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Wrapping up the tour and our trip!

Sharing the rest of the pics I took of my mom’s house today!

 First her beautiful kitchen – from a few different angels…

The cabinetry, moldings, door and window casings, fireplaces, fixtures…everything in this house is simply gorgeous.  This is the kind of house that already looks decorated before anyone even moves into it!
I love the planked french doors.  When you walk in the front door you see straight through those doors and into the beautiful back yard.  

Lots of fun bead board.  

I think the yellow kitchen aid looks especially nice on her counter top, don’t you?  A little Christmas present to my mom from me a few years ago.  My family knows better than to ever buy one for me.  Although they do make nice decor…  
Love her stove, range and hood.  
A view from the laundry room.

A peek at the dining nook.
And into the laundry room we go!  The laundry room is right off the kitchen and all of the cabinets are the same cream bead board.  I love how it is so neutral that she can decorate with any colors and mix things up often.  I also love all of the beautiful wood plantation shutters.  
The wall opposite the washer and dryer.  I’m so envious of all of her storage!!!  

Cute little door holding her ironing board and a collage of family pictures to the right of it.  
Heading into the family room.  Aren’t her wood floors to die for!?  I dream about them.  Often.  

This is a horrible, crooked picture because by this point of the photo shoot Kole was on my left hip trying to pull the camera out of my right hand so unfortunately, this is where the tour ends (for now anyway!).  I did want to share this picture though because it shows a peek of the family room with the beautiful rock fireplace, the moldings all along the stairs, the pillars around the formal dining…such a pretty home.  My mom and dad wanted to create a bit of a log cabin feel along with my mom’s cottage/country style.

They did just that and we all love their home!  
I know this post is picture overload, but I wanted to add a few more for our family journal.  The reason for our last trip to Utah was not only to visit grandparents, but also to join our friends in a special weekend.  

Ellie’s best buddy Pierson turned 8 years old and was baptized a member of our church.  His parents are our good friends Ryan and Josie and we were so excited to be there to support Pierson!

The following Sunday they blessed their new baby boy in church so we were able to also be there for that special day.  (Fashion Friday pics were snapped before these lovely events!)  The last pictures I shared of Josie were from our Maui trip when she was 7 months pregnant.  I’m happy to report they had a healthy baby boy!  And he is adorable.  And very light.  At least he felt light to me since I’m used to hauling around my big boy.  Who I swear is refusing to walk because he quite prefers his mom to haul him around everywhere.  We left Kole home with my family during the festivities so we could actually enjoy them.  This is a fun picture of our two families minus my little maniac.  {p.s.  Ryan – sorry I chose the pic with your eyes closed.  It was either you with your eyes closed, or the kids making strange faces and I sacrificed you to make the kids look good.  Hope we’re still tight.}   ;)

We had fun celebrating the weekends’ events with Ryan and Josie and their family and friends.  
And it goes without saying that these three had a delightful time together.  
Love this girl.  So much fun Josie!  Thanks for letting us share in your special weekend.  
Wrapping up another great trip to our home away from home.  :)

xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Wrapping up the tour and our trip!

  1. i just KNEW that yellow kitchen-aide was from you! LOL! :-) sounds like a fantastic trip! your parents’ house is beautiful and so tasteful. i love the girls’ matching dresses, too!!! :-)

  2. Oh my word, your mom’s house is TO DIE FOR! It is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a model home! Tell her thank you for letting you share it with all of us!

  3. Your mom’s house is GORGEOUS! I can see why it’s your home away from home. It’s so warm and welcoming. How fun that you were able to celebrate with good friends. Hope you and Ryan are still tight…lol.

  4. Your mom’s house and laundry room are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!! And to celerate with a great friend, awesome!!!!! Love the cuteness of the matching dresse!!!

  5. Love, love this post! We were so thankful to have you guys here for the big weekend, it was so great having you be a part of it all! Madi was SO excited to see the pic of her and the girls in their matching dresses! Cute! I do love the one of us too, even though I am looking huge compared to skinny you. (Hopefully by our next pic together there will be major improvement in this area!)

    And just have to say how much I love your Mom’s house too. It is a absolutely gorgeous, a dream home for sure (and always makes me a little ticked thinking- that’s what my cabinet finish was supposed to look like!) But even more we love getting to hang out with you guys there! The kids had so much fun swimming and playing again! Your Mom is so gracious and we appreciate her letting us come over and join the party!

    Oh, and great job being a missionary! ;) You never know what fans might check out the church because of your blog!

  6. So beautiful! That home is straight out of a magazine, only better.

    That’s so fun that you were there for both of those milestones in Josie’s kids’ lives.

  7. You and your mom should be professional decorators. LOVE both your houses SO much. Thanks so much for sharing pics of the inside… just gorgeous!!! :)

    Shannon in PA

  8. Sometimes I think commenters are trying to win the “I am most observant award” So here goes mine…at first glance I thought the men were preparing food for the joint family gathering in your mom’s beautiful kitchen…BUT at closer glance… different back splash. Josie’s kitchen??…Come on..that’s worth something, right??

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  11. Love your parents house! Love even more that you are friends with my best friend, Kate’s, older sister Josie! The Allen girls are my absolute favorite people! Love them all!

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