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Quotable Quotes

Addison’s Latest:  (Fall 2010 – Winter 2011, age 4)

“I thought yesterday was the day after tomorrow!?”

Me:  “Addie, be careful not to touch that curling iron.”
“I didn’t mom.  Look!  My fingers are still on!”

Addie talking to Kole while watching the wicked Queen first appear on Snow White –
“Cover your eyes buddy!”

Ellie:  “Mom, you should have another baby…I’m having six kids when I’m a mom.”
Addison:  “Not me!  Kids are too much work.  I’m having two babies and when they have dirty diapers I’m calling a babysitter to change them.”

Me: “Guess what Ad!  I have a new job in church.  I’m going to teach primary so I get to be in the same room with you and Ellie!”
Addison:  Are you teaching my class or Ellie’s?  If you’re teaching Ellie’s class and not mine I will be heart burned.”
Me: “Did you mean heartbroken?”
Ad:  “I will be heartbroken and heart burned.”

Ellie’s Latest:  (Fall 2010 – Winter 2011, age 6/7)

“Mom, can I bring two “friends” (toys) in the car instead of one?
“I said no Ellie.”
“But mom!  It’s groundhog day!”

“Mom, will I for sure have to get surgery some day?”
“But Bobby said I will.”
“Bobby must be confused.”
“Well he’s the tallest one in our class mom.”

“Mom, I didn’t get waffles AND I had to do homework.  This Saturday has been a flop!”

Me:  “What did you learn in school today?”
Ellie:  “We learned about frogs and toads!”
“What is something you learned about frogs and toads that you didn’t already know?”
“That you can’t cut them in two and share them with someone else.”

“Ad, did you know that if you don’t go to heaven you go to this really scary place where Satan lives and it’s full of garbage and… guess what else Ad?”
Addison:  “What?”  (eyes as big as saucers)  

Saying the prayer at dinner:  “Please bless that Kole isn’t so fussy tomorrow and please bless that I can have a play date next week and please bless that me and Addison can go to Legoland someday….”
Me:  “Ellie, you need to remember to bless the food.”
“Please bless this food that it will be yummy.  Amen.”

xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Quotable Quotes

  1. “And please bless that Kole will be able to crawl soon because Drew is already standing up and walking…”

    Remember that one?

    I love those little girls.

  2. Love, love, love it! The girls always crack me up! Pierson and Madi still talk about when Ellie and Addie “thought that guy was Satan’s dad”! Oh they are too funny! I especially love their different views on mothering!!!

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