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Random Friday

Thanks so much for the great tips after my last post!  I really appreciate your comments.  A lot of food for thought.  :)  (yeah – it’s late and I’m tired)

I’ve eaten SO GOOD – for like three days.  And now I’m ready for some peanut m&m’s.  My mantle is calling me!  Kidding.  Kind of.  A couple of health problems I have that need tweaking: (whenever I say the word “tweaking” I think of Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail.  Love that movie.  Love the way he says “a project that needs tweaking“….)  Anyway, my problems, aside from the obvious one that I can’t stick to the point.  First of all – the water thing.  I love water and I feel lucky that I don’t like soda.  Aside from a major minor obsession with root beer during my pregnancy with Kole, I never drink the stuff.  BUT even though I drink water with every meal/snack, I know I don’t drink enough of it.  To be honest, the reason I don’t is because it is so inconvenient having to use the restroom every time I turn around!  Most days I’m running errands with at least two of my kids and it’s so much work to drag my whole crew into the bathroom.  Lame excuse?  Maybe.  But it’s the truth.  My other problem is that I don’t eat a lot during the day.  I get busy running errands, taking care of the kids, working off of my trusty to-do list, etc.  A lot of the time having to stop and fix something to eat just feels completely inconvenient.  So I don’t do it.  Then I get the kids in bed and sit down.  And I eat dinner.  And I eat a snack.  And another one.  And another one.  Quickly I realize how hungry I am from the day and I eat too much.  SO.  More water (less errand running?) and more frequent, healthy meals/snacks during the day.  And definitely more You’ve Got Mail watching.

Several of you have e-mailed me about my workout routine (how I fit exercise in and what I do) so I’ll post about that sometime next week (even though it’s nothing too exciting).  :)

Sharing a few pics I came across tonight that I took of Ellie and Kole in December –

She is my best little babysitter!  Honestly, even though having three kids is crazy (complete madness at times) in some ways it feels so much easier than when I just had one and even two.  I think the age difference is MAJOR.  My girls are just such a huge help.  They keep Kole completely entertained and out of trouble.  I probably hear five times a day “Mom!  Kole almost put a barbie high heel in his mouth!  Mom!  Kole almost got stuck.  Mom!  Kole almost tipped the chair over!”  Key word here being “almost.”  They are extremely cautious and diligent with him and I rely on their help a lot.

Speaking of my best little babysitter Ellie, the other night I told her she had WAY too many “friends” in her bed and she needed to take some off.  (She has been sleeping in our guest room lately)  I went to tuck her in and found her toys off of her bed (yes) but instead of being put away back in her room, they were strategically placed all around her.

Dolls and ponies enjoyed the view from the window.

Disney figurines took on the Twilight Series.  (psst…Eclipse is the best!)

Additional ponies spent the night with classics like Lord of the Rings and A Tale of Two Cities.  Can’t go wrong there.

And it seems the dogs were left to choose between Constitutional Law, Securities Regulation, and Comprehensive Criminal Procedures.

Poor poor dogs.   
Have a great weekend everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Random Friday

  1. Oh, those animal pictures are cracking me up! And I love the mirrored expressions of Ellie and Kole. Adorable!

    Here’s the water tip I learned when I started a diet that required 3L of water per day. It seemed like soooo much, and I felt like I was ALWAYS IN THE BATHROOM! Then, one of my friends gave me these suggestions: find a pretty glass that holds 16 oz. (1/2 liter) of water, drink one full glass of warm water as soon as you get up, drink another full glass of water (preferred temp) with each snack/meal during the day. Since I have 5 small meals/snacks, the total of 6 glasses gives me 3 liters. Psychologically, it is so much easier to drink from a glass than try to get through a couple of huge water bottles. Also, I can tell you from experience that after a few days, your body adjusts to the extra water and you aren’t constantly running for the bathroom. You will go more frequently, but your skin will thank you.

    Good luck!

  2. Ok. I just watched You’ve Got Mail last week (one of my faves of all time)! I love the little children’s bookstore and I adore Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. It’s just a down right happy movie and I never tire of it. :-)

    Dragging all the children into a stores bathroom is a GREAT excuse not to drink a lot of water if you are out and about. I detest using public bathrooms let alone dragging my 4, 3, and 1 year old into it with me.

    Glad everyone is happy and healthy, do the dogs a favor and move them to a more exciting book section, they’ll be your friend for life! ;-)

  3. LOVE you’ve got mail. Such sweet kids. I have become such a great water drinker since at my office each hour greeting a client I offer them a bottled water and have one. Although, many times I wish I was having a diet coke instead. Happy Weekend.

  4. i have the same problem…not eating during the day, pigging out at night! so i’m gonna try your “cut up fruit the moment you get home from the store” and see if that helps!

    and i HATE running to the potty all day long too!

    LOVE your tips — thanks for sharing!

  5. Hilarious. You might be my new favorite blog.

    I am a mom of one and a kindergarten teacher and have terrible habits re: not enough water and healthy eating, for similar reason – always busy. I go on healthy kicks, but then slip back. Keep your ideas coming. One of my goals is a flat(ish) stomach for summer.

    BTW, love You’ve Got Mail!! Did you read the Shoe books by Noel Streatfield that are mentioned? Or the Betsy, Tacy, Tib books???

  6. That dog on the right (in front of the law books) is looking pretty darn depressed about it too!!! :)

    Such great pics of Ellie and Kole!!

    I’m sending healthy hubby vibes your way…..because we both know there is NOTHING worse…

  7. Love that Ellie girl! She always makes me laugh with her friends. I hope she doesn’t grow out of that anytime soon. Love the pics of her with Kole, absolutely precious.

  8. You’ve Got Mail is my all-time favorite movie…I saw it in the theater twice :) Love it! Once you start drinking more water the bathroom stops should decrease because your body will get used to it. Another suggestion would be maybe baggie some of the snacks you prepare…like putting some strawberries in a baggie before your container so you can just grab them on your way out the door. Eclipse was absolutely the best!!!

  9. i hear ya on the not so much eating during the day but then once the kids are in bed….well, lets just say i have to watch myself. you look fabulous, erin…really, you do! i know how it feels, though, to want to lose those last 5 lbs. i have 5-10 lbs. i would like to lose. lets see what i can accomplish before swimsuit season officially begins. ;)

  10. So, since Eclipse is the best, do I go ahead and read Breaking Dawn? Or not? I agree with Marlowe – I was thinking that she inherited the organizational gene!!!

  11. I don’t know if you remember me but I was a cheerleader with Carli. Goodwin is my maiden name! I love your blog! Its fun reading! So a couple things, I love how Carli decorated her house. I was wondering where she liked to shop? I am totally contemporary and when I see things like her house I think to myself “that is exactly what I want” but then I don’t know how to do it. Also, I am a fitness guru myself. I drink a ton of water, 16-20 cups a day and I have been doing this for over a year. I drink a cup an hour, and more through my workout. The going potty every second goes away. Just stick with it for a couple months and you will see that you won’t be peeing so often!

  12. Erin,

    Your kids are dolls. I have one but seeing the pics of your kids together makes me want another. Have a great weekend!

    Shannon in PA

  13. those law books look familiar! although i always had mine unbound and three hole punced so i would only have to bring a small section of them with me to class. much easier than lugging 40 pounds of books every day!

  14. I agree that it’s easier to feed the kids, then enjoy your food in piece after they’re in bed.

    I LOVED the Twilight series. Once I started I couldn’t stop!I don’t think the Law books would do it for me :))

    I too need to drink more water, and you’re sooooo lucky you don’t like soda!!

    Love your pictures (as always)

  15. Hi Erin…

    I recently discovered your blog and OMG….I have lost days to it! Your family, home and general disposition are all just lovely!

    I just wanted to say a quick hello so I don’t feel so weird delving into your life (via your blog!).

    I am a mum of 3 beautiful children, 2 girls and a baby boy just the same as you (well he is 2.5 years old now so not so much of a baby anymore). I live in Adelaide, South Australia.

    We are eagerly planning a US holiday (well really I have no idea where to start in planning it!), everything looks like so much fun over there! I love the way you seem to just ‘pop’ over to Disneyland….yet we are desperately trying to figure out how to save the $30,000+ we will need to get there!

    Will see you around on here!
    Sarah x

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