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Fashion Friday

 Three day weekend baby!  Bring it!!!  I’m in such a good mood!  Mostly because it’s almost the weekend and Kenny doesn’t have to work Monday.  We were going to go to Palm Springs and then I thought about the reality of a trip like that with Kole and decided I maybe wasn’t in the mood.  Plenty of time for Palm Springs when my boy will actually swim in a swimming pool – instead of trying to just climb in and out of it all day.  But we do have some fun plans around home this weekend!  Including a sure to be fabulous date night that I’ve planned in an attempt to redeem myself from Kenny’s birthday gone bad.  I’m also in a good mood because I had some nice alone time in my car.  We had Back to School night tonight and after I took my babysitter home I turned up my music so loud (Dynamite by Taio Cruz- to be exact) and jammed all the way home.  Anyone else ever do that?  Dance and sing in your car when you’re by yourself?  It’s my favorite.  Since I’ve become a mom I’m rarely alone in my car so when I am I suddenly feel like I’m 16 again!  On my way to a high school dance with my girl friends.  Hoping that cute Senior who has been looking my way lately will be there….  I turn my music up so loud and just let loose!  Alone time in my car always makes me happy.  Anyone else???  No?  Feeling stupid now and moving on….

Fashion Friday!  Let’s get this party started!

Wore my favorite jacket last weekend.  San Diego evenings on the coast are always a bit cool and this yellow trench from Gap makes me happy every time I put it on.  Forgot to photograph my tan wedges, but they match my jacket buttons.  Favorite summer earrings from this post.  

 This is another top I seem to reach for often.  It’s simple, but has some fun ruffles on the sleeves and neck.  It’s from Forever 21 and I have worn it A LOT this summer.

 I usually just wear it with my True Religion shorts and yellow shoes.  Silver jewelry.  Nothing too exciting, but a good staple.

 Kole seemed especially happy about this particular ensemble.  
 LOVE the yellow wedges mom!

 K – now I’m over the wedges and just want to be held.  Photo shoot is officially over.

Here’s another top I love that I wore this week.  It’s from The Limited.

Same necklace I wear with my grey cardigan.  
(Also from The Limited — can you tell I shop there a lot!?)
A few pics with the outfit on.  I usually wear it with my dark Joe’s skinny jeans and grey boots.

I wore it to dinner with my two adorable friends.  Had SO much fun – as we always do.  We get together and could talk all night.  Seems the waiter is always ready to kick us out because we stay so long gabbing.  {p.s.  Happy B-day Ann and Shari!  Shari – you were missed.  It was hard eating the mushroom pizza without you, but I took one for the team and somehow managed to do it… ;) }

 Another favorite staple of mine this summer.  I bought this casual dress at The Limited for our trip to Maui and have worn it so much since then!  It is SO comfortable.  Seriously feels like I have pajamas on.  I forgot to take a picture this week, but here are some pics of me wearing it with my cute mom and dad…

Of course I always have the perfect shoes to accompany each of my outfits thanks to my shoe sorter.  :)

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!  Turn on Dynamite (on my sidebar) and take a little ride alone in your car.  You know you want to…  :) 

**Linking up at The Pleated Poppy!

xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Love it all…pretty sure u could wear anything though!remind me where those short boots are from w the zippers? Love them!!!! Ps thx for my invite to pinterest it. Totally worked :) pss … Love to blast firework by Katy perry inmy car too :)

  2. Don’t have anything yellow…might have to try it this summer! What’s your secret for keeping yourself looking so trim, taut & terrific?!!…I need all the help I can get hahaha!!

  3. I love your writing … it always brings a smile and your fun sense of humor comes through. That is one thing I miss from my short driving days. Have a great weekend! After Mary Poppins we are headed to beautfiul St. George!!

  4. I totally rock out in the car when I’m alone! Last night I was by myself, and Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae was on…totally enjoyed that!

  5. Super fun post! I love, love, love your yellow jacket.

    As for jamming in your car – you are not alone. I usually blast my music when I’m alone heading to judge a drill competition and pretending I can move like the young high school girls do. However, we have also been known to throw some great “dance parties” at our house and I have busted a serious Jetette move or two.

  6. I always rock out in my car…sometimes even when the kids are with me and THEY actually tell ME to turn my music down! LOL! Loving all the shoes too…seems we share not only a love of scrapbooking and loud music but also shoes and The Limited! ;) Just picked up a new pair of brown boots this week and I can’t wait to where them…although living in FL it is hard not to look a little silly walking around in boots…but then again, I have never let that stop me! LOL! Your green dress is my favorite, btw…would LOVE to be able to snag one of those for myself!

  7. I ALWAYS rock out in my car when I am alone. Dancing and singing and having a great time!! I am sure anyone driving by thinks I am nuts ;)

    Love your clothes, seriously a little envious :)

  8. Love the outfits and your darling figure. I have not shopped at The Limited since the late 80’s..I know I am dating myself. I think I will have to check it out next time at the mall.

  9. You always have the cutest combo’s. Have you been doing any project life work this summer. I love looking at your layouts. I was wondering if you have started working with the Amber Edition ones yet?

  10. I’m so with you! I have learned not to sing too much in the car with the kids, Madi kept telling me “stop singing Mom!” Geez I didn’t think I was THAT bad! And the music wasn’t even loud. So yes, when I have a rare moment in the car alone (I think that only happens when I go for a hair cut) I crank it up! And I especially love how awesome I sound when I’m alone in the car!

    And you look simply stunning in all your cute outfits. You look so cute in yellow.

  11. k-i had so MUCH fun with you and darci! thanks for bday dinner and thanks to darci for becoming bff with the manager so we got star treatment! haha

    i need that green dress! that is exactly the kind of thing i am looking for for my trip!! why can’t i find things like that? you look really cute in it.

    and i loved walking with you this morning! it put me in the best mood. kind of like how you were feeling after Tao. which by the way, that is truman’s all time favorite song and i can’t hear it without thinking of him. he knows every single word and sings it constantly. soo cute!!

    have a good weekend!!!!

  12. Erin! My sister just called and said, “Darci, you made THE blog!” So fun, and love all your fashion tips, especially the shoes! I love the pics with you and your Dad and then Mom! So sweet, so cute, so innocent..yes I just might cry:)! Also… I am so getting in on that walking with you guys next week!:) xoxo, Darci

  13. I LOVE your blog, it always puts me in a good mood and I always get inspired!!! Kole is cuteness overload, OMG that smile could melt anyone’s heart!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  14. I love grooving alone in my car as well.

    Cute clothes! Great colors for transitioning into Fall. I recently got some more purple and teals for my wardrobe too. Still looking for the perfect boots though.

    Haley @thedistractedblogger

  15. oh my goodness… totally my favorite thing when I have a rare alone drive in the car. windows down, music loud… takes ya back, doesn’t it :)
    loving your fashion girly!! makes me want to go shopping :-)

  16. Hi Erin–Just found your blog through Tales of the Trees. You are too cute and your family is darling! I am a San Diego girl myself (love and miss it!), have lived the last few years in the Bay Area, and am currently on my way to Georgia later this month. We’re just waiting on our house to be completed! Glad to have found you. I’ll certainly be back to read more!

  17. I ALWAYS turn up the music and enjoy being alone in the car… when I happen to be alone in the car. Somehow I come home feeling rejuvenated and young again. It’s great! It’s just as great as going to target by myself!

  18. I love alone time in the car too. Especially when my kids were younger. The only problem was that sometimes I would use the time to think things through without hearing ‘mama, mama, mama’…and I would get to where I was going and realised I had listened to The Wiggles the entire time. Such a waste of good alone time!

  19. Okay, here is a random question for you: Where do you buy your boots? Do you have one go-to place? I’ve tried piperlime & zappos, but I’d love to know if there is a tried-and-true actual store where you love to buy some cute fall boots. I’m thinking cowgirl chic, maybe with a heel . . . !

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