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Ellie and Addison

In the news

 A few news updates today–

#1) We killed Osama bin Laden!


Already knew that huh?  Well what about my second news update –

#2)  I’ve been totally neglecting my blog!


Knew that one too?  Alright.  On to family news that may be boring, but at least isn’t as obvious.

This last week has been kind of crazy for me and Kenny.  I won’t go into all the details but the bottom line is that we found our dream home and then later realized that for a number of reasons it wasn’t our dream home after all.  This house search has been a lot more time consuming and emotionally draining than I ever expected it to be.  I’m not complaining.  I know that the problems we’re having finding the right home are good problems to have.  Even so, this last week has left me a little down and a little frustrated and a little burned out.  We’re feeling like it’s time to just take a break from it all.  Still look at possible homes, but not be as consumed with it as we have been.  I’m ready to focus on other things.  Like my kids again!

Hello children.  How have you been?  I’m sorry you’ve all been running on auto pilot for the last week while your mother has been so occupied with other things.  

I’m also ready to focus on my current house.  I’ve been putting off changing my decor in hopes that we would be moving soon but I’m feeling like sprucing up this house in the mean time would be a good idea and give me something else to focus on.  I told Kenny that some MAJOR retail therapy was in order to lift my spirits.  He didn’t look impressed.  I told him that I’d settle for some MINOR retail therapy and he agreed only because he knows it will happen with our without his consent.  :)

My parents came into town over the weekend to help us with the kids and with everything we had going on.

Aside from counseling us they also had  a great time vegging out with the littles.  Notice the healthy snack I prepared for everyone on the coffee table.

We celebrated my cute dad’s birthday together.  It was so sweet of him to drive down to help us out over his birthday weekend.  I asked him if this is what I have to look forward to?  Just when you get all of your kids out of the house and think you’ve got it made you get sucked back into their drama!  He told me yes – that is exactly how it is – and he wouldn’t want it any other way.  I love my dad so much.

 Other fun news in little Ellie’s world.  She finally lost that other front tooth!  We just love seeing her toothless grin and are grateful that for her sake she isn’t talking strange at all.  :)

 Addison is up to her regular mischief.  Going through 3-6 wardrobe changes, hairstyle changes, and shoe preferences within the hour.  This is a fun up do she has been sporting lately because it has been so hot here!  We are having one of our Santa Anas and things are a bit toasty on the coast.

 To do this I just started a low, side ponytail and then didn’t pull it all the way through on the last loop.  Addison was loving this yesterday.  For about five minutes until she decided she didn’t want a “princess bun” after all. This princess wanted a braid.  I told my Royal Highness to forget it – I wasn’t about to re-do the do and a nice little power struggle ensued.  She went to pre-school in tears but quickly recovered when she saw her friends.  I said a little hallelujah/thank you prayer that for my last child I was blessed with a boy!

Speaking of my boy, he and I have been kind of into stripes lately.
And kind of into spending every waking minute together.  Kole tells the best jokes.  

He also loves home decor magazines.  We read them together all the time.  While I love a touch of cottage in my decor, Kole prefers more of a modern elegance.  We are working together to find a style that will make us both happy.  
And for my last piece of news (which is obvious by the fact that at 4:00 yesterday afternoon I was reading a magazine) my mom is staying in town for the rest of the week.  YEA!  
Things are already starting to look up. 
xoxo, Erin
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21 thoughts on “In the news

  1. You guys will find the perfect house. When you’re not looking it will sneak up on you!

    Girls hair! Nuff said:) You will enjoy that boy my friend. Going today to get my boys their summer buz cut…love it!

    So lucky to have your mom there! Noting better.

  2. OOOhhhhh! Enjoy that mom help. We can never get enough of that. As far as your Santa Anas…you kind of suck, a little bit. I would love some warm weather right about now. Send some East would you? :) Hope the house hunt surprises you with something good soon.

  3. Got totally jealous when I read your line about the hot weather- pure rain in western PA for weeks!

    While my daughter outgrew the hair/clothes phase, my son is totally in to changing his clothes a million times a day! Thought boys didn’t do that!!

    Glad to hear from you- missed you these past few days!

  4. I think that’s so wonderful how your parents came to see you and help out…and that your mom is staying :) Love the side ponytail!

  5. Lucky you to have your mom there for the whole week – enjoy every minute!

    Good luck with the house hunting. We are having our own set of difficulties in that area as well. I will cross my fingers for both of us.

  6. Erin, we just bought our 2nd home and I totally feel ya in regards to the stress that home buying can be. You will find the right home, you will. Take care and enjoy your mama!!

  7. Erin- I SO understand on the rollercoaster of house shopping. It is so disappointing to think you have the right house and then have it change a few days later. :-(

    when we were house shopping (2009/2010), we thought we found the perfect house for us. it was on the edge of the Angeles National Forest…the back opened up to amazing views of the canyon. the house had a pool and a playstructure with a waterslide down into the pool. it ws such a cool house, and so great for us. Anyway- Evan had reservations about it, so we did not buy it (I was also 8 months pregnant!). 3 months later, those crazy fires hit La Canada-Flintridge, and the house burned down. seriously. there hadn’t been a fire in the canyon in 50 years (one of evan’s reservations)- and the whole place and the beautiful forest around it burned down!

    our other house we “almost” bought was in redondo beach. it was on a huge, flat lot and had amazing views. we were in escrow on it, and the day of our inspection the seller came forward with disclosures. well- it was the craziest story EVER- but basically the house was owned by a widow who died and left it to her four sons. one of her sons had been cooking meth in the house (you never would have known it- it was a beautiful home)…and the other brother disclosed it b/c he was on parole for drugs and didn’t want to go back to prison. he said there was meth stashed in the house, and that he was worried we would find it during the inspection. he also said the meth-cooking brother was violent and didn’t want to leave his mother’s house and may come back after the sale because he was out.of.his.mid.

    needless to say, we backed out of that deal! LOL!

    all this to say, i was so down in the dumps. we looked at 100s of houses and nothing was quite right.

    and then one day, everything changed and we found this house in an amazing school district (much better than the other places we were looking)- and while it is not perfect (by any means!) – it is perfect for us where we are right now in our lives.

    so hang in there! i am so glad your parents could come down to help and that your mom is staying the week. yay!!!


  8. I love your dad too! Just looking at him makes me want to give him a huge hug!!!

    So happy they could come to give free therapy. Speaking of that….we need to go to lunch.

  9. Love the side bun. That is adorable, as are all of your children.

    I am sure you get this a lot; but, is your mother into organizing as much as you are? I’m just curious. :)

  10. Thank God for grandparents – enjoy your time together! Hope you get some much needed retail therapy … that you deserve! :)

    We, too, house-hunted one year ago. It was soooooo tiring! Our dream home was lost due to another offer, and I was devasted. Anyways, turns out – we were expecting our third child and needed a bigger house, anyways. Now, one year later – it all worked and we LOVE our new house! Despite the constant projects …

    It will for you, as well. Best wishes! :)

  11. Wishing you the best and know just that right house for you and your family will come. I am so much like Addison with the outfits … hope I outgrow it soon! Oh, so agree with your dad! Love when our kids need us. Enjoy your week with your mom there.

  12. First, love Addie’s new version of the side pony, looks way cute! I’ll have to try it on Madi this week. Second, loving Ellie’s missing tooth, so cute! Glad she is coping ok with that. Third, sorry the house thing has been so stressful! But you are smart to not make such a huge decision too quick. You’ll find exactly what you are looking for sooner or later and you’ll be so thrilled. Besides I know you guys wont be capable of making a big mistake in that department, Kenny is too smart and practical, and you are too smart and stylish!
    And last, I love the pic of your parents hanging with the kids. I’m so pathetic right now, I’m sitting here crying and can’t stop now. I’m missing my Mom so much right now. I know I shouldn’t covet my friends things, but I just can’t help wishing I had that! Ok, not to he having a pitty party. What I meant is – Darling picture, I just adore your parents, so glad you have your Mom there and I think your Dad is the cutest ever.

  13. Sorry me again! You’d love the card a client gave me – it shows a lady at a clothing store giving the clerk her insurance card and asking if she takes her insurance for her retail therapy! Its the best!

  14. Finding a house is probably like finding a good boyfriend or getting pregnant: once you stop trying bam! you’ll find the perfect one!

  15. That hairstyle of Addi’s looks familiar. It’s an almost daily occurrence for Audra. :)
    Sorry to hear about the house. Must feel like a roller coaster. Hang in there!
    If you are looking for some retail therapy…come to the queen bee market this weekend. It will be fabulous!

  16. Love what your Dad said about family, how true it is. My parent’s cannot help themselves in being involved with my son’s life. And I love it as well, just wish that now my dad is finally retired he would do more for himself.
    I’ve only recently started following your blog and I think it is fabulous. I look forward to new posts all the time. Love all the gorgeous pics of your children, and your inspirational Project Life albums.

  17. Sorry forgot to mention, I will swap you, you santa anas for the drizzling rain we are having here in Melbourne, Australia

  18. Love your post! All good news! :)

    Have fun and enjoy the time with your mom – mom’s are meant to be your best friends once you grow up, I think.

    Also – Super jealous of your weather! It’s finally in the 50’s in Michigan and people are wearing shorts!

  19. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    Anonymous – the white shorts are from The Limited (bought them last summer). :)

  20. Hi, I came across your blog yesterday and just want to say i love how you have used your project life kit. Your idea has inspired me to do the same for each of my children.I do scrapbook but i so many photos i have been searching for ideas how to organize and I like how you have incorporated tradional scrapbook pages and other misc. items. I was wondering when you have photos of your kids together how do you decide who’s album it will go into or do you have a seperate album for family photos? and if you have any other tips on organizing photos and getting started with this project as i have photo boxes full.

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