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My favorite guys

Happy Fathers Day to my cute dad who has taught me so many things throughout my life.   

How to play and have fun.  
How to help with yard work. 
How to camp and fish and keep a fire going strong.  
How to cruise down the slopes – with maybe more speed than he would have preferred.

And how to shoot a perfect bulls eye.  Or at least how to use perfect form so that I can fake shooting a perfect bulls eye.  
But even more importantly dad….
You taught me the importance of a good education.  To set goals and to work hard to achieve them.  You gave me confidence and taught me to believe in myself.  
You taught me to love and respect my siblings and parents.  You taught me how much joy and happiness comes from a family who loves each other.     
You taught me what a good marriage looks like and how a husband should treat his wife.   

You also taught me to stay away from boys on bullet bikes.

So maybe I didn’t listen to everything you taught me.  But I did listen to most of it.
And so much of me comes from all that I’ve learned from you.  

Love you so much dad.

And to my Kenny.  Who despite starting out as my dad’s worst nightmare, has surprised us all by turning into an amazing husband and father.  ;)

He is there when life with little ones is pure bliss.

And he is there when life with little ones quickly heads in another direction.

But he is there.  Reading stories, making waffles, practicing letters, cheering through gymnastics, bandaging owies, working hard to provide, praising good behavior, setting boundaries for not so good behavior, dancing to Gwen Stefani, changing diapers, gluing broken barbies, carpooling to school, filming family moments, and watching princess movies.  
Watching A LOT of princess movies.  
Happy Fathers day babe.  The kids adore you.  And so does their mom.   
xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “My favorite guys

  1. such a sweet post!!! i SO love your blog! it is always such a sweet ray of sunshine. i posted something on your FB wall, btw. not sure how often you check in over there! :-)

  2. Okay, I think this is the first time I’ve commented, although I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. LOVE this post, and especially the last photo, so sweet. You have a beautiful family!

  3. Ok, before I even got to the bullet bike part I thought- Her dad did NOT teach her how to camp and fish!!! Or maybe he did teach you and you really do know how to do it with the best of them, you just prefer not to. :) Your dad is just the sweetest and I love seeing those old pics of him with his stylin’ hair and glasses!
    Glad that “man” on the bullet bike turned out to be so good for you! Kenny – you rock your girls world, you really are an adorable Dad!

  4. Oh my goodness, Ellie is just a little mini-Erin! She looks so much like you as a little girl :). Cute post! This is so great for your dad and Kenny to see just how much they’re appreciated!

  5. so fun to see pictures of you & your sister with you dad when you were little. oh, and the one of Kenny with the all 3 kids in the family room is my favorite!

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