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School Layouts (Addison)

Addison’s picture from 2009 – 2010 — her first year at pre-school!

 I didn’t do a complete layout for that year because well, she couldn’t write much yet.  :)  Next to her class picture in her PL book I just added her 12×12 pre-school envelope to hold random things from the year.

 Addison’s pre-school picture from this year — 2010-2011.
I’ll place this next to her class picture in her album.  Sweetest little group of kids EVER. 
A few words about the year from mom and some pictures from her first day of school.  She was so excited that first day — right up until we got there.  Then she was not a happy camper when mom had to leave!  Thankfully that only lasted a few days.  New beginnings are always a little scary, aren’t they?  

And Miss Addison’s first scrapbook page.  Is that not the cutest little self portrait!?  It kills me.  The hand print I actually cut out of an art project she made in pre-school.  It fit just right and I didn’t even have to mess with paint at home!  Love that.  

The completed layout for her PL album!  Quick and easy documentation of her year in pre-school.  It has sure been a fun one.  I’ve been dropping my girls off at this pre-school for five years now – first Ellie and now Addison.  It will be so strange to not spend three mornings and afternoons a week there.  I would bawl my eyes out saying good-bye to all of the staff (who have become like family) at this school next week but in just a couple more years, I know I’ll be back with my little buddy.  So I’m going to try to remind myself it is just a short break – not good-bye for good.  I don’t handle good-byes very well.  :)  Kenny on the other hand is thrilled to not be writing out the pre-school check each month.  Pre-school is seriously worse than paying college tuition around here!  But it is worth every penny.  I mean just look at the way she wrote “MOM SHOES” for her favorite thing to wear!  Clearly my child is a genius.  ;)

For those of you who have asked, here is more on the topic of what I do with kids’ school work.  And here is how I organize school work before it is placed in their PL albums.  Speaking of albums, I am SO going to try to catch up on them this summer!  Not much progress is happening with Kole’s baby book but I feel like I need to get the girls’ albums caught up first before I can really start working on anything for him.

I know – poor third kid.  Right!?  :)

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “School Layouts (Addison)

  1. Fantastic books! You do such a great job documenting your children’s lives. I’m sure the girls will treasure them.

  2. LOVE IT!! Imagine how in awe I am of you… I am catching up on Davis’ books right now and poor Emmy is just out of luck (much like how you feel about Kole’s album right now.) So in my case, poor second child!
    Keep up the good work, momma! Hugs from Kentucky!
    -Mary Beth

  3. Great jobs on the layouts! You are inspiring me! I used to scrapbook a lot but now I just don’t have the time. This looks like something I might be able to keep up with. Can you point me in the right direction to find the photo pages? Thanks so much! Lane

  4. Soooo cute and so do-able. I shared these on 2Peas- we are having a School Layout challenge.
    And some of us are using the BH School Kit as well. GREAT job! Hope it was okay to share them with other scrappers…(if not, just let me know..)

  5. Hi Erin, I am sorry. I was wondering where you got the clear pages that you are putting your pictures in, especially the ones that have multiple spots for photos? Thanks so much! Lane

  6. These are GREAT! I have these kits too and it is my goal to get back and finish them (my kids are gr 1 and 3! Yikes!).

    There is a flickr group for Becky Higgins school Kits – would you consider adding them? PLEASE??? (And your frineds who have commented too). It is so nice to see them all together for inspiration but not many have been added for a while.
    Without LOAD lately I don’t seem to get much scrpabooking done – I’m in awe too that you are getting it done. I have the PL kits too but that doesn’t seem to be happening either =( In the meantime I’ll live vicariously through you!

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