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Fall Inspiration

It’s that time of year again!  Fall.  I’m so ready!  I’m ready for new episodes of Modern Family and The Good Wife, an excuse to wear boots everyday, and this year, I’m even ready for a little Charger football (knowing that without a doubt come December I will be so over and done with Charger football).  I’m also ready to spruce up my house and add a few Fall touches.  Here is a collage I made last year of my Fall decor

which looks nothing like what I am working on for this Fall.  But it still makes me excited about the upcoming season!  I’ve been thinking about my Fall to-do list (similar to last years’ list) and I’ve been going through magazines and my holiday Pinterest board for other Fall inspiration.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas for this beloved season!

I love this wreath.  Especially since it has an E – clearly meant to represent me.  ;)

If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you know I make Pretzel Hugs every year for friends for Christmas, but how fun are these for Halloween?  Same treat but with a candy corn instead of an m&m.

FUN art project for my girls.  We’ll be doing something similar to this for sure this year.

I love the way the pumpkin is used as a base for these branches/bats.  So clever!  I also love the white pumpkins underneath.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest
I think Fall leaves make such beautiful decor and I love the way they are placed in simple clear vases for this table centerpiece.

Another simple centerpiece with mini pumpkins and branches.  These mini pumpkins remind me of my girls.  They love it when I buy a few for them to play with each year.  Perfect size for Polly Pockets and My Little Ponies to party on.  :)

This “turkey sandwich” stole my heart.  And that’s coming from a girl who knows a good turkey sandwich when she sees one!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest
Adorable and simple Halloween treat.  I’m thinking these friendly ghosts would be fun for my girls to take to classmates for their Halloween parties at school.

And speaking of friendly ghosts… I love this idea so much!  I’ve totally been saving our milk cartons so we can make something similar for the yard this year.  Crossing my fingers I’ll find the time to get around to this.  If not, we’ll have a nice set of empty milk cartons cluttering up the garage for another year.  And you know how I feel about clutter…

I love this idea of stacking Halloween candy in a clear vase.  Fun and simple for a teacher/friend gift.  I think I’m going to have to do this at Easter – for myself.  So that I can eat Easter candy all. year. long.  Will Cadbury Eggs stack?

I think I must be obsessed with clothespins lately because I LOVE this.  I have the clothespins, now I just need to find some Fall leaves.  Think there will be any along the beach this year?  
And a few more Fall pictures that are some of my all time favorites.  My boy at the Patch last October…

I have a feeling this years’ photo shoot won’t go over quite as well….  :)
Love this time of year!
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Fall Inspiration

  1. Hi Erin! Cant believe you guys over there (Im in Aus) are getting ready for Autumn, its doesnt seem so long ago I was wistfully reading about your start to summer and dreading our coming winter (which in my part of Aus really isnt that bad!) Now Im so excited our Spring is here but excited for you that you’ve hit boot season! Love your blog so much and following you on pinterest too! I also have an Ellie (after my mum) and enjoy reading about your munchkins.Cheers, Emma in Aus

  2. such cute ideas!!!! and i’m so glad you did the research for me so i can just pull up this post when i want to make one of them. (probably never) but how knows, i may get desperate when i’m snowed in for months on end this winter!

    loved talking with you yesterday.xoxo

  3. Cute stuff…makes me want to get my fall things out too! Love the last picture of your little guy. I always make pretzels hugs too…how fun with the candy corn…definitely going to make those!

  4. Can not wait to make candy corn hug preztels! We always enjoy the M&M ones around here. Love all of your decoration ideas and of course your decor from last fall was beautiful! Love the Kole pictures and I am sure I can imagine how your photoshoot will go this year about like mine will:) Love your post they are always so fun!!

  5. Love the halloween hugs. Your post is helping me get excited for Fall. Love Fall just can’t think about what is around the corner in Northern Utah.

  6. The pretzel hugs with candy corn, genius! I make the m&m variety with rolos rather than hershey’s hugs….the caramel factor makes to a-mazing!!

    Modern Family is great….but I’m hanging out for Parenthood next week, LOVE it!

    I’m absolutely a summer girl, but fall does run a close second. I think it’s all the gorgeous decorating….I’m originally from Australia and we just don’t decorate for seasons the same way there. Bring on Halloween & Thanksgiving! :)

  7. Hi! Thanks for posting my sweet and salty halloween treats! I was wondering if you could change the link to direct people to my blog. The “” link somehow stole all of my blog posts for that month last year…I have no idea how! Anyway, love your blog. I recently reposted it since it is so popular and the correct link is below. Thanks!

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