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Fashion Friday

I received several e-mails asking where I got the cute beach/snack bag in my previous post.  The bags are from a company called Thirty One Gifts and I received them when I did this giveaway.  You can check that post for their website along with information about who to contact if you want to order one for yourself.  Also, a sweet blog reader and director with Thirty One Gifts (hi Allison!) left a comment in my last post along with her information because she too sells their bags.  Thirty One Gifts sells a lot of really fun stuff!

Speaking of fun stuff, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve bought lately.  Fall fashion is my absolute favorite and since I haven’t bought much the past two years (due to pregnancy and post pregnancy baby weight that lingered forever!) I decided that it was time to get a jump start on this year’s Fall wardrobe!

These necklaces I actually bought about a month ago and have loved wearing them this summer.  The one on the left with the matching bracelet is from The Limited and the one on the right was from a specialty shop here in San Diego.  
I love the orange/teal color combo in this one.

This shirt from Banana Republic looks great with both necklaces.  I’ve worn this shirt a ton this summer! It fits cute and I love the pleated sleeves.  Works with most of my jewelry, levi, or white skirts/shorts.  A casual ‘go to’ top for sure.

This necklace also looks good with this white dress shirt I just bought (also from The Limited). 

I guess this top is actually an end of summer splurge vs. fall fashion.  But I loved the way it fit so much that it had to come home with me.  :)

Some fun flats I bought at the Nordstroms sale (for only $50 bucks!).  Should be perfect for running the kids around all day.  I don’t buy many shoes like this because my heels are SO narrow.  If my shoes don’t have straps they slip right off my heels and drive me crazy.  I’m a big fan of flats like this that gather in the back!

Another fun top from The Limited.  I have too many shirts this color, but I loved the sleeves and the way this fit.

I wore it to church last week with this black belt, a fun skirt, and my favorite black heels (that are so high I have to really watch it holding Kole so we both don’t go toppling to the floor).  
But the two of us were stylin’!  :)

This grey cardigan was a bit of a splurge (also from The Limited) but it is my favorite thing I’ve bought lately!  You can’t tell from the picture, but it fits so cute – fitted in the back and then it hangs long in the front.  I tried it on with a white tank underneath, my dark Joes skinny jeans, 
and these boots.  LOVE it!  I’ll have to take a picture with it on sometime because it’s way cuter on a person than on the hanger.  

I found this purple sweater on sale at Anthropologie.  Can you tell that I’m into solid colors by this point?    Kind of boring, I know.  But I just love stuff like this.  

This sweater has a fun, funky orange zipper in the back that you can’t see at all when I’m wearing it.  But I know it’s there.  And it will make me FEEL fun and funky.  :)

So far, this belt (also from Anthropologie) is the only purchase I’m having buyers remorse about.  It was 55 bucks – a bit much for a belt – but I just love it so much!!!  But then I got home and thought “will I really wear it enough…. I already have so many belts…. I could take it back and buy 8 belts from Forever 21 for the same price…..”

and then I tried it on with this shirt I bought in the Spring and MAGIC!  
Ok – keeping the belt.  :)
So that’s it for my first rendition of “Fashion Friday.”  I found a fun dress and some other things too, but I took these pictures during Kole’s nap and right after I snapped the picture above, Kole woke up.  
No more pictures were taken from that point forward!
Have a great weekend everyone! 
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Fun Fashion Friday! Love the limited, too. Sounds like you’ve got some great finds you will wear and wear! Love the turquoise/orange combo. Have a great weekend.

  2. What a FUN post! Can you do something like this every Friday? I always love fun fashion finds. I am also a fan of The Limited.

    Maybe in one of your future fashion posts you could write about how you shop – online, in stores, with/without children… because I only have one child and it is SO hard to shop with him. I literally have to run in a store, buy something if I like it, and then return it later if I don’t! And I often get buyers’ remorse – I start feeling guilty… like, do I really need another black t-shirt? But then I tell myself that life is short!

    Also, when you were teaching, did you plan your outfits out ahead of time or have any go-to pieces? I return back to school in less than a month so any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Anyway, loved the post. Hope you, the hubby, and the kids are all doing well.

    Shannon in PA

  3. Great finds! I’m with Anonymous. Hopefully we will see a post in the future about your shopping strategies? I have GOT to do some shopping but I walk into stores and sort of “shut down” wilth all of the choices! Thanks for sharing and I think I might have to steal away for a bit and go to the Limited.

  4. loved your post! just had to say that i bought the same belt from anthro and thought exactly the same thing! it was more expensive than the dress that i got to wear it with! but it is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen–so i’m keeping it. the saleslady (and what a good one she was!) said, “if you buy one belt that you absolutely love, you will wear it more than any other one!” so now i’m going through my wardrobe seeing how many things i can put that darn belt with!! ha!

  5. Thanks for the nice reference… Im happy to help those interested…. And the good thing is that circle spiral print was so popular they brought it back in our just recently released fall catalog!

    By the way… Love the turquoise with the tan stripe… Wouldnt have thought of that.

    Maybe its because im short waisted… But I have a hard time with large belts… How do you wear those… And with what types of bottoms?

  6. I don’t know how you have time to post anything…I have been looking on your “Erin reads” and I can’t even get through the first one or much good stuff. I still have not worn a belt this year and July is nearly over. (one of my resolutions) you make it look so good but then I am saving myself $50 a pop so that’s good. I think you should model the clothes…it’d b way more fun:)

  7. Ok, it kills me that you even have time to do a post like this! Are you kidding me?! And makes me depressed too…so yesterday I went into Christensen’s to try and find an outfit for next weekend and there were all these cute dresses that all I could think was- oh that would be so cute IF I WAS SKINNY! This pregnancy weight is coming off so SLOW, I can’t wear anything cute! Ok, there’s my whining, you’ll have to make me feel better when I see you this week! :)

  8. Hi- I love your blog :) You inspired me to buy a big belt, but I’m not sure how to wear it best. I agree that I would love photos of you modeling your outfits. Maybe I just haven’t found the perfect shirt to wear it with yet.

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