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First day and a birthday

Back to school!  First day was a success!  My girls were both so excited.  Couldn’t wait to see their teachers and friends. I hardly took any pictures!  Can you believe that?  I can’t.  But we were so rushed in the morning so I figured I’d take some at the school and then of course the school was a zoo!  I’m going to have to take some throughout the week for my school pages in their scrapbooks.

Ellie was all over the place hugging friends and socializing.  I couldn’t get her to stand still for two seconds.  And truth be told, maybe I was a little busy socializing too.  It was fun to see so many familiar faces again!

Kenny took Ellie to her class and I took Addison.  My little Kindergartner was so brave!  We did our usual hug/kiss routine (with Addison there is a routine for everything) and then she walked over to her little desk, sat down, and started coloring.  I walked out of the room feeling so happy for her and I wish I would have just kept on walking.  But instead, I stopped outside the window and stood there for a while looking in.  And I watched her thinking how did this happen?  When did she get so big and become so independent?  And then the tears started flowing and I couldn’t get them to stop.  I turned a few minutes later to face Kenny (who was patiently waiting with Kole in the stroller) and he looked at me like really?  Are you kidding me?  And then my neighbors walked by, saw me sobbing and said “really Erin?  Are you kidding me?”  They thought I was crazy to be crying – especially since I still have a baby at home – and especially since I’ve probably been more excited than anyone for child #2 to start Kindergarten.    And I AM excited she started Kindergarten.  But what can I say.  I cried.  I’m a cryer.  Is that even a word?   Kindergarten is a big step.  Especially for this sappy/sentimental mom.

I came home and the house felt so strange and quiet without the girls.  It made me sad and lonely for about ten minutes and then Kole and I started cleaning and I quickly got over being sad and was loving how much I was able to get done with only one “helper” in the house.  I seriously scrubbed my house from top to bottom.
I especially attacked the playroom with a vengeance!  (Quick shout out for The Wiggles who kept my little one entertained while I worked.  Greg, Murry, Anthony, Jeff – you are my heros and I love you.)  I was so anxious to resume some order in my house after having very little control all summer long.  

My girls were all smiles at the end of the day and couldn’t wait to tell me about everything that happened.  Just as soon as they changed into pajamas and checked on their ponies of course (who had been patiently waiting for them all day).  Addison was excited because her boots made her the tallest kid in class (an observation she made in the lunch line).  Ellie was pumped about their class behavior system, although she only got “good” instead of “fantastic” for the day because she may have talked to a few friends in class…  Mmmm hmmm.  Sounds like we picked up right where we left off last year with daughter #1.

Last weekend we celebrated Kenny’s birthday.  I felt bad because this was NOT my best year as far as planning goes.  In past years I have written posts about 33 things I love about him (the age he was turning), thrown surprise parties with friends, and have given him little surprises all week leading up to the big day.  This year?  I couldn’t even get a babysitter so we could go out!  I think I called over ten girls – all busy.  Plus the week before was so busy with back to school shopping and I had all three kids at home so his gifts were less than stellar.  His birthday came and went and was for the most part like a typical Sunday.  (I’m totally linking to past birthday posts in hopes that Kenny will read this and remember that I actually am a good wife, just one who is having an off year…)

I did manage to put together this bulletin board for the kids to give him.  He has been saying he’d like some of the kids’ artwork to hang in his office and I thought this would look better than random drawings all over the place.

**Happy Birthday babe!  Sorry your day was so lame.  The good news is that #1 – I still love you the most and #2 – after the birthday you had this year, things can only go up.  ;)

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “First day and a birthday

  1. i can tell you are married to an attorney by picture #2 on your blog- i do the same thing! haha! :-) congrats on starting school- we are starting this week as well. sigh. today we had the kindergarten social and i about cried there so i can imagine during actual drop-off! you are such a great wife and mom, i am sure kenny understands if this year wasn’t as big a birthday as other years- it’s what you do all 365 days that counts! :-)

  2. I’m glad your girls had a wonderful first day at school…and don’t worry about the crying – I cried on Isabella’s first day of kindy back in February…and the funny thing is that I teach at the same school!! Hahaha But in my defence it’s my first year as a kinder ‘mummy’! Love wearing two ‘hats’ at school…but it’s a drag that I go into ‘work’ everyday even though I only teach a 5 day fortnight this year!!

  3. Hi Erin- well I must be the biggest cry baby in the world because I cried just this week for a few hours because my ‘baby’ is starting NINTH grade (yes, high school)….and get this, we HOMESCHOOL, so it is not like we aren’t together alot.

    Cry babies UNITE. LOL!

    Don’t blink Erin because it will go by so incredibly FAST. Hug, kiss, cuddles and squeeze as much as you can.

    I still do every.chance.i. get

    Now, can’t wait to see what organizing projects you have up next…

  4. oh puts me back to that time – such sweet memories and oh how fast it goes by (sorry don’t want to add to the tears!). kenny is so lucky to have you as his wife.

  5. I am a bit of a cryer to, not to the sob stage but definitely have some tears over the milestones. I was so excited when my oldest started preschool but them when I dropped him off and left I totally cried in the car :P I have no idea how I am going to react to Kindergarten this year!

  6. Glad the girls had a great first day! And I think the bulletin board for Kenny was a great gift idea. I’m sure he loves it and I’m sure he had a great day just being home.

  7. Don’t forget about the muffins for Kenny!!! haha

    Ok-I wish I could comment more on this post but I can’t. I don’t have time. I just spent an hour looking at someone’s pantry remodel, complete with wallpaper and moldings and labelings!. And now I am off to the thrift store to find a chandelier for my hall closet. I just picked up some shoe organizers at my local garage sale for 50cents and I need to go paint them. Then I will label everyones coats with vinyl letters. Stay tuned for my hall coat closet reveal!!!

    So, you see. I don’t have time to write much more of a comment this time. Sorry! next time for sure!!! LOL!

  8. Such a sweet picture of the girls holding hands! Love that.

    As far as the crying, I am right there with you, and I don’t even have kiddos (yet). I feel like I’m such a sap with everything nowadays! Sometimes it’s frustrating, but I’m slowly learning that it’s a beautiful thing to be a sensitive person. So, you cry as much as you want! These are very special moments. :)

  9. ERIN!!! You had me crying just READING your latest blog entry. My little guy turns two in October, and I have been so emotional lately about him growing up. EVERYONE constantly tells me how fast it goes – and it really does. You are so lucky to have captured your children’s best moments in pictures and words. Here’s to a great school year for the girls, and a great year for mommy-son bonding time! And I can’t leave Kenny out, of course! Here’s to you and your husband – I hope you are able to squeeze some date nights in now that the craziness of school has begun!

    Be well and take care!
    Shannon in PA

  10. So happy your girls had a great first day and yes you are crazy for crying!!! :) j/k

    I am dying to know who their teachers are.

    Happy belated bday to your man!!! Wish Becca had been there to babysit for you guys.

  11. Erin! So sad to see them go, even though we want to see them go…I mean for a few hours, not their whole life. Okay, Ann’s comment…too funny! I love all your pictures, and don’t you think its the neurosis of motherhood? Needing a break, then thinking, oh I’d be fine with them here, I miss them, then…they come back and whoa! needing a minute again. It’s all so confusing!! You are a wonderful birthday wife!

  12. I can soooo relate to the crying! Get this–I dropped my 14 year-old son off for his first day of HIGH SCHOOL and cried as I drove away!!! I am so proud of him, he has been home schooling but got into a great school for his HS years. Crying also because I know he will be gone all too soon. I also cried when I dropped my 9 year-old off for her first day of public schooling–4th grade. She was so independent as she marched right in the front door not even sure of where to go! I still have a 5 year-old and a 12 year old who I am homeschooling. Thanks goodness! I would be a complete WRECK if I ever had to drop off a Kindergartner! So I don’t blame you one bit for crying. Cry away girl! If I were there I’d sob right along with you! :)

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