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Get out the door list

Oh that was too much fun hearing from so many of you!  I’ve loved checking in with my blog throughout the day and reading all of your sweet comments.  Thank you so much for your opinions/advice about the plays.  It’s clear we need to just see them both!  Now I need some advice on how to convince my parents that it is imperative for them to watch my children for a day or two longer than planned.  :)  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes…
For today I wanted to share something that I meant to post at the beginning of summer, but then all of the sudden it was summer and most of my planned posts flew right out the window along with my sanity.  
I’ve found that one of the hardest daily tasks with little ones is simply GETTING OUT THE DOOR.  It requires so much time, energy, and just stuff!  Every summer I write a simple “get out the door list” and tape it to my back door.  It’s a run down of every possible thing I might need for our summer outings. 
Some of the items listed are for when we are heading to the beach (quarters for parking) or the pool (goggles and water wings), but a lot of these items I need to remember every day in the summer for any outing we are going on (sunglasses, snacks for the kids, diapers, etc.)  It’s so nice to have a list to glance at quickly when we’re in a hurry to get somewhere – just to double check that I have everything.  Then I don’t have to think about all of the stuff we need to take and I can deal with Addison’s meltdown over which pair of sandals to wear, Kole’s last minute diaper change, or Ellie’s attempt to sneak 15 toys into the car along with her.  
I only have so much of it. 
I also keep this bag hanging by my keys so I can quickly grab it for snacks and water…  
and this bag sits in our garage by the door.  As soon as I wash swim suits, cover-ups, and towels I put them in here so they are ready to go.

Anything I can do ahead of time makes life that much easier when we are trying to go somewhere.  
I’m always amazed at what a feat getting out the door can be!  
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Get out the door list

  1. Girl, you are so organized! I really need to follow your lead & implement them into my life! And I’m lovin’ your Thirty-One Bags! :)

  2. oh, i hear you! my oldest has swimming every day- so it’s always a little bit of an issue getting us all ready for the pool and out the door in time! i had to laugh about the quarters for the beach. that sounds just like me! i am always saving quarters because i think we get 12 minutes per quarter up here- so we go through a ton!

  3. Love it! I keep our beach/pool bag by the garage door as well, I learned the hard way that life is so much easier if towels and swimsuits go straight from the dryer to the beach bag! :)

  4. Really, really cute bags. :)

    I am always amazed by your organization. I’ve reached the point where I’m too tired to even organize myself and I usually pay the price. :)

  5. Great idea! Quarters, quarters, quarters! Forgot them last year camping (showers!) and this year once (beach parking!) and it was…unpleasant. : )

    Another twist would be to have little categories – the top would say ‘out the door,’ and then there would be columns like


    with what you need underneath for that outing…(always being just for anywhere you go)

    I hate getting ready to go places – it is exhausting!

  6. I love the list (and your handwriting). I’m always making a list and it includes the same things so it would be nice to just have a master list. We do keep a pool bag packed so that helps out a lot. Oh how I love thirtyone gifts too!

  7. Love this Erin! Thanks! I really struggle to get stuff ready when we are going somewhere so to have it all done & ready to go, and also have a list right there for me as I’m trying to double check on the things you can’t get ready in advance- that’s great! :)

  8. Funny, I have a list taped to my slider. I typed it September 2010. Yes, it is dated and laminated…I am a total geek! However, I think I need to redo it – make it more interesting to read….because I brought the girls to camp today and forgot lunches and backpacks! Seriously??? My list even says potd…my nephew asked me “what is potd?” I said Picture of the Day…of course :-)

  9. Hi Erin!

    That list is awesome! Isn’t crazy what it takes just for a mom to head out with the kids. It’s overwhelming sometimes!

    But a list like this makes it so doable! I’m going to share on my FB page (if you don’t mind) :).

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