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Kitchen shelf re-do!

I’m so excited to share my newly painted and decorated kitchen shelf with you all!  I didn’t take many pictures along the way since this was my first time painting a piece of furniture and I was in total concentration mode.  I did manage to take one picture of the shelf on a blanket in my garage before I started painting it…

And here it is after I painted the shelf white and the bead board the same color as the newly painted wall….

So are you ready for the final before and after?


and AFTER!!!
So what do you think!!??  Better?  Worse?  Something in between!?  I have to say that I love the change because I am SO tired of all of the red and black in my house.  I’ve been in the mood for something a little lighter and brighter for a while now.  

Most of the shelf decor I shared with you earlier, but I’ll break down where I bought everything.  These mini pitchers are from Home Goods.  

Little spice jars are from Anthropologie.  They were so small I needed something behind them.  These yellow bird plates from Pier One were perfect!
White pitcher from TJ Maxx.  I’ve been collecting white pitchers forever now.  LOVE them.  

Milk bottle measuring cups from Anthro.  Blue bowls to the left of them are from Home Goods.  

And the cups and bowls to the right are also from Anthro.  I may switch out the blue/green bowls because they are so similar to the paint color.  

Speaking of this paint color…. I get the biggest kick out of it!  Sometimes it looks more blue.

And sometimes it looks like aqua.  Either way – I’ll take it!  
Now the only problem is that the rest of my kitchen doesn’t exactly coordinate with my shelf.  My plan with decorating is always to first pick a color scheme I like and then slowly incorporate those colors into the rest of my house.  It’s always fun to shop for things you love in your colors (or go nuts with spray paint!).  I’m excited to make the rest of my house look more like this shelf!

But that’s a project for another day.  :)

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xoxo, Erin
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56 thoughts on “Kitchen shelf re-do!

  1. There’s not already 50 comments?! What’s the matter, is everyone’s internet down?

    What a big change! You are getting so brave painting all by yourself, and you did a great job! I think it’s funny you chose the aqua color and white for your redo- Kathryn (the very pregnant friend you met, who had her baby yesterday btw)just redecorated her house and went from black to white with the aqua. I guess it’s the new thing for you decorating pros! :)

  2. I love the way it looks! It’s so funny cause I am dying to change things up in my front room too. I have slowly buying new accessories and stuff and putting it away until I can put it all together. I am getting a little antsy. I am feeling the need for a trip to Homegoods even more now.

  3. Dear Erin,
    What a difference. Your “after” picture is stunning!!! It looks like a professional styled it! I read your blog for a few months now and though I love it I don’t comment often but I just had to tell you how much I like your new shelf (maybe it has to do something with the fact blue is my favorite color). And I wouldn’t switch green and blue cup, they work great together with the shelf.

    Can’t wait for the new decorating surprises from you :)

  4. Loveit, here are so many cool spray pai ts outthere I wo deer if you can spray any of the accessories above your cabinets for an inexpensive re-do. Since they are up high they might not have to look as perfect.

  5. Making me wonder about changing my red and black kitchen! Sounds like a fun project and love how we can change the look and feel of a room with a little paint and some changes. I still remember my mom changing out my raggedy ann and andy curtains and pillows with something more pre-teen :) and helping me learn that 40 years ago. Great work and hope you have a great day.

  6. It’s beyond awesome!!! I love it!!! I need to know what the name of the paint color is so I can paint something that color!

    I am always amazed at how someone can buy two white pitchers at one store and two little plates at another store and 4 little bowls at another store and then they fit them all together to look perfect.

    I would never buy any of it because I would never be able to see the end result. Very frustrating.

    You are amazing!

  7. just when i thought i liked it black, i saw ur “after”. FABULOUS!!! i love that the bead board adds a bit of texture while matching with the wall. well done and very creative!


  8. WOW!!! I love Love LOVE this update!! (Can you see I’m super inspired and excited about this gorgeous facelift?!) Enjoy your ‘new’ kitchen, lol!

  9. Its beautiful!! I had a lot of red & black in my home just a little over a year ago & like you I was ready for a lighter & brighter look!! I have been busy painting everything & brightening my space & I love each & every change!! Your shelf vignette is gorgeous! I love all the colors!! Great job!

  10. Such happy colors! I love that you painted the back beadboard the same color as the wall. It looks awesome! I predict more painting in your future!

  11. That looks awesome! My house looks a lot like your “before” with black, red and roosters! But I’ve grown tired of it and have been trying to freshen mine up a bit too. Love the colors you chose.

  12. i think if you subbed in some blue and lots of white in your kitchen (replacing the red) you’d be all set…easy! :) looks great – I love to paint, its such an easy way to change things!

  13. Love the color. What a change. :) Love your dishes, too. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link up party going on right now over on my blog. :) (New follower, cute blog!) :)


  14. LOVE the light and bright shelf and paint color! I have lots of darker colors in my house…black and maroon (primitive- ugh!) and I am wanting to freshen things up a bit. It just seems so overwhelming to get rid of it all…and believe me, I am wanting to get rid of it ALL! I especially love your bird plates from Pier 1- so cute!

  15. Oh wow…this is SO much better! I just love the colors and the items you put on it afterwards….GREAT first painting job! :):) Sandy

  16. This is so cute, and exactly what I need in my kitchen! I’m so jealous! You better believe I’ll be on the lookout for a shelf like this. :) great job!

  17. Love it. I too am about to brighten my kitchen. I think I will do white cabinets and walls (to still stay on the safe side) with my accessories in aqua and red with my appliance being black.

  18. Are you serious? Of course I like it! What a fun change! I like the idea of choosing that one wall, & then slowly incorporating into the rest of your home. Great idea. Newest Follower, that’s me.

    I scanned the comments, but missed it if it was there… what is your blue/green paint color? Popped over from Craft Gossip. :)

  19. LOVE this!! Aqua is my new favorite color. My entire house is red, black and khaki. Like you, I’m ready to lighten and brighten.

    I can’t wait to see what other changes you make! Thanks for sharing!

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