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Moms day

Wanted to wish all moms a happy Mothers Day!  
I’ve loved spending some time with my cute mom this last week.  I am so grateful for the close relationship we have.  She truly is my best friend and we always have a blast together.  My hope is that one day my girls will feel about me the way I feel about her.  She is amazing.  Love you so much mom!
The other day Ellie and I were doing homework and this was one of our conversations:
“mom, if I fell in hot lava would you jump in and save me?”
“in a heartbeat.  I would jump right in.”
“but how would you find me?”
“it would be tricky but I would figure something out.”
“well why don’t you just wear goggles?”
“well why don’t you just stay away from hot lava?”
Then we laughed.  
I love conversations like this one.  And I love being a mom to my three little peanuts.  
It truly doesn’t get much better than this.

Enjoy your day moms!

xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Moms day

  1. What a cute conversation! Kids are so funny with the things they come up with. Hot lava? What show was she watching that made her think of that? Or was it your recent Hawaii trip and talk of island volcanoes?

    I wish you an amazing day tomorrow! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. So sweet. Such magical pictures and conversations with your kids. Indeed they will have the kind of relationship you have with your mom. Happy Day.

  3. Okay, where did you get the cute dress? Love the color!

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!! We just got back from a 5 mile hike with a 1 year old and 3 year old. I have that we can do anything feeling!!! But I’m laying on the couch playing on the computer, ha ha!

  4. Love it. And I really hope Ellie will stay away from the hot lava. I’d hate to have you go in after her and lose you both! Hope you had a terrific weekend with your Mom and fam! And hope you have a wonderful day today, (even if you driving half the day.) You really, truly are an amazing Mom, (and I would know since I’m more than just a fan ;) I admire you so much and all the qualities you have. You are a beautiful Mom to your kids, they are so lucky to have you. Happy Mother’s Day! Love you!

  5. Hi Sharon!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! I use Picasa to do most of my photo collages like the one in this post. It’s free to download and SO easy to use!

  6. Love the photo of the 3 kiddos in the chair. You have beautiful children. I hear many similar conversations as a 1st grade teacher. Kids wonder about the darndest things!Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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