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Random ramblings

Just a few random pics/thoughts tonight.  I shouldn’t even be blogging since I am KNEE DEEP in the girls’ back to school forms.  But I decided I deserved a little break.  :)

See this plant?  I’ve had this plant for NINE years!  Nine years ago this month we moved to San Diego and into this house.  I didn’t have much to decorate the place with (this house felt huge when it was just me and Kenny!) so I bought three plants like this for my kitchen to make things feel less empty until we could afford some decor/furniture.  The other two plants were dead within the first six months (typical life span for a plant in my hands).  But this little baby!?  Just kept on keeping on.  Not much maintenance.  I water it about every three weeks.  And there it sits.  Looking so healthy and happy.  Nine years I’ve had this!!!  I don’t want it in my kitchen anymore.  Decor wise, I’m ready to move on.  But do you think I can get rid of this?  Every time I try, something stops me.  Seems I’m rather attached to my little plant.  And a bit curious to see just how long this plant can keep on keeping on.

 K – I’m obsessed with two things lately and this is one of them.  Pretzel Crisps.  Ever had them?  I love pretzels and I love chips and these my friends, are a combination of my favorites which makes them THE BOMB.  I love them with a little cheese, some peppered turkey (my lunch staple), or a slice of an apple.  So good.  Try them if you haven’t yet.

My other obsession is HGTV.  Anyone watching this season of Design Star?  Also THE BOMB.  I’m also recording Dear Genevieve, Curb Appeal: The Block and  House Hunters.  I especially like to watch House Hunters to torture myself with the amazing homes people can buy around the country for the price of a 200 square foot hut in Southern California.  San Diego home prices are ridiculous and every time I watch House Hunters I’m reminded of just how crazy I am to live here.  Right up until I step outside and enjoy this city.  Then I decide 200 square foot huts have a charm all their own.  :)

 So this is what my kitchen table looked like this afternoon.  You can tell my girls are back in school!  Ellie had her first homework assignment tonight…

a little “all about me” page.  I have to say that being into scrapbooking sure comes in handy for kids’ school stuff.  Seems like we always need pictures for projects and I love that I have them in albums ready to go.  Then the next time I develop some I can just replace the ones I used.  **A tip that has come in handy for me – next time you get family pictures or order Christmas cards, order 20 extra!  I can’t believe how many times I’ve needed a family picture for something for the kids.

So I’ve got about six different projects going on around here!  I started so many things over the summer and then never had a minute to finish them.  I’ve been awful that way.  I keep starting new projects instead of finishing others.  I was so overwhelmed today with what to work on that I just pulled out all of my fall decor instead!  HA!  Why not add more mess to the mayhem!  I lit my pumpkin spice candle and when Addison came home she said, “Mom!  Is it Thanksgiving!?”  Not quite…but I am a bit anxious for Fall.  Hopefully I’ll have a few things wrapped up around here before it’s time to carve the turkey.  :)

Have a good Thursday everyone!  I’m off to eat some Pretzel Crisps (even though it’s late and I shouldn’t), watch a little HGTV and finish filling out school forms.

xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Random ramblings

  1. I am having pretzel chips and hummus for lunch today at the office! LOVE those! How fun that your girl did some scrapbooking for her first school project…my daughter and I were doing some scrapbooking for her first school project as well…just another reason to love scrapbooking :)

  2. Hi Erin – you always bring a smile to my face! I wish I could afford to live in San Diego, because I know we would be friends!!

  3. That reminds me that I have to do a page for Caleb…I love yours. I haven’t had these pretzel crisps that you speak of…interesting. I think you should keep the plant or give it to the kids’ school or something so it’s still in the family so to speak.

  4. Trust me, it’s the plant! You better keep it because it’s the only kind of house plant you’ll be able to keep alive! I have one of the same kind that is from my Mom’s funeral(also almost 9 yrs old) and it just keeps growing. I have gone through several others- not that I want a tone of house plants but people have given them to us for baby births and then of course more from Cal’s funeral. The other kinds all die eventually, but whatever that plant is, it’s like impossible to kill!

  5. Oh my goodness, I have one of that same variety of plant and I water it every six week. It will never die and it’s a good thing, I kill everything else.

  6. Oh that plant reminds me of my mom! She always had lots of those around the house. She once worked as a plant maintenance lady for model homes and I used to go with her and help and I remember working on lots of those plants! :) (Just a little tid bit of info you never knew or needed to know about me)

    Gotta try those pretzel chips. :)

  7. We were given a plant just like that back in February 1997 when our daughter was in the hospital. Since plants were not allowed in the room, the nurses kept it out in their triage center just outside our room for the 3 months that we were there. Then we took it home. We STILL have it! So what is that….14 years? It’s even older than that because when it was given to us, it was rather large. Those plants, if you just water them, will live forever. We have never repotted it, we just water it :)

  8. I blogged about the pretzel crisps a couple of months ago…I’m in love w/ the buffalo ones! ( I have a special hiding spot for them so I don’t have to share w/ anyone!)
    My husand and I have watched House Hunters at 10pm almost every night for the past 15 years….true story! We’re exciting people I guess!

  9. Ha! I live in NJ and every time I watch house hunters I call up my husband and say things like “we’re moving to Greenville, North Carolina.” I also love it when a young unmarried couple, no kids, with a budget of $120K talk about how a 4 bedroom home is just not roomy enough for them:)

  10. Our first Costco opened in Auburn – Sydney, Australia about a month ago and I’m so excited (because I’m an Aussie with a big love affair for all things American and have been reading about this superstore in blogs for years!) Will definitely have to look for these next time I go…at the moment the crowds are ridiculous, so I’ll wait till it calms down before I go again!

  11. Too funny about the plant Erin! I have the same exact kind that I got in college from my little sister in the sorority and it’s STILL ALIVE 15 years later! They never die – seriously you’ll be able to pass that baby on to your girls some day. LOL! :)
    Loved the Fashion Friday post too. Great clothes!

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