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Not Fashion Friday

I. am. exhausted.  This week has been crazy.  And fun.  Crazy fun.  I have so much to blog about and it is killing me that I don’t have time to do it!  If only I didn’t need to sleep.  But I do need to sleep.  (Clearly I need to sleep or I wouldn’t be rambling on this way…)

I know some of you asked questions about my last post and I will answer them.  Some of you requested more Fashion Fridays and I will get around to doing that and answering questions that were asked last week.  Some of you requested that I start modeling the clothes for Fashion Friday and that won’t happen.  Well.  Maybe it will.  I just feel like such a dork taking self portraits!  And Kenny isn’t around enough to take pictures of me.  Although he makes me feel like an even bigger dork so it’s not like that’s a great solution anyway.  So then it’s left up to Ellie and you may remember what happens when she gets a hold of my camera?  Fashion Friday content – to be determined.  But I do have lots to share!  Including some cute stuff I got this week.  I just want you to know if you’ve asked a question in the comments I will get around to answering it at some point.  I have a lot to post.  I’m just too tired to do much tonight.

Did I already mention that?

And did I mention that I was tired?

Summer camps ended last week.  My girls had SO much fun.  We don’t start school until the end of August so still a month left of summer for us!  Can I handle one more month of summer?  That’s also to be determined.  I am starting to think about back to school though.  I need to find my girls some cute backpacks.  Thinking about ordering these soon –

Pottery Barn Kids Fairfax Collection.  I can’t find anything I like better and I’ve been hunting in stores and on-line for a couple of weeks now.  Any other suggestions?

Well – that’s it for me.  I’m off to bed.  Before I know it, a certain someone will be up and going and full of more energy than I can handle!

Have a good weekend everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Not Fashion Friday

  1. Hey Erin! Did you find any at Target? They have some little kid backpacks with characters on the front. I do think the ones you found are cuter though. Take Care! :)

  2. I like the pottery barn kids backpacks too but this year my daughter didn’t like them. She found a design she liked at Garnet Hill – kind of a cherry blossom design – matching lunchbox was free wtih order. We personalized both and got the matching pencil case too. I’m a sucker for matching. :-) Happy Shopping!

  3. Had to laugh. Always feel like a dork with Steve taking my picture – although he does it fairly regularly! Hope you have a great weekend and get some sleep :).

  4. Hi Erin!
    Tired! I tell ya, having kids lets you feel a new kind of tired that you didn’t even know existed doesn’t it?
    Hope you get to rest up.
    Cute backpacks.
    Cute fall fashion post a while back too.

  5. We’ve always bought the PBK backpacks, but this year we went with Garnet Hill. I can actually say that I almost like the Garnet Hill backpack better! I am glad we changed it up this year. :)

  6. I bought a Lands End backpack for my kindergartener. I love the quality of their products and they have an amazing guarantee on everything. And everything is cute when it’s monogrammed!

  7. Bought 2 backpacks for 19.98 for my boys on a buy one get one free at Target. PB backpacks are cute but so way over my price limit…way overpriced if you ask me (but you didn’t:).

  8. I have been very happy with Lands End backpacks. They’re super durable, cute and very lightweight. Fasion Friday inspired me, thank you! I have been in such a fashion rut since #3 came along.

    I know what you mean!! Chasing a toddler around is tiresome work, especially with other little folks who have needs too! I think you are doing a great job keeping up with your memory keeping on this blog! Have a great weekend!

  9. Do you buy new backpacks every year? I have tried to get one that lasts for years, but maybe that’s cause I can’t believe how expensive the dang things are. Well and my boys don’t really care about that stuff anyway,all that might change with these little girls.

    Summer in general is making me tired, I am already ready for it to be done. I need routine back around here.

  10. I’d recommend Lands End or LL Bean for backpacks. If they ever wear out, tear, fray, whatever…they will replace them for you at no additional cost. Not sure how the quality is at Pottery Barn.

  11. Just an FYI. I developed the backpack sizes for PBK and the shoulder straps / overall sizing was made to work wtih the height /ergonomics of your child’s bodies w/ books and things inside. There are different sizes which makes it easy to pack “right” and not overweigh the child’s back. Once your children carry too much, it’s time to change to a rolling pack. PBK offers amazing styles and prints for every season. I no longer work there, but the quality and customer service is great and I keep buying their products for my nieces and nephews.

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