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Santa Love

Not much time to post tonight!  I spent the last half hour writing down a list of everything I have left to do before the weekend.  It always amazes me that no matter how organized I am or how much I try to do ahead of time, there are always so many last minute things to do to get ready for Christmas!  The next two days will be busy for sure.  Fun busy.  I love it when my to-do list includes shopping, shopping, and more shopping!  :)

I took the kids to see Santa today.  The girls were SO excited.  

Addison spent 20 minutes deciding what to wear and finally agreed with me that her glitter tights and ruffle skirt would be appropriate “visit Santa” attire.  Ellie refused to wear her glitter tights and ruffle skirt and told me that she was planning on being a fashion designer someday so that she could create clothes that feel and look like pajamas but that you can wear every day.  I told her I was sold and would completely pay for and support her new clothes line. (Did you catch that Kenny?  You’ll need to completely pay for and support Ellie’s new clothes line.)
BTW- you are all invited to our party when we celebrate her success.  Comfy attire only.    
I was so prepared for Kole to scream like crazy when I put him on Santa’s lap but he LOVED Santa!  Funniest thing.  He was so happy – smiling and laughing and “talking” to Santa.  Then he pitched the biggest fit and screamed when I took him off Santa’s lap.  I knew a fit would be pitched at some point.  I was just surprised at when it occurred!  The girls told Santa everything they want for Christmas which was completely different than what they have been telling me they want all month.  Love that. 
I told them that Santa’s elves have burned him out kept him pretty busy this year (one elf in particular!) so they may not get exactly what they asked for.  They said, “Oh don’t worry mom!  Santa knows and 
will get us what we want!  He’s magic!”  
Magic?  Maybe.  Tired?  Definitely.  :)
Ellie wrote notes to Santa a few weeks ago.  One from each person in our family…  

She even scribbled a note from Kole.  Amazing really.  She has his signature look down perfect.  

Then she placed this envelope in the center of my hutch and filled it with leftover Halloween candy and fake money.  I laughed so hard when I saw it.  Nothing like a stale tootsie roll and some monopoly cash! Santa won’t ever want to leave our house.  

She put the notes in each of our stockings and they have been there for weeks.  I took them down when I took pictures for my Christmas Hutch post and Ellie wasn’t impressed.  “MOM!  How will Santa see how much we love him without my notes!?”  So back up they went after my photo shoot was over.

Yes.  Santa is a lucky man.  
And just like our little elf, I’m sure that when he visits he’ll make himself right at home.  
xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “Santa Love

  1. The notes are sooo cute.I know I’ve told you before, your Addie is like my Haley, little fashionistas. There is one in every family I think.

  2. These are great! I love the girls’ outfit choices. I am the same way. I had my shopping mostly done weeks ago and I actually went to the mall last night like a crazy woman. It was fine and not chaotic so that was good!

  3. I can’t believe Kole! Are you serious? He didn’t freak out? How awesome Erin! That rocks! It is such a cute picture. Ellie is getting so big and so beautiful. The other little munchkins are so stinking cute as well! I made the huggs and I made some with rolos too. I was so popular at work and with my family! Woot woot! Merry Christmas to you Erin and your wonderful family.

  4. Hey Erin! I have a question about toys. I saw your post on the kids favorite toys and games. What about bath toys? Do they have any favorites considering there is a big age difference in Ellie and Kole?

  5. Erin, I must thank you for giving me the push to be so organized this Christmas. When you posted about your wrapping station, I thought to myself “well I don’t have anywhere to set that up, but I will NOT be wrapping presents like a maniac until 2am Christmas morning like I usually am!” And so I got totally organized in the shopping department and ran the last of my errands (including food shopping) on Monday. Now that it is Thursday, all my gifts are wrapped (including Santa presents which are stashed out of sight in the garage), I’ve completed Operation Ditch-Donate-Organize with all the toys the girls already have, my house is spotlessly clean from top to bottom, laundry is up to date, and I’ve done what I can this early for desserts & sweet nibbles for Christmas Day (I do sweets, my sis-in-law does the meal). Feels soooo good to be on top of everything!!! Tomorrow we’ll take the girls to the movies to see “Arthur Christmas”, and Christmas Eve will be a lovely relaxing day….last of the baking, plus opening presents from family in Australia (since it will technically it will already be Christmas there). So thanks, Erin! I can officially relax and enjoy the lead-up this year :)

    Wishing you & your lovely family a wonderful Christmas!

    PS – perfect Santa pic, love it.

  6. You are all so sweet! Thank you!

    Anonymous – about the bath toys – my girls have had a thing with mermaids and their favorite bath toys are their barbie mermaids. They also love to just play with their Polly Pockets and My Little Ponies in the tub. So far all Kole wants to do is pour water from one pitcher into another so two containers are all he needs to be happy in the tub. :)

  7. Oh, I always love Ellie’s notes, they crack me up! She is such a thoughtful girl! And love the Santa, pic! Wahoo for getting such a great shot of all of them! And love the outfits, SO Ellie and SO Ad. Love it!

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