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Fashion Friday

It’s Friday!  Did we all survive the week?  The past few days with Mr. Kole have been an experience to say the least.  I’ll have to tell you all about it but I need to wait until I’ve had a chance to recover.   So instead I’m going to go to a happier place.  A place where my little boy doesn’t throw massive temper tantrums in the middle of Target tossing fishy crackers all over isle 11.  A place where he doesn’t pull my hair and scream when I pick him up inspiring all sorts of fun looks from busy shoppers.  A place where toothbrushes go directly into your mouth, instead of dipped in toilet water first (oh yes – let’s all just take a minute to gag – I sure did.  Then I scooped him up and threw him in the tub.  As if bathing him would somehow wash away what I had just witnessed).  FOR THE LOVE!  I am exhausted.  
I drove by Darci’s house to take her some cookies last night (Darci is a close friend and her fourth and last child is Kole’s age).  My kids were in the car so her kids jumped in the car.  The older kids were so hyper – laughing and acting crazy.  Kole was screaming in his car seat.  Her little boy came charging out of the house totally naked (he has learned to take off his diaper) and was running circles around the car.  We were laughing so hard!  We just have to laugh or we will cry.  We decided that as soon as our boys are both potty trained we are going on a trip together.  Somewhere far away.  With no children in sight.  Any other toddler moms out there who want to join us?  
That is the happy place I am ready to escape to after this week.  But since I have a ways to go before Kole is potty trained, I guess escaping to Fashion Friday will have to do.  :)  
We had a lot of Christmas parties to attend last week so I wore my black New York dress to one of them.  

And I bought this fun dress at The Limited for another event.  I needed something dressy/classy for one of Kenny’s client parties and this dress was perfect!  

I love the ruffles on the top.  I love the simplicity of it.  I love the high waisted skirt.  Stacey and Clinton (TLC’s What Not To Wear) are always saying that women are smallest at their rib cage and they should accentuate that area.  I thought of them when I bought this dress.   :)

They’re right.  This style is flattering.  The dark skirt is slimming and because of the high waist, your waist appears smaller.  I’ll take two of them!  :)
 I wore the black sparkly Banana Republic headband to the party…

and my grey rose headband from The Gap with the dress for church last Sunday.  I love finding dresses that I can wear to fancy events or parties and that will also work to wear to church on Sunday.  More bang for your buck!

Getting ready to head to the party.  Someone could tell mom was about to leave.  

 For holiday parties that aren’t quite as formal, I bought this fun sparkly shirt (also from The Limited).  Addison was so in love with this.  It was funny.  She saw me in it and went running into Ellie’s room – “ELLIE!  You have to see mom’s shirt!  It’s all glittery and so beautiful!!  Ellie took one look and said, “bet that’s itchy, huh mom.”  Made me laugh because that is so them.  Addie – my little fashionista who will sacrifice all comfort to look stylish…

(one of her favorite Gymboree shirts because it comes complete with accessories!)  

and Ellie whose main focus is comfort.  She would wear sweats or pajamas every day if I let her.  

This shirt is actually not itchy.  It’s really soft on the inside and I think it looks great with black heels.  I wore it with my dark skinny jeans and I liked the outfit, but it looked a little dark.  I think I need to buy some cream slacks or something to go with the top.  Kole agrees.  

 I bought this shirt from Banana Republic a couple of years ago.  It goes great with my anthro belt.

But lately I’ve been having fun wearing some of my necklaces.  I love both of these with this shirt and go back and forth between the two of them every time I wear it.  
Of course I can also wear my yellow scarf I showed off in my last Fashion Friday post which you can purchase here.  I love making an old shirt feel new by adding some fun accessories!  
Wondering what Kole is usually up to while I take Fashion Friday pictures?  He’s either sweeping the floor with his broom.  

 Or tearing apart the toilet paper.  
And because it has become a December tradition, I’m going to share our family’s favorite Christmas photo in honor of my sister’s birthday this week. 

(Carly on the left and me on the right)
Happy Birthday Car!!
I guess my mom can relate.  
Have a great weekend everyone!
**Linking up at The Pleated Poppy
xoxo, Erin
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39 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. I just realize I might always be your first comment since I am 9 hrs ahead of you and get to see your post first. So when you post at night, it’s mid morning for me. :) Anyhow, you look great as always. I really like your skirt and I’m jealous you can wear all those cute clothes in the winter and not freeze. I miss Cali! I love the gymboree shirt also. Very cute! Have a great weekend!

    Check out my blog @

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister!!!!! You have such lovely clothes & outfits!! I love the fact that you wear them all too! I have a wardrobe full of outfits… but as a mother of 2 (A 5 month old & a 2 yr old) my general outfits include trackies & gym shirts or to go out the house same old boring top & jeans combo! Your fashion Fridays inspire me to actually start putting more effort into my clothes in the morning :) Thanks! :)

  3. You are fabulous! Sorry about your target incident :). Those moments are so memorable whether it was last week or 25 years ago — although it does get funnier in time. Love your girls reaction to your fun shirt.

  4. Wow! you are just gorgeous! I love your outfit choices– and that sparkly shirt is just perfect for holiday parties!

    So glad I found your blog through I Heart Organizing :)

  5. You look beautiful, as usual! I will so come with you on that kids free weekend! My little gem has been getting into all sorts of mischief. She loves to be naked and has perfected the art of getting undressed. I was waking up every morning to a bed/child soaked in pee. So we started to duck tape her diaper shut. I swear she is like houdini so she finally cracked that code. So now we have resorted to putting her in a backwards onesie that she cannot reach the snaps! Ah, motherhood. :)

  6. Love all the outfits…but the sparkle shirt is the best. Whenever I wear something my girls like they say “Mom…you look famous!” They would definetly think YOU were famous.

  7. I love all the outfits but the best is the sparkly top-tell Addison I agree! O.k., now that you’ve shown us the beautiful, sparkly goodness-you have to show us what you where when you are chasing after Kole. Maybe it’s those black heels-if so that’s awesome!

  8. Thanks so much everyone!!

    Laura – that is too funny! So glad to know I’m not alone!

    Steph – I’m a shortie too! You can totally pull off belts!


  9. As always I enjoyed this blog post. You are such a gem and Im so glad that you share your blog with all of us other moms, as we can get great and useful tips and ideas, for example, today I just referred to your favorite kids toys for last minute shopping. Thank you and I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. I just went onto The Limited website because I have to have that dress!! But, it looks like it will be too short on me. :( Crap, it’s sooo pretty!

    You look great as always.

  11. I absolutely love your new Limited dress!! So dang cute…and I LOVE the high waist skirt.
    I so can relate with you on all levels of this lovely age of our little trouble boys. How can such a fun age be such a hard one too??!! Its unbelievable how cute they can be in one moment and be a complete little devil in the next!! Love them though!
    That picture of you and Carly cracks me up every time I see it!! So dang funny! I love how you are both reaching up for your mom or someone? Hilarious!! So classic!

  12. I’m right there with you with the toddler stage! Your story of your friend’s naked boy reminded me of my darling little boy (2 years old) that decided to take off all his clothes during tithing settlement. The bishop then goes on to tell us that we have one of the oldest wards in the stake. I think he was trying to tell us something, but I’m not entirely sure. Yeah, that was one of those proud mom moments.

  13. Okay, my two faves: the sparkly top with skinnies and the pumps.HOT MAMA! And I loved the yellow infinity scarf. If I hadn’t just broke the bank at JCrew 20 minutes ago, I would order one of those too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Thanks for the sweet email. We will most certainly become blog buddies.

  14. Hey Erin! I can’t imagine having the peace and quiet we talk about it! You are so fun, and I loved seeing you, and love that you understand my crazy kids:) and I love your new dress, and the sparkly…wear one on Sunday just for the fun of the season! Please! xoxox!

  15. You always looks so put together in your Fashion Friday posts. Love all your cute outfits! Hang in there, Kole will soon enough be headed off to school and you’ll miss his antics. I had to laugh at the “car scene” with your girlfriend. Been there, done that, a VERY long time ago!

  16. As always, Fashion Friday inspires me to get dressed (and go shopping). My toddler had quite the week too. He stood in Men’s Wharehouse screaming “I want to be a bear too!” b/c he misunderstood that his brother was getting fitted to be a ring bearer, not a bear.

  17. Ah ha ha ha!

    I’m not laughing at you but with you…pinky promise!

    Especially since your description of the Target event reminds me a time when my then 14-month-old flipped himself out of a basket at Albertson’s and screamed his head off (of course). I caught the tail-end of his shirt and pulled him back up by it, hugged him tight to me, only to discover that I had “chili poop” oozing all over me. It was awesome!

    Lovin’ your high-waisted dress and sparkly shirt.

    And would love it if you’d stop by and participate in a fun fashion guessing game I have going on right now called Thrifted or Grifted!

    ~Abbie (

    P.S. I’m your newest follower ; )

  18. I’ve just found your blog. Loving the fashion posts. I’ve just had baby number 2 three weeks ago so I can only dream of having a figure like yours….you do motivate me to get on my treadmill however! Also love the organisation stuff, keep up the great work, it’s inspiring to see a busy mother stay on top of things – gives me hope! Cheers from New Zealand.

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