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pantry and butterflies

Yea it’s Friday!  So ready for the weekend.  Kenny has been swamped at work and I have been flying solo a lot lately.  I’m definitely ready to have an extra set of hands around here.  ADULT hands.  :)

Thanks for your kind comments regarding my header!  As you can see, I went with the majority and switched to the flowers.  Decision made.  :)  Several of you asked me about how I make my headers, what program I use, and if I would do a tutorial.  Well!  I already have!  You can read all about how I make my headers in this post.  The post is also found on my sidebar labeled “blog headers” under “additional popular posts.”  I also explained how I create the sidebar labels.  The only thing I didn’t explain is the step by step for the actual digital scrapbooking because that is something that is fairly easy to figure out if you just spend some time playing around with the program.  Hope that post is helpful to some of you!  Feel free to ask questions if you have them and I’ll do my best to answer.

Today was a pretty productive day.  I like Thursdays.  Thursdays are my favorite day of the week with my current schedule.  Addison doesn’t have pre-school and it’s not my day to carpool so I’m able to stay home more and get things done around the house.  I like getting things done around my house.  One of the things on my to-do list today was to tackle my pantry.

It was looking a little rough and neglected so I whipped it back into shape.  It always amazes me that such a small space can become such a big mess if I don’t stay right on top of it.  I threw SO much away.  I aslo got several snack baggies ready for the weekend.  Love that.  
Kole, as always, was a huge help. 

There are definitely signs of him all over the house!  I used to have his food divided into separate columns for fruits and vegetables, but now they’re all just lumped together.  You know, because three kids is totally mellowing me out.  ;)

This makes me laugh.  Can you tell what cereal we’re eating these days!?  Kenny loves Cinnamon Honey Bunches of Oats (mixed with yogurt) and I love Bran Chex.  We eat the same thing for breakfast every day. My local grocery store stopped selling Bran Chex a few years ago so Kenny had a huge box shipped to me from Amazon.  It was so cool that we started ordering all of our cereal from Amazon.  It’s cheaper and just about the time we are running out, a new box full of seven boxes of cereal appears on our doorstep.  I love that it’s one less thing I have to think about in the grocery store.  We call it our food storage.  :)
Ahhhh.  A clean pantry is a great way to start the weekend.  Don’t you think?

In honor of March (my favorite month!) and because I’ve had butterflies on my brain thanks to my header, I thought I’d once again share this butterfly craft I made a couple of years ago for my girls’ bedroom…

It was easy, fast, cheap and fun!  You can read more about it in this post.  This picture reminds me that it’s time to plant my petunias!  Did I mention that I love March?
Have a great weekend everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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27 thoughts on “pantry and butterflies

  1. you make everything seem so easy!!! this post was really refreshing to me. erin, your blog always brings a smile to my face when i read it!

  2. Thanks for the Amazon tip! Clint has Celiac disease and he LOVES cereal. Rice Chex is the only cereal he can eat but the grocery stores has stopped carrying the chocolate chex that he likes. I’m totally going to look right now!

  3. i love days that we are at home all day long, but i don’t love how messy the house gets! we are having a pantry built right now for our kitchen and i can’t wait to get it. as well…we are house hunting too, so i understand the stressful of finding that perfect house, which i don’t know if there is a perfect house!

  4. Was just thinking the other day that I need to get to that pantry again. (mine, of course) But remember last time I did it, it took me hours and I threw out like 3 trash bags of stuff and SWORE I would never do it again?! Now I’m scared! :)

  5. Makes me want to organize my pantry, again. I swear I go through it all the time and it’s still a mess. Darn kids!!!

    Such a cute helper you have though.

  6. I organized my pantry this week too! I never thought growing up that a clean pantry would EVER make my day :))

    p.s. Got my MacBook pro yesterday!!! Soooo fun, but lots to learn!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Erin I have a question when you create your collage in picassa for your blog header what size paper do you use. 4×6 or 5×7. also when you open up photoshop what size do you use for your blank white page.
    4×6,5×7,8×11, 12×12


  8. I forgot that you talked about side bar headers in that. I love your pantry and that’s so interesting about cereal from Amazon…I’ll have to look into that. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy March :)

  9. Hi Erin! It’s my first time commenting. I’ve been following you for close to a year now and just adore you and your sweet family! What did you put in your snack bags for the weekend? I hope y’all have a great one!

  10. I think Kole must be the happiest baby ever. He is laughing (or smiling HUGE) in every single picture. I did not know you could order cereal from Amazon??!!

  11. That pantry is impressive. I need to tackle mine. We buy so much from Amazon. All those boxes made me laugh. But what a sweetie to find you your favorite cereal. Too cute.

  12. the pantry becoming a mess and needing to be organized….

    well, i guess that’s one less thing for me to worry about since i don’t have one! :)

    one day, one day.

    i enjoyed talking to you this week. we’ll both find our next homes, right? best of luck in the continued search. fingers crossed that you stay in the area (is that even a possibility??…hope so!).

    happy friday to you!

  13. Hi April!

    When I create my collage in Picasa, I don’t choose a size because I do the “picture pile” collage. I just size my pics until they all fit lined up in a row and then after I click “create collage” then I click “crop” and just crop it with a thin white border around it. When I open a blank file in photoshop I always just do 12×12. Then after I’ve created my header I crop around it so it ends up being a totally different size. I think when you upload to blogger it will size it how it wants to anyway. :) Hope that helps!

    Hi Kayla!

    Snack bags…this time I just did ritz crackers, pretzels and wheat thins in the pantry and then I put cut up strawberries and grapes in baggies in the fridge. :)

  14. Hey there! New follower of your blog thanks to Cleared for Take-off! Love the organized pantry! I feel like ours is always a disaster! Look forward to reading more about you and your family!!

    Brandy @ Jumping Jack

  15. Hey! I just found your blog through “Cleared for Takeoff.” I love it!

    Just wanted to let you know I’m following, and it’s nice to meet you in the “Blog world!”


  16. Hi Erin. I love your blog! I found it months and months ago and thought it was high time I left you a note. I have even mentioned your blog a few times – when I was semi-copying some of your ideas.:) You are one of my favorite reads. Nice to finally meet you!

  17. Ok, Erin, I’m going “team Carly” on this one! We’ve seen your organized pantry and the darling butterfly you made! We want pics of the cute people who eat the food in the pantry!

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