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Breaking up is hard to do

Hoping to find some time to spend in here today.

I’m in the  mood to organize my various piles of “inspiration” that have been piling up.
I’m also in the mood to figure out a better system for organizing my pictures.  I had a great system working until I got my new Mac.  Love the Mac.  Not so sure I love iphoto. 
 The two of us seem to have a love/hate relationship.  
We might break up.
I’m seriously contemplating it.  
On one hand I feel like I committed so the right thing to do is to stay and try to work things out.  On the other hand trying to make this work is driving me crazy and a part of me feels like there just might be something better out there.  
All I know is that we’re in a vicious cycle and something needs to change.  
Advice?  Help?  A good therapist?
xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Breaking up is hard to do

  1. Wish I could help, but I do not have a mac. Heck, I’m still learning how to take nice photos with my canon my hubby bought for me in august.

    I have only heard nice things about macs and am thinking of getting one for myself.

  2. I’m fighting the same fight, and I’m thinking of giving up too. I may go back to a PC just because I knew what I was doing so well on my PC and now I’m lost! I know there are classes and stuff to learn all about MAC’s, but I can’t seem to get to that point. I too feel like I’m having a commitment issue. :)

  3. As far as the organizing inspiration photos, I have heard a lot about “Pinterest” lately to keep/organize ideas. I have not personally tried it yet, but thought it might be an option!

  4. Stacy Julian – that’s all that needs to be said! Walk – no run… to Big Picture Classes! Stacy’s annual class on photo organization is starting soon and she will change the way you organize your photos and capture your life! The digital component has some really really great tips for using iphoto, organizing and tagging and doing things that you just wouldn’t get from iphoto without help from an iphoto expert.

    Good luck. Love your blog!!!


  5. Same here. Only recently switched to Mac and I really struggled initially.

    What I do now is download into Bridge and create a folder for each month (eg photos/2011/201104.

    Then I do my photo purging before I import the folder into iphoto. Once in iphoto I have created albums for each month similar to my bridge structure. Then I tage to print/potd/event whatever. use iphoto for basic edits, but when i edit in photoshop I then have to reload the photo into iphoto (which is the most annoying bit of my whole system).

    Hope this helps, I’ll be watching teh comments to see what anyone else can add, also checking out that class by stacy julian.

    BTW as a long time stalker but first time commenter I’d just like to say thanks – really love your blog.


  6. I’ve been using a Mac for quite some time and I LOVE iPhoto. I’ve used/tried other programs and I’d never even consider switching! Just give yourself some more time to get used to it!

  7. I had a hard time when I made the switch to a Mac, it will get easier trust me! I had to go to Barnes and Nobles to buy the Mac book for Dummies which really helped me to learn how to use the computer! I also downloaded a Kodak application for my pictures which I really like better than iphoto! Although, I have started to use Bridge, and really seem to like it too!!!!

  8. I’m sure you know by now I have no knowledge in this area so why am I commenting … simply to say I love your sense of humor It made me smile. I wish you well in this journey and if you want a therapist to talk to, let me know :).

  9. I love iphoto! But even though I’m organized, I know I’m not near as organized as you so that might be why it’s ok for me. I did take a class at the Mac store and learned a lot of tips on how to organize my photos.

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