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Food and Cooking...or lack thereof

Healthy Eating

Just got back from the grocery store.  I am TRYING to drop a very annoying, very unwanted, incredibly stubborn last 5 pounds of baby weight that just doesn’t seem to want to budge.  But I am determined to lose it for good over the next few months.  Of course I’ve been determined to lose it for good since last summer, but this time – for real.  :)  Here are my go to snacks/foods when I decide to kick it in gear and eat healthy.

{Favorite snacks}

Eating Right sugar snap peas (girls prefer them in the ground)
Smart pop popcorn
Dannon light yogurt
Eating Right granola cereal with raisins (I love this w/o milk – just as a dry snack)
Claussen pickles (have to be refrigerated – so good!)
for my chocolate fix I love Eating Right jello pudding and Healthy Choice fudge bars

Oh…and I LOVE California cuties.
{Favorite fast meals}
Of course I always eat my turkey sandwich for lunch.

For dinner I love Eating Right chicken stir fry.  So does Kenny.  It’s just the right amount for the two of us and perfect for nights when we eat later after the kids are in bed.

You all know my addiction to Lean Cuisine pizzas.  I like a lot of the Lean Cuisine meals.

I use the almond slices and cranberries in my Summer salad.  I love that salad and it’s a pretty healthy dinner option as long as I don’t go crazy with the dressing.

I’ve found that the secret for me to stay on track with food is to prep everything as soon as I get home from the grocery store.  If I wash and cut up the produce, wash the lettuce and make some salads it is much easier for me to grab something healthy when I’m hungry and in a hurry.  If I don’t get things ready to go, I just grab whatever is convenient (usually not healthy) because I don’t want to take the time to prepare food. (more about my favorite cutting board in this post)

Some of these things may not be the healthiest thing out there, but they taste good to me so I don’t feel like I’m totally depriving myself and they have worked in the past when I’ve needed to drop a few pounds.  What are your tricks to eating healthy?  Any great snacks/meals that help you stay on track?  I need all the help I can get!  :)

xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “Healthy Eating

  1. I am the same way. I find if I prep everything it makes it easier on me and my daughter to grab something. I am pregnant with our 2nd child and can not get enough fruit. It’s crazy.

  2. one thing that helps me not to just keep shoving stuff in my mouth constantly (& unnecesarily) is to brush my teeth. i just hate to ruin a fresly brushed mouth!

  3. are you serious that you eat a turkey sandwich every day? up until a month ago, i was eating a turkey sandwich every day (probably for the last two years)- with chips and strawberries! crazy, huh?! for me, the only thing that ever really works is counting calories and using my elliptical. it is amazing how many little things can sneak up and sabatoge if i’m not tracking all the calories! you look fantastic, btw!

  4. Oh, I love your choices! These are some great ideas! Have you tried the new Lean Cuisine Spring Rolls? They have 3 different kinds that I know of…Fajita chicken, Garlic Chicken and Thai Chicken…all very yummy! I also love their spa meals! I’ve been trying to loose the last 5 to 8 pounds of my baby weight as well; only my baby is now 21 months old!!! :)

    I really enjoy your blog! :) I’ve got two young kids and can really relate to so much of what you share! I also love all of your great ideas…decorating, organizing, food, scrapbooking, etc. Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

    Take care,

  5. Hey Erin looks like some great choices the only thing I would add is lots of WATER WATER WATER, no soda limited coffee and tea. I have dropped almost 60 pounds in the last year and a half just drinking water instead of soda or other sugar filled drinks, i cant stand diet soda so that was easy to leave alone. I have my coffee in the morning and milk with lunch and supper have to have the calcium for my bones. Hope these suggestions work. Love your blog, Donna

  6. Erin, you don’t need to lose an ounce but I know how annoying those last few pounds are. You are doing a great job! I think you hit the nail on the head by having healthy food accessible. I know I hate to ‘prepare’ healthy food for myself when I’m so busy so I just start grabbing cheeze its out of the pantry!

    Please tell me this healthy eating binge does not mean no Sammy’s???!!! Speaking of that….still waiting for you….

  7. Thank you for sharing this. My goal this year is also to get in better health.
    I love the idea of prepping your fruits and Vegs. When you have spare time could you share more on this? For example how long do the fruits keep after they are prepared and sealed up? Does this work for most fruits and Vegetables? Anything I should avoid when doing this?

    I know my mom used to freeze grapes and eat them as a frozen snack.

  8. Sorry, my comment deleted….I hit the wrong button. Do you have an excerise work out that goes along with your healthy eating? A specific time that you work out? Do you have and extra fridge or freezer you store your meals in? I know I have a bunchof questions, I love that you are sharing all of these fun little pointers! Thank you.

  9. You will lose that five pounds in no time!! We love cuties at our house as well! And strawberry salad with almonds and crasins and poppyseed dressing are my favorite!! Good luck with losing the weight!

  10. I have no idea how I found your blog, but I love it. You are so sweet! (And have a great name ;) ) Water, Water, and more water. Shoot for drinking about 90 oz of water a day (just drinking that much water burns 70-100 calories) Add lemon to water and that speeds up your metabolism. Any citrus foods and vitamin C will do that too. Including eggs into your diet including up to two egg yolks a day speeds up the metabolism and adding protein like a smoothie with whey protein powder or almonds after a work out is great too. Oops talk about an overload of information. Sorry! As a physical therapist, I find nutrition fascinating! LOL. Now I need to lose my last 5 lbs of baby weight too.

  11. This is a great reminder for me to read. I do so much better when I have things prepared to take to work. Sounds like some great healthy choices.

  12. Love all the healthy food you have :) I am not sure about the sugar content…but my kids love Whole Fruit popsicles…actually I do, too. They have a new flavor…acai/blueberry. We also make a lot of smoothies….super easy and delicious. I just posted about choc chip cookies….definitely NOT healthy but once in awhile you need treats. :)

  13. Have you tried the Lean Cuisine Spa Menu? I could eat the butternut squash ravioli every single day. Does butternut squash sound gross? Trust me and try it. It is sooooo good!

    Good luck with your goals!

  14. I hate those last…pounds. Mine=more than 5 however. I like you thinking of foods that you enjoy and not depriving that is totally setting yourself up for success. That and quick healthy snacks. One thing that is eye opening to me is to watch the clock…go at least 2 hours between snacks/meals…I can’t believe how I get in the habit of constant grazing. Even on healthy calories this is not good.

  15. I love making smoothies with lowfat yogurt, frozen fruit, and juice. Another thing I like snacking on is frozen blueberries. Sugar- and splenda-free flavored sparkling water is great when you’re craving soda (just flavored with fruit extract). I love the La Croix brand, b/c they have so many flavors. Target sells cases of that brand. My fav. is the cran-raspberry.

  16. For a “candy” fix I like the dark chocolate covered Acai berries with blueberry from Costco. Not only are the little in cals but loaded with antioxidants AND are filling. I can eat 6 and be full for hours…. no joke. Anyway….. good for sweet tooth cravings.

  17. My tips (some of which others have already mentioned: 1) Plan ahead. Even snacks. Fruit is so portable! So, while running errands, I have a piece of fruit on hand, ready to eat. That way there’s no pulling over for a snack that will lead to regret. 2)Pre-wash to make things ready-to-eat. 3)Inspiration-consider the healthy benefits when you reach for something to eat. Colorful fruits and veggies on the kitchen counters (like you have) easily inspire me to eat better! Be diligent when selecting recipes to make. 4) Don’t thoughtlessly eat whatever your craving.

    Go get ’em tiger! :)


  18. I *think* this is my first time commenting but that could be an accidental lie. *grin* I’m doing Weight Watchers right now & have been eating a turkey sandwich for lunch for almost 2 months now. I’ve just been introduced to PopChips. O-MY-GOSH are these delish! And my oh my how they compliment the turkey sandwich! They come in bbq & plain. I used to get baked but these puppies blow baked outta the water! They sell them at Costco & I’m sure other stores but hey, I get em in bulk! :) I’m not sure if you’re a chip person or someone that needs a salty fix but I thought I’d inform you of them. Hope you like them.

    Thank you for your posts & I especially love your knack for organization.

    Be blessed!

    ~Christi in California~

  19. Erin,
    I just wrote up the longest comment to you about all my ideas and it got deleted.
    Ahhh I hate that!
    Anwyay, we’ll have to chat sometime.
    One thing I will mention again is this website: It is my new favorite thing ever! We all drink them every morning and I havne’t had any sick kids this winter, I swear by these drinks!

  20. Watching the news today, they had a recall on Lean Cuisine frozen meals. I immediately thought of this post b/c I too enjoy LC pizzas, so I have a stack of frozen meals to return to the grocery. Thought I’d pass the news along… And share that I think it’s funny that your blog came to mind first thing. Random!

  21. Great post. I also have to wash and prep fruits and veggies as soon as we get home or it doesn’t seem to happen and food is wasted. But most importantly, AWEOME WINDOW! Wow. :)

  22. Just found this post. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am trying to find healthy lunches for my children to pack for school. These snacks will help. Do you have any advice about different things for kids to take for lunch? Any websites or blogs??? Thanks again for sharin with us.

  23. Hi Amber! I used to know about some fun blogs on that very topic, but I can’t remember them now. Google it – I know there are a lot of fun blogs out there that have better ideas than I can give you in that area! :) If I ever remember the ones I’m thinking about I’ll share them on my blog.

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