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Car’s House

Hi friends!  It’s Friday night and a three day weekend ahead.  YEA!  Very much looking forward to the next few days.  I’m also looking forward to the next few hours.  In my pajamas.  On the couch.  :)   When I went to visit my sister Carly a couple of weeks ago I snapped some pictures of her house.  She and her husband bought their house about four years ago and have been giving it quite a make-over one step at a time.  They love contemporary – completely different than my decorating style, but I still LOVE what they’ve done.  And since I totally have house decor on the brain I thought I’d share a few pics with you!  Wish I had some “before” pics to show, but since I don’t I’ll just share the “afters”…

They pulled up the original carpet in the living room and laid this wood floor (they’ve done a lot of the work themselves – DIY style).  Car’s husband made the coffee and end table out of cement.  Very cool.

Love this picture collage in their entry.  I think they’ve repainted this entry at least five times.  Every time I visit it’s a different color.  :)

They got rid of the original black ornate stair rail and had this sleek steel railing put in.

They covered sheetrock beams in their dining room with wood and then covered a whole wall with brick (on the left).

Some shelves they installed in the kitchen.  I love the purple scale.  And the tidy upside down coffee mugs.

Their bedroom.  Another room that has been painted multiple times.  That’s the fun thing about paint.  It’s an inexpensive way to completely transform your space.  And if you’re my sister, you can transform again and again and again.  Love you Car.  ;)

Next is one of my favorite spaces in the house!  They turned the loft at the top of their stairs into a TV/playroom for the kiddos.  Love the wallpaper.  This print is so in right now.  Very fun.

Thanks for the warm welcome Car!  :)

Next is another favorite room – Claire’s bedroom (their 3 year old)…

The dresser and nightstand Car used in high school.  She painted them white and put new pulls on them.

Then she made these pink window coverings by covering a wood cornice with fabric.

Aren’t they so cute?  Such a fun, creative, in-expensive idea.

Darling bookshelf.  Darling picture displayed.  May be a tiny bit biased.  :)

This desk and chair were also pieces of furniture from our childhood that Car painted.

I also love the way she displays Claire’s artwork.  She bought this display clippy thing (nice description, right?) at Ikea.

New baby boy’s nursery.

And this bathroom set was originally – hmmm – what’s the best way to put this – UGLY!  Until Car spray painted everything white.

And then painted the wall such a beautiful blue.  She changed all of the hardware, laid down a new Anthro rug and wa – la!  DARLING bathroom.  I love this room.  I love her whole house.  It has been so fun watching this work in progress.  They have worked really hard on this house and have done an amazing job.  I love visiting them and continually seeing the progress they are making turning this house into their home.  Aren’t home makeovers fun!? 
Have a great long weekend everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Car’s House

  1. What a fun tour of your sister’s house Erin! Thanks for sharing. It’s funny that your styles are so completely different, and yet I really like them both. Love the canvas artwork in the kids’ rooms. Do you know where she got those? Don’t tell me she painted them. Oh the talent. I can’t take it if she made the adorable window valances AND painted the artwork! ;)

  2. i love that house! what a fun, modern, funky, style it has. thanks for sharing! who doesn’t love to see pictures of a fabulous home makeover. love it.

    you & your sister both have such great taste…yet completely different styles. fun!

  3. Nothing like your decor, but I love it just the same!
    Can I just ask one question: is your whole entire family as neat as you two sisters are? My goodness, but that’s a clean and tidy house! Just like yours! Did you guys share a room growing up, and did you keep it super organized? LOL I am willing to bet YES on that one :)

  4. This house is SO not my style but I LOVE IT! I mean love it! So crisp and clean. Simple but modern and beautiful. Hmmm… now I must think about redecorating! Thank you for sharing these great pics and thank your sister for letting you!

  5. I’m sitting here with my jaw hitting the floor because, for the life of me, I cannot comprehend how people come up with these fabulous ideas!!! Doing the work is one thing, but creating it in your mine first has got to be the most amazing part.

    Love it!

  6. They did a great job. It is very contemporary, but very nice. I love what they did to the loft and that wallpaper! Thanks for sharing. It reminds me that I have a few areas to repaint!

  7. I love these pictures! I have a friend who is pregnant with her first baby – so I forwarded the link to her for some ideas. She loved them too. She is thinking of having an owl theme…anyway, I gave you a Stylish Blogger award over on my page!

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