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clothes, kids, veggies and V-day

So I’m hearing from several of you that you checked Target for the cord organizer and couldn’t find it.  First of all, you guys are SO on the ball!  :)  I looked on-line and didn’t see it there so I called my Target and they said it is a “seasonal item.”  They got them in December for Christmas gifts (along with the key finder), went on sale in January, and once they are gone, they’re gone until next December.  :(  Sorry about that!  I’m sure there is something similar on-line for those of you who really want to hunt for one.  If not, we can all stock up next December!

To answer other questions:  I mentioned this before, but if you missed it – both shirts and the purse I showed in my previous post were from The Limited.  Where else do I shop besides Limited?  I love Nordstroms for shoes, jeans, and make-up but don’t by a lot of tops there.  I don’t really feel like they are worth the money since I get tired of my shirts so quickly.  Jeans on the other hand I have spent a small fortune on, but (as I tell Kenny over and over) that’s all I wear staying home with kids and a good pair of jeans will last for years.  At least that’s how I justify them.  The reality?  I couldn’t put a price tag on something that makes me feel better about my thighs.  :)  For tops I love Forever 21.  Trendy and cheap.  My other go to is Banana Republic and like I said, I love Limited.  For my girls I love The Gap and Gymboree.  Once in awhile I look in Justice for Ellie, but it’s so pre-teen that it usually just makes me depressed.

Let’s see…other news of the day –

Still working on my goal to get my kids eating healthier this year.  The Cadbury Eggs?  A little reward for myself for sticking to it and making the girls eat their vegetables.  Isn’t it great being the mom?  :)  On a side note – why in the world is Easter candy out already?  I CANNOT pass up Cadbury Eggs.  Now I have to deal with this problem for 4 months?  Time for a new pair of jeans…

Today was pretty low key.  Got lots of odds and ends done around the house and ran a few errands.  Addison attended several Royal Balls.  You know – the usual.  :)

These two were a huge help with laundry.  Both of them creating more by the minute.  Between Kole’s inability to keep food in his mouth and Addison’s multiple outfit changes our washing machine is going 24-7!

But oh this little guy is so worth his messes!  I love this picture because you can see all of his new teeth coming in.  Cute chompers buddy.  :)

Wonder when he’ll start caring that he is playing in a pink play room…

with pink toys…  ???

Valentines Day is right around the corner!  Ellie’s class is making their own sacks in school this year.  I’m kind of bummed!  We had fun making her box last year.

This is a simple way to add a bit of flair to your little one’s Valentine box.  I helped Ellie with the top of her box….

and she bedazzled out the sides.  She loved this thing and all of her little Valentines from friends so much that she saved it.  It’s still sitting in her room.  :)  Such a fun holiday.

This was another fun thing we did last year for Valentines Day.  Ellie, Addison and I came up with things we love about Kenny and wrote them on hearts and covered the pantry door with them on V-day. He loved it.  I’ve also seen where families write things they love about each other every day in February until the 14th and stick them up on a door or window.  A blog reader of mine is also doing fun things each day to show her husband how much she loves him.  You can get some V-day ideas from her here.

How was that for the most random post ever!?  Hope your weekend is a happy one!  :)
xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “clothes, kids, veggies and V-day

  1. Hi, Erin!

    OMG – Kole’s little chompers are soooo cute. My little guy is 16 months and his teeth are coming in by what feels like the minute.

    Speaking of clothes, do you seriously wear jeans every day around the house? Good for you. I am a sweatpants gal at home. In fact, I think I need to go through my closet and throw away all of my raggedy sweats and t-shirts from college and get some nicer “around the house” clothes…. I just can’t seem to find the time or energy! I know my hubby would appreciate it, though, because sometimes I look like a homeless person in my comfy clothes – ha!

    My other question – how in the world do you shop? Do you take your kids with you or do you go alone? It’s an adventure if I try to take my son with me, but then I am always in a rush if I’m by myself. What’s your secret since you have THREE kiddos?

    LOVE, love your blog. LOVE it. Read it every day. Wish I lived out near you so we could be friends in real life. You seem so sweet!

    Shannon in PA

  2. Well, aren’t you sweet for checking Target!! I’ll be on the lookout for a zippered pouch or something similar!!! :) Have a great day!

  3. First off you answered an email question of mine about scrapbooking and introduced me to project life. Thanks so much. I ordered three!! Can’t wait to get started!
    Also… Now because of your shopping trip post I am torn between the gold bag and the black! Haha. I like you hate diaper bags but have 2 girls and a boy but they are all under 4. Is the purse big enough for a few diapers and wipes?
    Love your blog!

  4. First of all _ LOVE Kole’s shirt! I would buy that for my hubby and my son!

    Second — the easter eggs… so funny. I am always trying to sneak candy when my kids should not be eating it and they always smell it… mom what do you have? lol!

    Third — we were on the same page for dad v-day. We made a sign TOP 14 reasons why we love dad and framed it for him. I will post it on my art blog soon. Such a good idea to keep dad super involved in the kids life!

    Keep up the good work Erin… I love your blog!

  5. That boy of yours just keeps getting cuter! Can’t believe all those teeth!

    If you really, really want to get your crafting on I can oblige by sending Hannah over to make a box. Heaven knows I’m not going anywhere near pipe cleaners, cotton balls and hot glue.

  6. I thought maybe you were just going for a new record in number of posts per week!

    Really, I love the pic you took of the Cadbury Eggs with the veggies. Nice. And I can’t believe any one has them out already! Not around here, thank goodness. Valentines Day is going strong at Target here.
    Kole is looking cuter by the minute! Madi and I love the pics showing off those little teeth!

  7. Hahaha it made me laugh about Kole in the pink playroom with the pink toys! I too have two girls then a boy and I remember thinking the same thing when he was a baby, then he learned how to talk and he would fight tooth and nail for anything pink, he LOVED pink! Now that he’s 3 1/2 he doesn’t care as much and plays with more “manly” toys :) Love the pictures of your kids, they are so cute. And where did you get Addisons polka dot dress? it is just darling!
    Love your blog!
    Sam in B.C Canada

  8. Random posts are fun. At first I didn’t see the eggs with the fruits and veggies and when I did I had to laugh. I have another blog friend who loves them too. Kole teeth! He is just growing so fast and just so adorable. That’s a cute V-Day box…we have to make one at home this year (gotta get on that). I love that you wrote things about Kenny…that has to make him feels so special. Happy random day!

  9. Once again, you are a ray of sunshine! I love reading your blog and it always inspires me to keep my house clean and organized!
    I am VERY intrigued by the Project Life albums.. but I am TRULY years behind…maybe I will start and try to keep up and THEN go back! You will NEVER regret a moment of doing those albums…what a priceless gift to your kids! (and Kole’s wife one day..hee hee!)

    Keep posting!! I need the inspiration! :)

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