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Summer Schedule

It’s summer!  Time for easy breezy, low key, go with the flow days!

Well.  Sorta.  This is my summer we’re talking about.  So I thought I’d share my summer schedule.  Yes, I do have a summer schedule.

I didn’t think so.    
But in my defense, it really is an easy breezy, low key, go with the flow kind of schedule that can change at a moments notice.  If I want it to.  :)
I have learned a few things over the past few summers with my little ones that can make or break our sometimes long days together.

1)  It’s best to have an outing planned for the morning.  While it’s tempting to stay home in our pajamas all morning, it seems to set the tone for the day.  I may be enjoying getting housework or other to-do’s done, but before long my kids are all fighting and going stir crazy and then I’m getting upset at them and the next thing you know, we are all in a bad mood.

2)  It’s best to NOT have the TV on in the morning.  Again, this seems to set the tone for our day and we start out unproductive.  There is a time for TV (I’m not one of those anti-TV moms – I couldn’t survive without a daily half hour of Little Bear or Max and Ruby to save me from going completely nuts!) but I’ve learned that for us, it’s best that it doesn’t happen first thing in the morning.  
So!  With those things in mind, this summer I signed the girls up for some summer camps that start in July and go from 9-12 each morning.  Addison is doing a “Kindergarten prep” camp and Ellie is doing a lifeguard camp at the beach along with some other just for fun camps – painting, dancing, theatre, etc.  Three hours every morning – just enough time to give the girls an outing and to give me a break to run errands with one child vs. three.  
2011 summer schedule:
6:30 – wake up (yes my kids are up early because I put them to bed early — even in the summer).  
morning routine – breakfast, get dressed and ready for the day.  If the girls are ready early, they play with their toys while I feed and get Kole ready.
8:30 – Take girls to camps.  Kole and I head to the gym.  
9:45 – Run any errands I need to – grocery store, etc.  If time allows, run home and feed Kole, shower and get ready.  Most days I’ll be running around all morning, feeding Kole in the car, and the shower won’t happen until evening.  Just keeping things real.  
12:00 – Pick up girls from their camps.  Go home and put Kole down for a nap.  This is a stretch to hold him off this long!  Poor kid has just had to learn to sleep when we’re home.    
12:30 – 3:00 – is going to be our “down time” at home this summer so Kole can nap.  Planning to feed the girls lunch and then spend 20-30 minutes on school stuff (just like last summer).  We’ll also have our DEAR time.  Then it’s time for some of the “indoor activities” from our summer list or maybe a TV show.  The girls will also play in the yard during this time.  We don’t have a big yard, but it’s big enough for simple activities like painting with water or taking a dip in our “pool.”  :)   IF the girls are entertaining themselves and getting along then I’m hoping I can squeeze in 30 or so minutes on the kids’ scrapbooks.  Fingers are crossed! 
3:00 – 5:30 – Time for an outing!  This is when we will head outside and have fun together.  Time for the beach, the pool, the park, a friend’s house…whatever we’ve planned or whatever sounds appealing at the minute.  
5:30 – Head home and throw the kids in the tub – start my cleaning routine.  Scramble to do some laundry, clean the upstairs, and bathe the kids.  Then head downstairs for dinner and some more cleaning.  Kenny comes home around 6:30 and reads stories to the girls while I put Kole to bed.  Lights are out upstairs by 7:30.

8:00 – way too late – Hang with Kenny, watch our summer shows, blog, veg, recharge!  So that I can wake up the next day and do it all over again.  :)

I know that someday things will be different.  My kids will be older and in the summer we will all sleep until 9:00 (can’t even imagine that one!) and then have an empty day ahead of us with no need for camps and naps and schedules.  But for now, this schedule is what works.  It’s what keeps my kids happy and their mom sane.

For the most part.  :)

What about you?  Do you like a schedule even in the summer time?

xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Summer Schedule

  1. No schedules here!!!! Unless you count having granola bars or brownies for breakfast, staying in jammies for too many hours and overworking the closest Redbox!!! haha!!!! But my kiddos still go to bed at 8pm, mama still needs some make out time with her boyfriend ;)

  2. Erin I LOVE your summer schedule, and when my kids were little I had to have one like yours for my sanity. It makes me pine for the days when my kids were your kid’s ages though. Putting the kids to bed early after a bath and dinner, having time to veg…I miss it, I really do. You can’t put teenagers to bed at 7:30 darn it. (Trust me I would if I could! :)
    I wish we lived closer…I would love to go to the beach with you at 3pm!

  3. I think schedules are always a good idea with little ones. I like the idea of leaving the cleaning and TV time for later in the day. We are working on our summer list today. My kids go to kindergarten this fall, so I want this last summer of innocence to be memorable and intentional. And hopefully begin a tradition we keep for years and years.

  4. Wow I am so jealous that you can keep a schedule going durnig the summer. We just go with it. However, I agree….an outing in the morning is the best! If we don’t my kids are at each others throats and I turn into the mean screaming mommy…and then wonder why I feel that way.ha!

  5. Here’s my schedule!!!

    7 am-Wake up

    7:20am-7pm- SURVIVE

    8pm-Younger 3 kids in bed (if I’m lucky)

    8-10 or 11 or 12-Listen to teenagers on phones, on computers, watching movies, fighting or maybe laughing, etc etc etc.

  6. I always hope for a schedule-less summer, but its just not realistic. I have started typing up not only chores but the day’s itinerray so the kids know what to expect. I have 2 that care about “what’s coming” and 1 that doesn’t. I leave the lists on the floor in front of their bedrooms so that when they wake up (which is always earlier than me) they can get started on the chores as soon as they want. Love your schedule. Whatever works, right?

  7. This is great! I am one of those that really likes schedules and routines, but I have a really hard time sticking with them. I always feel better and function better when I do, but that doesn’t happen very often. I think it’s a discipline issue….I realy need to work on that…

    Also, what do you feed Kole in the car when you are out and about? I find myself running a lot of errands with my younger son when my older one is at camp or preschool, and I’m always rushing so that I can be back before he needs lunch. I’d love some good meal/snack ideas you can take in the car for the little guys!!

  8. Perfect schedule Erin! We always had an early bed time around here too, but I must say this summer it’s gotten later. I think because my kids have gotten older. They’re sleeping in until 8am now too (I don’t mind this at all!)

    I’m spoiled in the summer because my husband’s home (he’s a teacher). So our summers are full of family time which we all love (and lot’s of time for this pregnant mom to nap!)

    I wish I could meet you at the beach at 3.

  9. I also try to keep the same kind of schedule you do. Camps in the morning, quiet time in early afternoon and then outside. My kids also go to bed at 7:30 (they are 7, 6, 3 and 11 months) even though they complain that their friends get to stay up later. But it is what works for us!

  10. I have older kids(8, 13 and 14), so our summer isnt as scheduled anymore. They each have a chore to do, have to read for an hour and each have computer time to keep up with school subjects they got below a B in last year(usually are all done after lunch). Our evenings revolve around their sports, and we usually have to be to some field by 6. I do use your “no tv in the morning” rule-that helps us a lot!

  11. My kids go to bed at the same time summer or winter. It’s 7.30pm for our my three, ages 8,5 and 3. If they want to wear their pjs all morning I really don’t mind.

  12. HI Erin,
    Just wondering what your summer schedule is like now since your kids are older? I have two girls around the same age and will be home with them this summer! Yay! I think!lol! Anyway would love some tips to keep things running smooth during summer months.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Stacie! Our schedule is so different every week depending on what my kids have going on but I’ll try to share some tips that help us in a post soon! xo

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