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digital scrapbooking, paint, and a spot of tea

Hi friends!  First of all – thanks for your words of encouragement about Kole and his preference concerning transportation.  :)  Makes me feel better to hear about other late walkers.

I wanted to answer a couple of questions from my picture organizing post
Bindi asked if I have any suggestions for backing up photos?
We used to use an internet service called Mozy that automatically backed up our pictures.  But Mozy raised their rates around the time I got my new Mac, so we decided to just start saving our pictures to an external hard drive.  We use the Apple program (Time Machine) that came with my Mac and it has worked great so far.  
Andrea e-mailed me with this question:

Hey Erin!  I love your blog.  I saw today’s post about organizing pictures and that you have a folder for digital scrapbooking.  I am looking to do more with digital elements and would love to see a blog post on how you organize your digital elements and how you end up using them.  I have been following Ali Edwards and love her digital scrapbooking and want to start incorporating her elements into my Project Life album, but would love your perspective

Thanks Andrea!  Here is how I organize my digital elements.  First a peek inside my “digital scrapbooking supplies” folder:

And a peek inside my “specific elements” folder:

And a peek inside my “word art” folder:  (just to pick a random one)

Everything is organized just like my pictures.  Folders inside of folders.  At one point I was contemplating going completely digital with my scrapbooking, but at the end of the day, digital scrapbooking just isn’t as fun for me.  I love REAL supplies and REAL pictures and to be honest, I get tired of my computer!  It’s why I’m never on facebook.  I love to blog and to read other blogs, but I don’t enjoy being on my computer all day.  Digital scrapbooking felt more like a chore vs. the fun, creative outlet that paper scrapbooking is for me.  So I pretty much just use all of the supplies I’ve purchased/collected for other random things.  Here are a few examples:

{a stamp in the corner of a picture collage}

{some pretty brushes to add a little something to the bottom of pictures}
  (I so remember this trip!  I was pregnant with Kole and starting to really show and so bummed I couldn’t buy clothes.  Maternity clothes stopped being fun after child #2.)

{words and a frame}

{stitched frame around a collage}

{a frame, date, and stamp}

{frames and other little elements}

All of the above pictures and collages have ended up in my Project Life scrapbooks.  I use my digital supplies once in a while to jazz up photos/collages.

And of course, for all of my blog headers.  (Ok – that just made me SO excited for Christmas!)

Hope that helps Andrea!  

But lately I haven’t been scrapbooking.  Lately I’ve been painting!

I painted my black shelf!  Eeek!!!  It was an experience to say the least.  But it’s finished and I love the way it turned out and at some point I will get around to sharing pictures of it.  I painted it before our trip to Utah and returned to one MESSY garage.  I have to just say that my limited experience with spray paint has made me not a fan (remember my baskets?).  And I don’t think it’s as easy as every one makes it appear!  All of these “before and after” blog pictures that make it look like you just quickly spray a little paint and wa-la!  New beautiful furniture!  Not so.  At least for me.  I spray painted the outside of the shelf and hand painted the bead board backing and I had such a better experience with the regular paint and brush.  I feel more in control of what I’m doing and created much less of a mess with the regular paint.  Plus it’s easier for touch-ups.  But I’ve found that I paint about as well as I cook so who am I to talk?  Hope I’m not offending any spray painting digital scrapbookers out there by spouting off about my preferences!  ;)  Anyway.  The shelf is done and I’m happy with it.  Just wasn’t happy with the mess I made in the process.

So today after I unpacked from our trip, I pulled almost everything out of our garage…

and mopped up all of that spray paint dust!   And then I felt much better about spray painting.  And about life in general.  Because cleaning does that to me.

I mopped, Kole slept, and the girls enjoyed a little tea party on a towel.  It was a great afternoon.  

Cheers!  :)

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “digital scrapbooking, paint, and a spot of tea

  1. Erin, I have to tell you about the digital scrap I just started. I love it because it still feels like the real thing to me. It is StudioJ from Close TO My Heart. You know I love CTMH already, but now I am actually getting caught up. I love it because it has everything I need(coordinating paper, stickers, ribbons, buttons…) and I don’t have to get things other places and I don’t have to download and store anything on my computer. You can go play it for FREE if you are interested. Go to my site or blog and then click on it. I promise you will love it even if it is just for a few pages!! We all need to get together soon! Love you!! Sarah

  2. I LOVE that Christmas card! Super cute!

    Spray paint is quick for large or difficult things but it is messy! I use shower curtains from the dollar store to protect my surroundings when spray painting.

  3. I totally agree with you about the digital scrapbooking…it was more fun maybe to do the paper stuff, and I hate spending time on the computer to do it. The only positive for me, is I can easily duplicate the page per kid, but I am right there with you. I was looking at some of my old papers today and I just love them. I am NOT organized with my pictures like you! You inspire me though.
    Hope your summer is going well!

  4. Thank you for answering my question Erin! Can you believe that we have converted everything to Apple in the past year except for my laptop PC. My husband was thrilled when I conceded that I guess I better start using the Macs so that I can use the Time Machine thing to back it all up. He has been trying to get me to give up my old laptop for so long. He said to say thanks!! Cheers, Bindi

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