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Tuesday Tidbits

Just popping in for a quick hello today! 
Our last week of summer is off to a good start!  We’ve been on the go so much this summer that a week of lounging and catching up at home is just what the doctor ordered.  Ellie is still on her dog kick so the girls have watched Lady and the Tramp a time or twenty.  
Kole is into as much trouble as ever.  To say this little guy keeps me on my toes is an understatement.  
In the beginning my house was simply “baby proofed,” but we’ve taken it up a notch and I’m happy to say that my house is now officially “Kole proofed.” We did take down the stair gates yesterday however, since he has mastered going up and down the stairs on his own in about a nano second.  I LOVE having those gates gone!  Feels like I can breathe in my house again.  

He is teething like crazy and chewing on everything.  This morning I caught him right before he digested a purple crayon.  He broke his right front tooth a couple of weeks ago.  His sisters were in the tub so he pulled himself up to the side of the tub to say hello.  The only problem was that the side of the tub was wet so back down he went, chipping his tooth off along the way.  I swear he has aged me ten years in the last few months.

Aside from being quite the stunt man, my boy is also such a flirt!  You’d never know the mischief he’s up to if you met him at the grocery store or when we’re out and about.  He sits and smiles coyly at anyone who will glance his way and he especially knows how to work it with the ladies.  He is becoming more of his daddy’s boy every day.  

Go ahead buddy!  Toss that dinner all over the place.  You and I both know that your irresistible tooth-chipped smile is your ‘get out of jail free’ card.

I started a little project yesterday.  Actually a big project.  I’m completely re-arranging my girls closets and how I organize their clothes.  We’re still house hunting, but are busting out of space in our current house so we’ve decided it’s time to rent a storage shed.

I’m moving everything that was in our guest room closet (old formals, dance costumes, Halloween costumes, etc.) into boxes and moving all of Ellie’s clothes in.  My girls need their own closet space so badly.  Especially since we also use their closet to hold/store toys.

Kenny went upstairs last night to read to the girls when he got home from work and gave me quite the look when he saw the mess I’d made.  I smiled and said “it always gets worse before it gets better!”   :)
So, without further delay, I’m off to organize!   

p.s.  My kitchen shelf re-do was featured….twice!!  I am so excited and honored that these fun bloggers included my shelf in their list of favorites out of the hundreds who linked up.  You can check it out at Tidy Mom and Tip Junkie and also see some other fun projects they featured.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Well it’s what we’ve all been afraid of, knowing Kenny has fathered a son…he’s going to be just like him! All I can say is, enjoy the kind of disasters he is creating now, because when he’s s teenager- heaven help you. Good. Luck. If our boys both turn out like their dads, my life is going to be a breeze compared to yours in a few years. ;) Love you Kenny.

    Enjoy this last week of summer! We are in the full swing of homework routine around here.

  2. That chipped tooth is something else, I guess it’s better that he’s a boy, that might be kind of sad for little girls. It will just make him look tough.

  3. Erin-your baby boy is so dang cute. And I had to laugh Sunday when he crawled to the front of the chapel as fast as he could. I think he is Kenny’s “get out of jail” card! (wink)

    Ok-since babysitters fell through, I expect to see the four of you tomorrow. And you know what, all the babysitters will be there!!! So free babysitting while we gab! :)

    I think you need to just redecorate your whole kitchen as fast as you can because you know that you will find the right house the next day. It’s fail-proof.

    Congratulations on your shelf being chosen!!!

  4. I am officially back at school (inservice this week, kids arrive next), so I probably won’t be able to comment as much as I’d like, but know that I’m reading right along with everyone else! Love your blog.

    Shannon in PA

  5. Josie,

    Don’t think you’ll be safe if our boys turn out just like their dads. It’s just that your son will be driving the get away car after mine initiates the trouble! Ryan will vouch for that… :-)

  6. We’re thinking about selling our current home, and I’ve been reading up on staging. Apparently, the formula is that 33% of your stuff needs to be cleared out for your home to show well. So the rented storage is probably a must.

    Kole’s chipped tooth cracks me up. My daughter chipped one of her front teeth when she was almost one, in a hospital bed. Of all places to chip a tooth! During a hospital stay, she was bouncing all over the bed, and hit her tooth on the metal crib rail. It was crazy.

  7. I have a chipped tooth little one as well…they are fun, aren’t they. Very nice that you all took it easy for a week…I’m sure it was much needed.

    Whoo hoo for being featured. The shelf is so cute and I still love those little numbered jars.

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