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Fashion Friday

Alright!  Here we go!  Another Fashion Friday.  Can I get a woot woot!!  

First of all – these are my absolute summer staples.  I think I’ve worn these yellow shoes (bought them last summer) and these earrings (Forever 21) at least 3-4 times each week.  They just go with everything – dressy or casual – and they seem to call out SUMMER.  Love them.

Here’s a random picture in a not so amazing outfit, but I’m once again wearing the shoes and earrings.  These shorts are also a summer staple of mine and have been for the last few years.  I need to update them, but they are True Religion and the most I have ever spent on any one article of clothing (if Kenny only knew!  He’d die!)  so I definitely wanted to get my money out of them!  And I think I have.  
And it’s about time to retire them.   But I have loved these shorts.  
Here’s my favorite fashion accessory lately.  My cute friend Amy bought me this key chain for my last birthday (ordered from an etsy shop) and I have been so in love with it.  First, I love the color.  I’m always wearing this color – it’s a favorite.  Second, this key chain makes it so easy to find my keys in my purse.  Can’t miss them with this on!  Third, it has come in so handy to have my keys on my wrist because I’m always holding Kole.  I keep them on getting him in and out of the car and I always have my keys with me.  Genius!  Thanks again Amy!  
Speaking of my favorite clothing color, here is a new dress I just bought from the Limited.  
It’s simple.  I like simple.  Notice we are all three sporting our yellow sandals.  Fabulous.  

I also really like the ruffles and gathers at the top.  What I don’t like is the lighting in this bathroom.  
Found this cream top for Fall while I was in Utah last week.  My sister-in-law saw it and said “oh that is so you!”  And she is so right.  I probably own 10 other tops just like this.  I LOVE cream in the fall.  
But wait — it’s missing something…
my Anthro belt please!  Add some skinny jeans and Fall boots and this is perfect. 
 An Erin outfit for sure.  
Bought this fun sweater at Down East.  It’s cropped so I’ll probably wear it with a white tank under it.  It was only 30 bucks!  And I was so excited!  But also ashamed…
since it is SO similar to this yellow sweater I bought from Anthropologie for our family pictures that was NOT only 30 bucks.  I need to do the Down East thing a little more and the Anthro thing a little less.  :) 

Here’s my favorite thing I’ve bought lately.  I’m so in love with this skirt!  I’m sure you can’t guess why…um…it’s cream….and it has a belt.  I’m nothing if not predictable.

And here I am modeling the skirt – only because several of you requested that I do so.  The skirt is from a store called Urban Wear in sunny St. George, UT and the shirt is from Forever 21.  The shoes are Guess and I’ve had them for years and I can’t live without them.  
Another favorite thing about this skirt is the pockets.  Because well.  Pockets on skirts are just cool.

Grabbed my girl to pose with me.  She was running around on the rocks at the time of this mini photo shoot.

And last but certainly not least, a new outfit I picked up for the main squeeze in my life.  
I fell in love with these shorts…

and this shirt….(Gymboree)

and these tiny adidas shoes.
Who said buying clothes for boys isn’t as fun!!?
I’ll have to take a picture of my little dude in his new outfit.  
I’m sure he’ll be SO cooperative to model it for me.
BTW – Did you all watch the season finale of SYTYCD?  It was SO GOOD!  I cried at the end!!!  Kenny and I had the winner picked from day one.  She was amazing.  We’ve also bought our tickets to the live show and picked up two extra tickets to take friends.  
Can I get a woot woot!!
Happy Friday everyone!
p.s.  Linking up at Pleated Poppy today!
xoxo, Erin
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30 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. I Love your Fashion Fridays! Please keep doing them. I also love that you included something for Cole. I have two boys and I love shopping for them as much as girl moms love shopping for their daughters.
    Do you know which Etsy shop your friend got the key chain from? I love it!

  2. Lovin’ Fashion Friday! I just bought myself one of those wristlets for my keys. Awesome idea. I’m always losing my keys too. The yellow sandals are adorable especially with the teal dress from The Limited. Already can’t wait to see your post for next Friday. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love all of it! if you were closer I’d bring you shopping with me. I am so guilty of always buying “lawyer”clothes that I never have anything fun for casual things.

  4. I LOVE all the shoes and clothes! You are adorable! How are you so fit/thin with three kids???

    Also, I adore SYTYCD. I, too, cried at the end of the finale. I was disappointed on Wed. night, though. I didn’t think the routines were “finale material,” but last night was fantastic. We had the winner chosen from the beginning as well. What an amazing dancer, so deserving. I’ll be at the live show, too. Looking so forward to it.

  5. Erin you are too cute! Love all your fashion choices – I just wish I were thin right now and could wear ANY of them =(

    So glad you loved Melanie Moore on SYTYCD – she graduated from my daughters’ dance school last year and we are SOOO proud of her!!! There was a huge pep rally for her last night at her old high school and the crowd went CRAZY when she won! We are still so excited and happy today we can hardly stand it. She is amazing!!!

  6. I love all the outfits! Thanks for the belt examples- totally helps. Except I just found out that I’m pregnant, so that’s going to make the belt thing even trickier! :)

  7. Ahh, look at you modeling your clothes for Fashion Friday! You did look ultra fabulous by the way! I loved seeing the pics and going – oh the outfit she wore to dinner, oh the outfit she wore Saturday, oh the outfit she wore Sunday…how happy it made me that we got to hang out while you were looking so ultra fabulous! I should just not have stood next to you at all!

    Oh and I haven’t even been able to watch the results show yet, seriously what would we ever do w/o dvr? But I told Ryan if Melanie didn’t win out of the final 4, I was never watching the show again, so now I’ll be watching feeling good already. :)
    Oh and Kenny mentioned the tickets to Ryan…at some point we are definitely making a trip down for that!

  8. You are so adorable! I love your style!

    The skirt looks fantastic on you! It makes you look SO tiny (not that you’re not!) And those little shoes for Kole are TO DIE FOR. Too cute!

  9. love the shoes, the shorts, the skirts, the earrings…and you! You really are beautiful, and the clothes are great too! I could’ve used a little fashion today! yikes! :) and yes I’m reading your blog instead of packing my car!!!

  10. Patrick has those shorts! And not that shirt, but 2 others that are very similar. They are getting tight…but I still put them on him. :)
    You look so cute, love everything, please come visit and give me a makeover.
    (And for the bathroom lighting, similar to my kitchen lighting, just set your white balance to Tungsten and it will take the yellow out.)

  11. So cute!!! And I have to say I just LOVE your hair!! :) Please tell me it takes 30+minutes or something to fix each day. If not, I might have to hate you. J/k. Sorta. :)

  12. Oh I absolutely love that belt with the cream top! I just might have to go pick myself up one of those belts now! Thanks for sharing your outfits with us!

  13. I just discovered and blogged about Urban Wear in St. George a few months ago. I bought so much when I was there. The prices are great. You really should put your used clothes up for sale. I would definitely buy those shorts you are thinking about updating. So cute!

  14. erin, you look fabulous!!! you are seriously looking so tiny these days. i love all your fashion finds. i’m so happy that you are enjoying the key fob i gave you. i love mine as well. ;) i ordered it from lwestdesigns on etsy (i saw that one of your readers asked where it was from). are you coming to the beach wednesday? i feel like i haven’t seen you in forever!

  15. You are absolutely darling! I love all of your outfits! Love that you and your girls all have yellow sandals on, so fun! That cream skirt is very cute, I wonder if I could beg my mother in law to go pick me up one, my husband is from St George :)I’m your newest follower!

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