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It’s all about the shoes

Since I just shared Addison’s pre-school teacher gifts with a bit of a “shoe theme” I thought I’d also share this simple layout I put together for her PL album.  
That Addison — such a shoe girl.  Once a shoe girl, always a shoe girl!
Here are a few shoes from Nordstroms I’ve had my eyes on lately…
Steve Madden Marvillis Sandal – I would buy these tomorrow except they look like five pairs I already have.  Love a good wedge in the summer!
Aren’t these UGGS with the knit overlay fun?  Clearly I’m loving this tan/brown color scheme.  These take me back to my childhood leg warmer days.  

Love this gray bootie by Prada.  IF I had $850 in my shoe budget and IF I didn’t spend my days chasing a one year old at the park, then this shoe and I would be fast friends.  

I think these Fendi platform boots have showed up in my dreams a few times.  Aren’t they beautiful!?  Jaw on the floor beautiful.  For a mere $1,300 they can be mine.  All mine!  (Can you imagine spending that much on a pair of shoes!?)  Wonder what Kenny would do if I added these to my 2011 Christmas wish list.  I think I’m going to add them.  Just to see his reaction.  I’ll simply explain that Addison starting Kindergarten is a big milestone for the both of us.  And she and I need a little something to celebrate that milestone.  
This should be fun.  :)
Enjoy your weekend!  May it include a great pair of shoes.  
xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “It’s all about the shoes

  1. I loves shoes too, but can you imagine spending that much on shoes. Just crazy. I love the first pair, those are definitely more in my price range. Emery loves to put on my shoes too and always find them in random spots all over the house.

  2. Fun! I get scentimental about shoes and the ground they’ve covered with me! This weekend will be biking shoes doing the MS150 bikeride. Have a great weekend.

  3. Meant to comment on one of your last posts about the teacher gifts. How creative! Love that idea. I’m a high school teacher so we don’t really get gifts. Boo. But I would love to get a gift, so maybe you could continue this tradition as your girls (and boy) get older?! Teachers love getting gifts, especially just handwritten thank you notes (as I’m sure you know as you used to teach!).

    Cute shoes on this post. I would kill myself in those. Do you really wear heels like that all the time, or just when you’re going out? I guess pain is beauty :)

    Be well.

    Shannon in PA

  4. I’m an Uggs girl in winter (I’m originally from Australia….did you know it is considered very trailer trashy to wear your Uggs in public there?) and a wedge girl in summer, although I can’t wear them as high as that or I’d break my neck, haha! Love a good flip flop too….when you’ve got young kids (mine are 5 and 2), flip flops are essential!

    Love your blog, it’s always the first one I check for an update :)

    Have a great weekend,


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