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Thick Love

Happy Valentines day to my sweetheart!  

I decided today I wanted to make sugar cookies to take to friends/teachers for Valentines day.  Let me try that again.  I decided today I wanted Kenny to make sugar cookies that I could take to friends/teachers for Valentines day.  He not only made them for me (took three hours) but he also let the kids help (reason it took three hours).

They turned out a bit thick.  I asked him if I should still deliver them and he said I just needed to put icing on the sides of the cookies to hide their thickness.  We both looked at each other in our messy kitchen with our icing covered kids and our super-thick-not-so-edible sugar cookies and laughed our heads off.  (It appears I’m not the only one lacking cooking skills in our family).  This is what I love about Kenny.  He makes sugar cookies for me.  He involves our kids.  And he always keeps me laughing.  (Plus 18 years ago he totally saw past my super huge high school perm)  {Our story}

Happy V-day babe.  Still love you the most.

Happy Valentines day to my other three sweethearts…


And a very happy Valentines Day to all of you.  Hope you all have a great day with the ones you love – delivering sugar cookies that turned out better than ours.  :)

xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Thick Love

  1. Oh my goodness Erin! This post makes me laugh so hard!!!! I am glad you were brave and posted it… and didn’t we all have huge perm hair? LOL Thanks! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. What a sweetie you have. My sweetie made some delicious banana pudding…yum. I hoe you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with all of your sweeties.

  3. I do have my own super awesome.sugar cookie story it starts with making 3 batches of sugar cookies , making a huge mess out of my kitchen, rolling out the second batch and then finding weevils in it and throwing all the cookies and dough away.

  4. I had a high school perm too.

    And I love that picture.
    I agree, put that picture on the mantle or the wall.

    BTW – I don’t think you have aged a day in 18 years. V jealous!

  5. Such a sweet husband and kids. I love, love to make sugar cookies. I thought of you when Natalie and I went to the Container Store in San Diego. We could of spent hours in that store. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  6. I heart thick sugar cookies! I make them that way on purpose. Sam was looking over my shoulder and said, “wow! even when they cook it’s clean!!” mhm. PS Shari…that was showing of yah know.

  7. Did you use my recipe? They should have turned out fabulous! Although, first of all you need a real mixer. Put that on your list of gifts Kenny can get for you. Even though you think you’ll never use it. (You do know what a Bosch is right?) Maybe, I just need to show you how thick to roll the dough. Ok, on my next go round I’ll take measurements and email them to Kenny. We made our traditional cookies here and they are SO. Yummy. I just ate one and I’m sure I’ll be having another soon.
    Love that pic of you guys, makes me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

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