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Indecision – my middle name

First of all, thank you for your excitement and encouragement after my fun Becky news!  Your sweet comments and e-mails always make me feel SO good.   
Second of all, thank you to the kind reader who suggested trying all natural ‘pop chips’ after my eating healthy post.  Bought some BBQ pop chips today and they tasted SO good.  
Third of all, is anyone out there watching Parenthood?  This week’s episode was SO good.  I couldn’t help crying. 
Fourth of all, I finally got my spring header up!  My indecision with this little project was NOT so good.
Usually it doesn’t take me too long to knock one of these out, but for some reason this time things just weren’t clicking for me.  First I went through about a dozen picture collages before finally deciding on this one…  
Here are a few of the cast aways…

Then I went through about a dozen different options for my sidebar.  Here are a few of those cast aways…

Finally went with this one…
Then I just wasn’t feeling good about the background for the header.  Of course the best way to see if I like it is to put it up on my blog, so depending on when you checked in yesterday you may have seen it…

PINK (I liked this, but nothing was working with it for the sidebars)…

RED (did NOT like this – not springy enough, but right after I put it up I got busy with the kids and so red it stayed for most of the day)…

YELLOW (started this and then quickly decided Sunny Side Up was looking a little TOO sunny)…

GREEN (I just love green, but using green for the header and the sidebars didn’t shout Spring! It shouted Leprechaun!)…

And there you have it.  My rainbow blog!  I finally decided to just give it up and leave the background plain old white.  And now I’m happy with it.  I’ve totally made my decision.  And I’m not going to change my mind again.  Ever.

Unless I decide to go with the flowers instead of the butterfly…          

p.s.  See why Kenny is so NOT excited about building a house with me!?  Picky + Indecisive = Erin.
p.p.s.  Speaking of the house hunt, while we haven’t found anything we love yet, we have ruled out a lot of possibilities which has helped narrow our search.  I recently vetoed one neighborhood I’ve always liked simply because it contains too many speed bumps.  I don’t do speed bumps.  
p.p.p.s.  Please DO NOT tell me you like one of the above choices better than what I decided on.  I will once again crumble with indecision.  
p.p.p.p.s.  Unless you want to tell me if you like the flowers or the butterfly better.  
:)  :)  :)
xoxo, Erin
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36 thoughts on “Indecision – my middle name

  1. Love the header. Love that you take so much time making it just so. I vote for the flowers, really. Now go change it. I know you are still contemplating…go! do it!!

  2. My first thought on seeing your blog today was, I love the header! And I love all the wonderful springy colours. I have to say though, I agree with Kath, I like the flowers too :)

  3. Congratulations on being featured on Becky’s blog! I have to say, I like reading yours just as much as hers:)
    Yes, I watch Parenthood. I was in tears throughout the episode this week. Such a well written, true-to-life show.
    P.S. I like the butterflies better:)

  4. Haha…I am just as indecisive Erin. It drives my husband crazy too, and meant that we put off renovating our home for a whole year while I went about making all those hard decisions!

    I am a HUGE fan of Parenthood, we are a season behind in Australia I think. Will have to wait and see what is so sad!

  5. Yup, I like the collage you chose. I do like the flowers over the butterfly…if that means anything? It just looks like it compliments the design of the sun, and the colors are bright and spring-y.

  6. I LOVE what you did. It’s the best of all these. =) I have such a hard time with decisions too…so I get it. You are so talented with colors and photography and blog design! Love it.

  7. Love the header! I also watch Parenthood, but am a few episodes behind. Husband keeps prodding to sit down and watch them. Now I am eager.

  8. I love the blog header and think its gorgeous how you change it to suit the seasons! Very fitting.. if only I knew how to create one, I too would make a different one! LOL. Loving reading your blog, it certainly adds some sunshine to my day! :-)

  9. It has me excited to come to the flower fields next month. I am so clueless about all this fun blog stuff. Makes me think the year old grey background and picture of Cricket and I waiting on the street corner should be changed – but clueless on how to do so. Guess we’ll just go to St. George for the weekend instead :).

  10. Love the white background, love your header choice, but like so many others, I think I like the flowers a little better :) I too am so indecisive. So why is it that looking at someone’s elses choices, the decision seems so much easier?

  11. Your blog looks simply marvelous! You amaze me @ the creativity you have.

    I feel for you when it comes to building your house. My husband & I built ours & have been in it for a little over 3 years. That’s just as much time as it took to build it (ridiculous, I know)! My ever so patient husband & I had uncountable arguments, disagreements & we were so ready for the house to be D-O-N-E! Now we look back & laugh @ how frustrated we were & how happy & satisfied we are with the outcome. My advise, don’t put a timeline on it to be complete. Something will always come up & if you kind of expect it then you won’t be too disappointed. Plus it gives you a reason to shop. & believe me, you’ll be @ Home Depot, Lowes etc more than you ever thought!

    Anyhooooo…have a great day!

  12. Parenthood is my #1 show, love it!

    I personally like the butterflies better, but it looks like I’m in the minority ;)

  13. I wish you would do a tutorial on HOW to make your own header and sidebar titles…..

    I LOVE your indecision by the way, at least you really MIGHT BE human! Your darling children and husband, your perfect little figure and your perfectly organized house make me wonder!!

    Maybe you should design blog headers and sidebars in your free time for some extra “album cash!” If you do, e mail ME first! I’ll sign up!

  14. Hi You!
    First off, I love the green and white circles on the side and the new header(s). Anyways, I found this site called and I am loving it. Thought maybe you would too. I started tracking everything this week and Austin started weight watchers. Hopefully we won’t be so fat next time you see us in May. HA!

  15. I totally hear ya… headers are the one thing that about blogging that I just do not like. I don’t have the patience and I end up asking my mom for help and keep the same one for a very long time. I am wanting to do one that works better for Spring/Summer though very soon.
    Yours looks very cute!!

  16. I love how it turned out! I was on your site yest with the pink background. Which I thought was really nice. One huge question though: can share what font that the word “topic” is in, in the body of your post? I LOVE that font!!
    ps: i vote flowers

  17. and pps: I’m with momofgirls, I’d love to know how you do those sidebars! And I would be SECOND to sign up. Sarah at cloverlane has a great tutorial on the header style.

  18. Erin,

    I cant remember how I found your blog a couple of weeks ago, but now I am obsessed and have read almost every post :) You are such a good example of what a mom should be! I too, have a daughter named Ellie.

    This may add to your indecision, but I wanted to let you know that you can change the color of your blogger navbar at the very top of your blog. You can even make it frosty-clear so that the green on your background shows through! Just go under the design tab> page elements> and click on the navbar.

    I cant wait to read more of your story!


  19. LOVE PARENTHOOD! Loved this weeks episode especially the part where Joel promised Julia he would never cheat…so sweet, made me cry. And the end where they were talking to Max. That show is so real!

  20. I love your header (and did see the red yesterday). I do think I like the flowers better. Now do you use Photoshop for the sidebar headers too?

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