watch the Polar Express.

    Cracking up that you got sunburned. :)
    It’s in the 40’s here today and I feel like it’s Spring!!!

  2. That is indeed a happy Saturday! Did I tell you my daughter/son in law are moving from San Diego to Utah. We are super excited but a little worried about the weather change. Your weather is so fabulous :). Maybe Steve would hang Christmas lights if it was warmer.

  3. I love the pix of Kole sharing his shreddies:) (I think you call them chex or something else in the US)

    It’s strange to think of you getting sunburn while putting outside lights up. Yesterday it was really cold here in the UK & my fingers were freezing cold despite having gloves on!!!

    Has Kole started in nursery yet at church, if so how is he getting on? Even tho they say 18 months some children just aren’t ready for it are they.

    Your blog is brilliant, thank you:)

  4. Thanks Julie! You are so sweet to say that about my blog! Kole has started nursery but we haven’t sent him yet. Our church time right now is 12-3 which is exactly when he naps so one of us usually ends up bringing him home because he gets so tired and out of control. We are switching to the morning time in January and it will be so much better for us! Although I’m sure either me or Kenny will be sitting in nursery with him because he will bawl the whole time if one of us leaves. Major separation anxiety right now!!

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