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Trip to SLC

I’m back!  Back from the frozen tundra that is Salt Lake City.  Back from a place where Uggs, scarfs, and seat warmers are actual necessities and not just fun accessories.  :)  It was such a quick trip, but I’m so glad I got to go spend some quality time with these two:

(Jonah and Claire – my nephew and niece)

Remember after my surgery when my sister Carly came for a week to help out?  She brought me this little bell to ring when I needed her.  I took the bell back and it this time it was her turn to do the ringing. 
Car and her husband are so tired from their sweet little newborn!  (Sleep deprivation is the cruelest joke ever, isn’t it!?)  I mostly just helped entertain this little princess so her parents could get some much needed rest.  Luckily I know just what to do with little princesses.  We watched Miss Spider, dressed up in an assortment of fairy dresses and jewelry, and had lots and lots of tea parties.

Car and I did manage to change out of our sweats one night and ventured into the cold to go to dinner.   I loved just hanging out with my sister.  It’s so rare to have time like this for just the two of us.

But mostly we just stayed indoors and enjoyed this sweet little one….

Isn’t he a doll!?  That picture of him yawning is my favorite.  Such a sweet sweet baby boy.  There is nothing like a newborn.

K – so I have to tell you all why I didn’t post last night when I got home.  I sat down to upload my photos and instead of putting my camera card into the slot it belongs in on the left side of my MAC, I just popped it into a slot on the right side – a great big slot – the slot for the DVD/CD player to be exact.  I thought “wait a minute, that didn’t feel right…”  Then I realized that my camera card was lost somewhere in my computer and there was NO WAY to retrieve it.  Are you kidding me!?  What was I thinking?  Well, clearly I wasn’t thinking.  I had to take my computer into the Apple store today.  Luckily, they didn’t have to take the whole thing apart.  I’m not sure exactly what they did, but they took my computer in the back and came back a few minutes later with my camera card.   I was so happy I almost hugged the sales clerk!  This is not the only “are you kidding me!?” moment I’ve had lately.  In fact, I seem to be working towards a world record.  I’d share a few more of them with you, but then there’s a chance Kenny will read this and he just doesn’t need one more ounce of ammunition.  


p.s.  Project Life pics next Tuesday!
p.p.s.  Today was 76 degrees and beautiful.  Car – next trip you are coming to me!

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Trip to SLC

  1. Oh he is SO stinkin cute! Great pictures! :) Glad you were able to spend some time with your sister!

    Thanks for the laugh on your computer- I do stuff like that ALL the time!

  2. Oh be still my heart…he is just precious. My insides are crushing for another baby…oh how I wish I could have one. The time just goes too fast.

  3. How exciting that you go to spend some time with your sister and how beautiful of you to let them get some sleep! Your nephew is just adorable and the yawn picture is just priceless. So glad you got your computer all fixed…whew!

  4. I’m so glad it’s not just me!!!! What a cool thing for you to get to go and play with your niece. She will always remember this!!!! And that BABY!!!!!! Edible!!!! And BTW, you’re not going to make anymore friends if you keep bragging about your good weather when the rest of us are freezing our nanas off!!!!

  5. Glad you retrieved your card from your Mac! I would have hugged the sales man too.

    Your trip to SLC sounds like a blast. Your nephew is just adorable. Love that yawning picture. Almost makes my ovaries ache. Almost. ;) I remember the sleep deprivation thing too much still.

  6. Car ly if you are reading this , he is sooooo cute :) Erin I can totally relate about the ammunition, good luck with keeping it all on the down low

  7. Oh were you here when it was so BITTER cold. I hope not. How fun you were able to come for a quick trip to see your sister and that sweet baby. Scary about your computer – that is totally something I’d do!

  8. Oh, that is so something I would do! Did they charge you an arm and a leg to get it out? I hope not! Some thing they should just do out of kindness, right.
    And that is one darling baby boy! I love the one of him yawning too! I guess boys aren’t that bad. Glad you had a fun time with Carly!

  9. OH my gosh, I have almost done that very same thing with my SD card and my MAC. Those two slots are WAY too close together, don’t you think? I think a better design would be to have the SD card slot on the other side of the computer. When designing this thing, they didn’t take into consideration us moms who might be tired or distracted with little kids at the time we want to do a quick download….

    Glad you got it fixed and that it wasn’t a major! Glad to know this…because I might be next!

  10. he is so stinkin’ adorable!! love to look at and hold newborn babies. not quite ready yet to have another one myself, though. that’s a whole different story!! congrats to your beautiful sister.

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