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Picture frame re-do…again.

Christmas is almost here and I still haven’t shared some of my Christmas decor this year!  I need to find time to blog everything I want to share or I’ll still be posting Christmas ideas in February.  (I always seem to have an overload of pictures and topics and projects I want to blog about and never enough time to sit down at the computer and do the actual posting.  It’s a problem.)  Back to the decor that I don’t have time to share.  I wanted to bring more of the aqua/blue and white into the rest of my house.  Plus I still love red.  And it is Christmas.  And I still have red couches.  So aqua, white, and red have been my 2011 Christmas color theme.  I wanted a quick fix for some of my picture frames so I blew the dust off of my scrapbook paper stash and found these beauties… 

Perfect!  I remember when I bought this paper a couple of years ago thinking that it was so pretty I should frame it.

And frame it I did!  So fun that it actually ties in with my decor this year.  It was such a quick, easy, CHEAP way to mix things up and tie everything together.  
Remember my little picture frame re-do for my Fall decor?  I wanted to replace the pictures with the scrapbook paper, but I didn’t think that the yellow would work very well.  I didn’t want to spray paint my yellow frames again though because I know me.  And I know that when Spring rolls around I will want to mix things up again and I will want my yellow frames back.  Hmmm.  What to do…what to do.  So I went to Michaels.  And at Michaels I bought some wooden frames.  They were a whopping two dollars each.  And I came home.  And I put Kole down for a nap because he was such a PILL in that store.  And after I caught my breath and recovered from my shopping trip with Kole, I spray painted the frames white.  
Then I popped out the pictures of my little man at the pumpkin patch (back in the day when he was a good shopper…oh how I miss those days!) and I popped in the scrapbook paper.  And then I used some of the same aqua ribbon to hang the frames.  And the whole thing took me no time and all.  And I love the look!  
The bird feels quite at home with all of the other birds here and there in my house and ties in nicely with the picture frames.  
He also ties in with my red couches in the front living room, and my aqua, silver, and white mantel in the family room.  Such a clever bird.  
Next I hung some simple aqua and silver ornaments from Target from the light fixture in my dining room.  
And that added a nice touch too.  

So there you go!  It all coordinates so well – especially with my kitchen and some of the changes I’ve made in there like my aqua wall/shelf.  Fun!  I’ve loved having a whole new look this year for Christmas!  And like I mentioned before, a lot of this I can keep up through January.  Although the ornaments are going to have to go soon.  Kole can reach them – bummer!  So of course his favorite thing to do is to climb on the table (you’ll notice I have NO decor on any of my tables this year) and hit the ornaments into each other causing shrieks of terror from his sisters.  They seem to care about the ornaments even more than I do.

Like I just said when I shared my Christmas Hutch, I love to see a good transformation!  :) So here you go – a tribute to my picture frames in all their glory…

Wonder what’s in store for them next?  I know.  The suspense is killing you. 
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Picture frame re-do…again.

  1. I LOVE your Christmas decor! Great job on the frames. :-) Hang in there! Your little boy will be a big boy before you know it. You and your family and a Very Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Erin – once again – your post has inspired me! Where did you get the picture hanger that holds the three picture frames?

  3. Everything looks great! I can’t have anything on tables in my house either. I am lucky all the ornaments have been staying on the tree with my little one running around! Plus she is clever and knows how to climb and get the chair to climb onto things. Almost no place in my house is safe.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    I bought the iron picture rod at a store in southern Utah called “The Iron Station” but last year they went out of business. :( I was so bummed! I thought I was spending enough money in that store to keep them afloat, but apparently not. :) Sorry that’s not much help!

  5. It looks so pretty! Great idea using scrapbook paper. You can easily use this for “winter” decor well after Christmas! Not really related to this post, but how did you hang your wreath over the mirror? It looks like it’s hanging from a ribbon but did you just tack it up with a nail??? ~Gina

  6. This is going to sound silly, but for some reason I can’t get my head around how you change out the ribbon on your frames. Every time I do it, I have nasty staples poking out and I rip my ribbon. Any chance you’d want to do a post on that? Have an awesome Christmas, btw! Are you heading to SG?

    Oh, and another great place to get the iron work things (at least here in Northern Utah) is Rod Works. They don’t have your specific rod, but they do have some great iron plate holders that can hold pictures well, too, and some knobs you can put on the wall just like yours.

  7. I love your blog and your Christmas decor!! I have a son named Kole too, but he is almost 12. I do have a 2 year old though and so many of your posts about Kole have me nodding my head because I know how you are feeling. This is such a tough age!! Have a Merry Christmas :)


  8. Love this and your blog! I came over from Iheartorganizing and you have awesome awesome ideas! Love it! I’m curious where you found the hook things? I too have a little guy who turned 1 in Nov and I’m right there with you with the no decor on tables. Happy Holidays :-)

  9. Hi Jen!

    Forget staples, I just hot glue the ribbon to the back of my frames! The frames are so lightweight that the glue gun works great!

    For anyone else wondering about where I bought the picture frame rod, see my comment above. :)

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