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Favorite kind of weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We traveled to southern Utah to hang out with family and check out the home show.  It was a really quick weekend but we packed a lot in!  

Dayna (my sister-in-law in the ever so stylish hat I bought her for Christmas) and I spent lots of time chillin’ with our boys.  Drew is small and nimble.  He is all over the place crawling and using the furniture to stand and walk.  Kole is bigger and hmm…how should I put it…less nimble?

 He’s doing the army crawl, but for the most part is pretty content to be held or to sit and watch Drew (his younger cousin) crawl circles around him.

But oh am I ever in love with this little guy.  I don’t care if he doesn’t walk until he’s two.  In fact, come to think of it, I quite prefer it that way.  :)

 We celebrated my brother’s birthday and my girls especially enjoyed the cake and presents.  You can see the finger marks in the cake from two little ones who just couldn’t wait five more seconds to dig in.

 They love spending time with their Uncle Austin.  Uncle Austin is a VERY good sport.  :)

And it snowed!!!  So exciting!  It never snows where we come from and it rarely snows in Southern Utah.  My mom and I were so excited to wake up early one morning to find snow softly falling.  I ran and woke the girls and they flew down the stairs and out the front door in their pajama’s.

 They tasted the snow.  And then danced in the snow.  And yes.  We all had a big old IT’S SNOWING party!   I know that this isn’t exciting to most of you and our snow storm was pretty weak and misty and may not have even stuck to the ground, but it was snow none the less.  And we were thrilled to see if for the first time this winter.  Addison knew right off why it had snowed in the night.  Because she was wearing her snow flake pajama’s, of course!

 Since the snow brought with it some chilly temperatures (yes, 55 degrees is chilly to us) we decided to stay in and do some crafts.  I opened my mom’s craft cupboard and gave her the look.  The look that says “are you kidding me mom….how are we supposed to find crafts in here?”  Then she gave me the look.  The look that says “I knew you’d be appalled enough to clean out my cupboard.  That’s why I sent you to it in the first place.”

 So of course some organizing was in order.  I pulled everything out of the cupboard and got to work categorizing.  Isn’t that the best word?  Categorizing.  I can’t say or think that word without smiling.

 My mom had some little plastic baskets on hand so I put everything in its place…

 And then back in the cupboard.  Ahhhhh…

 much better.  Supplies are organized and easily accessible.  Organizing is a perfect stay inside while it’s snowing activity, don’t you think?

The next day we went shopping and while my mom bought matching soccer outfits for two of the men in her life, Dayna and I found clothes and home decor in all sorts of bright colors.  When we loaded our stuff in the back of the car we decided it looked like a spring explosion!  I’m so so excited for March!

And one of my favorite things about visiting Utah.  With mine and Kenny’s parents in town we have the best babysitters around…and you just can’t beat their hourly rate.  The four of us snuck away to dinner one night and it was so fun catching up.  THANK YOU to my parents and Kenny’s for spending so much time with the kiddos this weekend so we could play.  My girls adore all of their grandparents.  And Kenny and I think the four of them are pretty swell too.  :)

A weekend full of baby watching, birthday celebrating, snow fall partying, craft cupboard organizing, home show viewing, Chinese food dining, spring time shopping, and LOTS of family bonding.

My very favorite kind.

xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Favorite kind of weekend

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Your kids will definitely all grow up to be so close and that is the best! I LOVE that pic of the boys in the matching outfits. Too cute. And is that your parents’ house in the background of the pics? How about a house tour like you did with Carly’s house? :) The kitchen looks beautiful and, as you know, I am in the process of remodeling!!

    Have a great week,
    Shannon in PA

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I agree with Shannon – could we have a house tour of your mom’s house? It looks amazing!!

  3. What fun! Little Kole is getting so big! Tommy and Millie were exactly the same compared to all their cousins. Not so nimble and fast but lots to love! :) It probably doesn’t help that he has two wonderful big sisters to dote on him all the time. No need to walk… Hope you guys are doing well! Looking forward to seeing all the fun spring stuff you bought. With our foot+ of snow on the ground, I’m so looking forward to spring this year!!

  4. What a fun weekend!
    I can tell it was fun for your girls to see that snow falling. We were just talking about driving our girls up to Oak Glen to see some snow because I know they would just love it.
    Great job organizing the craft cupboard. ;)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and those little guys are just too cute. Your mom is smart to have you over and send you to a messy cabinet…wanna come over next :)

  6. Look at you… already caught up on the weekend! So glad you guys came to town. We LOVED spending so much time with you. My only complaint was that it went by too quick. Love you!

  7. How fun! I wish I could get to my family in UT in an 8 hour drive! You are so obsessed with organizing, my friend! I bet your mom just messed up that cupboard right before you came. Can’t you hear it…”Honey…Erin is almost here…go mess up a closet or something..” and you do look fab btw:)

  8. Categorizing…hmmm…it does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it! My favorite picture is the one with gramma and her 2 soccer boys! Oh, so cute!

  9. Still so loving my baby crush! He is so darn cute Erin! I love the soccer outfits! And next time your in town I have A LOT of organizing that could be done! ;) Since you like that and all!
    And the snow – how huge were the flakes at your moms? They were bigger than golf balls at our house! It looked like a cotton candy machine exploded! They were so fluffy!

  10. you had such a perfect week-end!!
    although we had and still have lots of snow this winter (or maybe because of it), I get frozen only watching your kids barefoot, especially the girls dancing outside, in the snow :-))

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