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Food and Cooking...or lack thereof

Pasta and Ponies

In December when we were planning on building a house, Kenny and I sat down with our builder and went over all of the details.  Things we for sure wanted to include in the house.  When we were talking about the kitchen our builder said, “oh – and you’ll definitely want two ovens.  And maybe a warmer also?”  Kenny and I couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Two ovens?  What in the world would I do with two ovens?  And a warmer?  Now give me two microwaves and we’re in business.  :)

I so know that I am the last person on the Internet who should be sharing recipes.  BUT.  Many of you were so kind and encouraging when I shared my easy Cashew Chicken.  In fact, one sweet reader said: “I know how you don’t like to cook or think you’re a good cook, but the recipe ideas you give are really great – especially for busy moms!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share more of your recipes!”  Oh how that comment made my day!  THANK YOU anonymous commenter!  I can’t say that Kenny appreciated the comment, however, since I proudly pointed it out to him flashing a grin from ear to ear and have been bragging about my culinary skills ever since.  Maybe I DO need two ovens after all…..  HA!  

So this is an easy pasta recipe I often make because the whole family eats it (after I pick the peppers out for Ellie and the olives out for Addison of course).  Here is what you need:

Oh – and some mozzarella cheese which I forgot to photograph.  *on a side note:  several of you have asked where I got these canisters in the background and my dishes that match them.  I bought them years ago at a store in southern Utah that has since gone out of business.  Sorry that’s no help!  If anyone else has seen them somewhere, please share!  

Cook pepperoni and pepper in a skillet (listen to me getting all chef like saying skillet) until the pepper is tender-crisp – stirring often.  In another pot, cook some corkscrew pasta.

Then add some olives (if you like them).  I love olives.

Then drain your pasta and add some Prego sauce.

Mix everything together and cook on low for about 10 minutes.  Then stir in some mozzarella and if you’re feeling really chef like, add a bit of Parmesan.  Fast and easy and really hard to mess up – my three requirements for a meal.

Then after dinner, store it in your gourmet gold pleated cookware and heat it for leftovers the next night.   I think it tastes better for leftovers.  Funny how some food always tastes better the next night.  Maybe it’s just in my head because I’m so happy I didn’t have to cook again…

The meal tastes especially yummy when the My Little Ponies join in the dining experience.  They’ve been joining us for dinner quite a bit lately.  The ponies and their whole pony village.  Pasta and ponies.  Exciting stuff going on around here.  :)

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Erin
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40 thoughts on “Pasta and Ponies

  1. that looks so good! i think we are both about at the same level, cooking-wise. actually, i think you might be more advanced than me. ha! when you said a few months ago that you could live on lean cuisine, i can identify with that! ha!

  2. My favorite easy recipes:

    Beef strogonouf
    pd ground leanest ground beef
    3/4 chopped onion
    1 tablespoon chopped garlic
    salt and pepper
    (cook all together until meat is browned) Drain if needed after meat is cooked.
    Then add 3/4 can of beef broth
    4 tablespoons of ketsup
    one package of chopped mushrooms
    (bring to a simmer and set at medium low and cover for 15 minutes) meanwhile start cooking your whole wheat wide egg noodles (one package)
    After the strogonof is done simmering, add one container of sour cream and add 1 tablespoon of corn starch to the remaining beef broth and stir then add to the sauce in order to thicken it up. Your noodles should be done. I put the noodles on the plate and then add the sauce over it. This is one of my favorite recipes, it just tastes so good and it shouldnt take you more then 20 minutes to make.
    After the 15 minutes

  3. Hey, Erin! I believe that anonymous reader who requested more recipes was ME! Sorry – I don’t remember if I signed my name to that reply or not. Anyway, a big thank you for this one — looks delish! I’m going to make it this weekend. I always enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your posts. Oh, and if we ever build a house, I want three things:
    1. a big closet
    2. a big master bathroom of my own
    3. a big kitchen
    …but I have a feeling my husband may disagree – ha! Anyway, have a GREAT day with your kiddos. I’m off to work – boo.

    Shannon in PA

  4. I love your comment about leftovers! I always thought they tasted better the next day because the flavors had time to meld together. I am now absolutely convinced that it is actually because I do not have to cook again that night. You definitely hit the nail on the head! Too funny :)

  5. Erin, I love your blog. I am a pretty decent cook, not amazing, but I get the job done :) Anyhow this looks like something my kids would really like. I made your cashew chicken too except with tempeh bc Dh is a vegetarian. Yummy. You should give yourself more credit in the kitchen!

  6. if you keep picking out everything your kids don’t like in their food, they will remain picky eaters. it seems like they mainly like bland flavorless foods…that’s sorta sad bc there’s so much delicious stuff out there.

  7. Hi Erin, that looks yummy!! I love that you have a great set of pots…even if you dont cook, lol. Baby steps, one recipe at a time, and in now time you will be wanting 2 ovens!!!

  8. Cannisters: I’ve seen some similar in store called “Kirklands.” For the person looking for them, you might google that store and see if they have them in your state. It has been a while since I’ve seen them. Also, check Amazon! I’ve seen tons of cannisters there.

    Erin, I was wondering about your everyday dinnerware inside your cabinet with the glass fronts. I was hopefully they might be Mikasa or a common brand.

    Anyhoo, that recipe looks good and easy. I have all those ingredients in my pantry. It’ll make any easy Friday night meal! :) Thanks! Have a great weekend!


  9. We received this exact meal from friends after our second baby was born and it has been the ultimate staple in our house ever since. HELLO comfort food!!!

  10. Thanks for another great recipe to try. I’m not much of a gourmet cook and I have two ovens and a warmer. They have gotten used a few times on Thanksgiving!

  11. Erin you are such a wonderful caring&creative mother&teacher:superwoman+. You really brighten my day and make me smile.
    Your family&friends are truly fortunate to be graced by your positive presence. Please nurture yourself too because we need more
    sisters like you emanating good+vibes. Hence xne on the microwaves even though I love easypeasy&quickcleany too, but it’s negative energy and we all need your guiding light(= Here’s a recipe that you might like. As a side dish: Tilda basmati rice takes 20.min. just add butter&salt&saffron at the beginning. Double water.
    Now the better half: Sweet&sour NZ lamb chops just add 4 to a pot with 1/, cider vinegar or 1 lemon,salt,tbsp.tumeric,ginger&garlic&honey&oliveoil. Add 1c.water and simmer away for an hour. Plus a salad.. And Voila. I Love this as leftovers too for another glorious day.(= Peace..

  12. That is exciting stuff!!! Hmm…a pizza past, that might just go over well at our house. I would love a double oven…not because I’m a fancy cook, but sometimes the french fries and corn dogs need to be cook on different temps :)

  13. Ha! I don’t cook either but I LOVE my double ovens. I DO bake cookies a lot and I can bake two batches at once–makes things go twice as fast.

  14. Oh, Erin! Meant to ask you….. how do you grocery shop or menu plan for the week? Can you share with us? Do you plan ahead for the kids or for you and Kenny? Do you take all the kids grocery shopping with you or do you go alone? I have only one child and it’s always hard for me to accomplish either of these tasks. Hope you can share some helpful tips and hints.

    Shannon in PA

  15. LOVED reading all your posts this week. I might give this recipe a try – quick and easy, especially with 3 little kids tugging at my feet.

    Enjoying reading all the comments on your posts from this week, as well.

    Good luck with your house decisions! Great job trusting your gut – that is the most important.

  16. Hi Erin-

    I think your canisters are by a company called Gracious Goods. There is a seller on ebay that sells the entire line of Gracious Goods and it is not limited to canisters but all kinds of kitchen items (including an adorable cake stand) and bathroom items. Since they came out, there have been a lot of knock offs but I love their stuff and haven’t been able to resist adding a few of their items to our house! I hope that helps!

  17. I had to comment when I saw that someone left you a rude remark. I’m feeling a little protective of you right now. Let me know if I need to kick anyones ass.
    Love you!!!

  18. “if you keep picking out everything your kids don’t like in their food, they will remain picky eaters. it seems like they mainly like bland flavorless foods…that’s sorta sad bc there’s so much delicious stuff out there.”

    OH MY HELL!!!!!! Can I just say that “anonymous” needs to get a life. Let’s go on REALLY good mommy’s blogs and make them feel really bad. How stupid. What a piece of crap. I think you are amazing and so do a million other people, so I hope you didn’t read ANYTHING into that mindless comment. They obviously don’t know you or how freaking wonderful you are and how much I and a lot of other people look up to you. I’m with Dayna, when’s the ass kicking party? *said with a smile so it doesn’t sounds as mean as it’s meant to* LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!!

  19. I loved My Little Ponies when I was a girl! Just recently we brought a bunch of my toys from the garage. It was so fun, cabbage patch dolls, strawberry shortcake and my little ponies. My girls were in heaven. Poor JC kept asking me, “Mom when you gonna git to da boys stuff?”

  20. You know you have a famous blog when you get anonymous mean comments. Oh! how we all dream of being as popular as you, Erin. And…uh…peppers are crisp when you put them in…I think the term is crisptender but love you tons!! And corkscrew pasta is either fusilli or cavatappi. Did I know this? No, I did not. Looked it up…just for you:)

  21. looks delicious to me… I cannot make a lot of pasta things because my husband is not a fan. He is a very picky eater. I, like you, admit that I do not enjoy cooking at all so having a picky eater makes things even more difficult.
    I will have to try this recipe when he is at the fire station and doesn’t have to eat it ha!

  22. Yum–looks good! Love your blog!!!

    PS-I bet my kids are pickier than your, and I’m sure they will turn out just fine!!! Better than fine–awesome and wonderful!!!

  23. Hi Sister Rollins! Looks yummy. Just wanted to chime in – I used to be the pickiest eater ever, and now I will eat almost anything, given it is the right temperature. Most picky eaters grow out of it; as you grow older, your tastebuds start to die. Children are more sensitive to flavors in food, especially bitterness, and that’s why many do not like vegetables. Interesting…

  24. Trying this soon, but maybe with turkey they make turkey pepperoni?? Anyways, it looks so yummy, and I think I might go back and look at your cashew chicken recipe as well. As another commenter said, you do have great recipes for busy moms! Keep up the great work!! P.S. Blog content request…Pretty please?? You stated in another post that you LOVED Bobbi Brown makeup…care to get more elaborate? I know they have makeup counters for that, but you aren’t trying to sell it either. Would love to know what your favs are!! :)

  25. Love the recipe, love how you set a good example of picking your battles with picky eaters, love how you are popular enough to get neg. comments from anons, love the cannisters, the pony’s, the new house ideas, the old house photo’s, the sister you helped out with, the sisters baby’s, and the YOU!

  26. erin, you are a posting machine!! how fun to see all these pics of your adorable how. even more exciting to hear about your searching for your next perfect spot!! wishin’ you all the best in your search. it really has been too long since we’ve had the opportunity to chat. maybe we need to have a GNO…sammy’s here we come! ;)

  27. Hey Anonymous critical poster who thinks they know everything about feeding kids…


    I’m happy Erin was too dignified to reply to you. However, I am not.

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