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2011 Christmas Mantel

Hi friends!  Just popping in quick today to share my Christmas mantel.  Here’s a picture of last year’s mantel…

I knew I wanted something different this year to go with our new color scheme around here.  I also knew that having our stockings hung on metal letters like we normally do would be a disaster/death trap for Kole.  So I mixed things up a bit and here’s what I came up with — 

I went with an aqua, silver, and white theme and am loving the new look!  Kind of icy, don’t you think? In fact one thing I’m excited about is how this mantel will work for the month of January too.  I’ll just swap out the Christmas tree and the garland and I’m good to go until February!

Another look closer up because I took too many pictures of my icy mantel —

(Please ignore the reflection of my top kitchen shelves in the mantel mirror.  Decorating is still a work in progress there.  With all of my half done decorating, Christmas decor, and Kole’s love for pulling everything out of every cupboard, my house has felt a bit like a construction zone lately.)

A breakdown of the new look:

Yes.  I went back and got the larger basilica pillar Pottery Barn candles.  You knew I would.  :)  Those embossed snowflakes are just gorgeous.  I decided that I loved them too much to let them go.  Plus I know I will decorate with them every year somewhere in my house during December/January for years to come.  And I’m not regretting that little purchase one bit.  My pictures don’t capture how beautiful they are and the way they sparkle in the light.  My favorite purchase of the season!  

Another fun purchase were these little silver birds I found at Tai Pan when I was visiting my family in Utah for Thanksgiving.

Aren’t they fun?  I knew they would get along famously with all of the other little feathered friends popping up in my house lately.

I added a couple of my beloved white pitchers because they make me so happy right now.  Plus they went so well with the white snowflakes on my new candles.  

I had these apocrathy jars up for my Fall mantel so I just replaced the mini pumpkins, acorns and corn with silver and aqua ornaments.  These little jars are such a simple way to make a bold statement.

The silver Christmas tree I also found at Tai Pan.   

And the wreath I found at Michaels for $15 bucks.  I just hung it with some aqua ribbon I had left over from my picture frame re-do.

I love the way my mantel ties in with my aqua wall and kitchen shelf this year.  And it’s always fun to mix things up!  Change is a good thing.  The holidays are in full swing around here.  You can see to the left of my mantel I’m listening to Pandora Internet radio on my TV.  I have it set to play Christmas tunes 24/7.  Love it!  I’ve also been doing some more decorating and a little organizing so I will have lots to share soon.  (These evening Christmas parties are putting a major kink my blog schedule!)  ;)   
xoxo, Erin
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35 thoughts on “2011 Christmas Mantel

  1. Everything looks gorgeous Erin! I love the idea of mixing things up every year.. I’ve also been obsessed with the turq and silver color schemes I’ve been seeing everywhere. Especially mercury glass! Anyways, can’t wait to read more of your holiday posts. Our teams are meeting up in 2 weeks! (Ravens!) and we will be traveling all the way to San Diego to see them play!

  2. I love colour combo!! Your comment about not hanging the stockings reminds of the year my daughter who was three and pulled the stocking off the hanger and the heaver metal hanger fell on her. Lengthy trip to hospital and a whole lot of explaining to do.

  3. I’m flabbergasted! How on earth does someone go into a store and see some little silver birds, purchase them and then actually find somewhere to put them??? It honestly blows my mind.

    Your mantel looks AWESOME!!! I love the clean look of the white/silver/aqua together. So so pretty.

  4. I can’t wait to see what you did with your stockings….but if you ever want to put them back on the mantel…not sure if you have seen mantel hooks:

    they are are great…very light weight and it would take some serious strength to pull them down. They are the only holders I have found that can actually hold a full stocking! Plus they don’t take up space on top so you can decorate to your hearts desire!

    Love your blog!

  5. Bette! I’m so sorry to hear that happened to your daughter! That is exactly what I was afraid of with Kole.

    iwillbedebtfree- great tip about the stocking holders! I’ll have to look into that for next year…

    Shari – you’re awesome and I miss you. :)

  6. Hi Erin – I think everything looks beautiful, however, I don’t know that the greenery really goes with the aqua, white and silver. (Just my opinion)…

  7. Nice! Our colors every year are red and turquoise..all the way down to the Xmas lights outside!

    suggestion? Nix the greenery or maybe spray paint it?

  8. Actually, I think the greenery looks just right. It ‘softens’ the whole look and makes it look more Christmas-y rather than just Winter-y.

  9. Thanks for covering me Shari!

    I wondered about the greenery but felt the same way – it made the mantel look more Christmas-y. Plus it ties in with our green couches. Besides, what you say goes so even if I wanted to change it, I wouldn’t. ;)

    Love you!

  10. Hey Erin! I love your decor! Love the icy look :)

    Hey how do you do Pandora on the TV? We have a PS3 and Wii but I don’t know how to do it! Is it an app on one of those?

    Talk to ya soon! Tara

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