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Closet clean out

 I’ve been doing a bit of random cleaning.  Spring Decor came down!  That was fast.

I don’t know why, but I was anxious to get it back to the norm.  Then something amazing happened a few days ago…

 I asked Kenny to go through his clothes and tell me what I could send to Goodwill.  And he DID!  Funny that he hates stuff like that when I love it so much.

 His clothes clean out inspired a little closet clean out.  Kole still isn’t feeling great (took him to the doctor and learned it’s just a combo of shots + a cold + teething which = nothing I can do for him).  But he did seem to perk up when he noticed we were organizing.  That boy of mine just loves to organize!

This has nothing to do with anything, but aren’t these make-up organizers cute!?  They are from the Fossil outlet and have been perfect for traveling.

 The big one opens revealing several zipper compartments.  I just love zipper compartments.  My mom bought me these for Christmas last year after we saw them shopping together and I said “Mom!  Buy those for me for Christmas!”  Makes her shopping easier.  I’m nice that way.

 And the closet after my clean out party!  I should have taken a before picture.  Not the cutest look, but at least it’s organized.  My closet is the only place in this house to store tall decor items so the top shelf is where they all land.  I have so many fun ideas bouncing around in my head for how to organize my next house closet!  Just need to get my next house closet first.

 A few years ago I bought these brown hangers (some from Costco and some from the Container Store) to give the closet a more cohesive look, but do you know what drives me crazy about them?  They get SO dusty.  It really bugs me and I dust them often.  Anyone else out there dust their hangers?  Should I not have admitted that?

 I decided to hang my jeans instead of throwing them in my dresser since I’ve spent more on them than any other item of clothing I own!

 Love seeing all of Kenny’s dress pants and shirts so orderly.  That will be the first thing to get messed up.  His belts and ties are on a tie rack on the side of the closet…

 and my belts are just looped on some hangers.

 I use racks like this one for skirts.  I bought this at Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s a great option to help save space in tiny closets.

 This one hanger can hold four skirts and several scarfs!  Or four skirts and just one scarf if you only own just one scarf like me.  I tend to buy scarfs and never wear them.  And you know if I’m not wearing something, it’s off to Goodwill!

 I also took a minute and straightened our random “catch all closet” in the guest room.  It holds Halloween costumes, my old prom dresses, the ironing board…

 and other miscellaneous crap we can’t seem to part with.  Semi organized clutter is what I like to call it!

And what were my children doing while I was having a closet clean out party?  Kole was fussy so I told the girls to do whatever they could come up with to keep him happy.

This is what they came up with.  I love that they first put a pillow in the laundry basket for him this time.  And that Addison is playing with an ice pack (??).  And that Ellie is in her pajamas at 4:00 in the afternoon.  And that this picture is a bit blurry because I took it with lightning speed so that I could capitalize on five minutes of the kids entertaining one another.   Typical afternoon around here!

xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Closet clean out

  1. The laundry baskets seem to be the best “toy”. My 2 year loves dragging all of our baskets out and sit in them or drag them around the house!

    How do those hangers work with your clothes! I use the plastic white ones and they always seem to leave these “hills” on the shoulders of my shirts!

  2. The thing I love most about this post..your kiddos! That picture of Kole in the basket is priceless. If there is a laundry basket out in our house my girls fight over it. I always threaten to get rid of their expensive toys that they never play with when they do that! LOL!
    Your closet looks great too! Maybe thats what I will do today ;)

  3. I am Loving your decor – both spring and ‘normal’! Oh, to only have my own place where I can decorate like this! [My fantasy’s are pretty basic, lol]
    Also, isn’t it always the way that kids come up with the cutest things when you let them just choose to do the thing that makes them happiest! Gorgeous photo!

  4. hmmmmm this reminds me… my shoes could use some serious Erinizing today.


    and I love “just do whatever you want with him that makes him happy”. awesome.

  5. We did some organizing this weekend too. Getting ready for a garage sale in the spring and a long weekend seemed the perfect time to start organizing for it!

  6. You dust your hangers? WHAT? I love it…I would too. I have the pale wood hangers and they show no dust, and that’s the only reason I don’t have too. :) Your organization posts are so motivating to me!
    Hope Kole feels better soon…I love when the older kids can keep those fussy little ones busy!

  7. I feel organized knowing that Erin puts her home decor on the top shelf of the closet. I am thinking perhaps I should be dusting my hangers – hmm, never thought of it! Also, love when Steve will embrace the cleaning out. Right now he is into primary and secondary clothing. Secondary stays in the condo in St. George. I am struggling to embrace that concept with him so our closet in St. George has all his clothes hanging and my side is empty.

  8. Sounds like a normal day at your house, you organizing and Ellie changed back into her pajamas! I love that the girls put Kole in the basket with the pillow. So cute. Hope he’s feeling better quick.

  9. Okay, I consider myself a fairly clean person, but I will admit that I have never, ever dusted a hanger in my life. Although I don’t have wood hangers though so I will give you that. I won’t be getting them now either because I would be in the same place you are. I wouldn’t be able to stand it either.

    Why are laundry baskets so entertaining? My older kids still try to stuff themselves in them.

  10. You and I must be on the same wave length. I am going through my daughter Lily’s clothes and organizing them by size into rubbermaid bins so that I can store them in the garage. Its a huge project, but so rewarding. I love organizing!

  11. I have the same hangers but in light oak. I didn’t notice the dust on them till I was switching out summer pants to winter pants because they are so light in color.
    Hope you had a fun Easter.

  12. My husband never likes cleaning out his stuff! I try to get him to do it at least once a year because there is so much he never uses or wears!

  13. You are lucky that Kenny did that after you asked him. I have to ask my husband to do something about 88 times before he even considers doing it. I usually end up pulling out half of his clothing and asking him, “This? What about this? Have you ever worn this since we’ve been together?”

    LOVE the laundry basket pic. My son loves any kind of containers. He can sit in them FOREVER and entertain himself. I am counting the days until he decides to sit in one and ride it down the stairs…..

    Great post, as always.

    Shannon in PA

  14. Great post. Seeing all your clothes in your closet reminds me of a question I’ve been meaning to ask you….where do you get all your cute tops? As a fellow California mom, I also live in jeans and tops or shorts and tops. But my tops aren’t as cute as all of yours. Just wondering if you have any tips….

  15. Hi Mrs. Biscuit!

    I get my tops from several places. Mostly Forever 21, Limited, and Banana Republic. Thanks for the sweet comment! :)

  16. I dust my hangers too. So glad to hear you have the same problem, because I was so upset at seeing them dusty this weekend… I mean seriously, how does that even happen?!

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