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Christmas Card Photo Garland

I’m so excited to share our Christmas Card Photo Garland with you today!
Cards are all sent out! Such a good feeling. This is the front of my card this year. I love the vellum wrap around it. Such a fun touch. It’s all about the details. :)


And since that beautiful vellum wrap is covering Kole’s head, this is a better look at our family picture this year.



The inside and top view of the card. It’s a tri-fold and I love the design my friend Haylee came up with.

Now for a fun idea of what to do with your own past Christmas cards. Last December when Sarah from Clover Lane posted this idea of how to create a photo garland I was thrilled! I have a Christmas album that includes our past Christmas cards, but loved the idea of also having them displayed in my home each December. Plus it was such a cute way to decorate the stairway banister. My friend Ann and I were simply giddy about this! We talked about it several times throughout the year and couldn’t wait to do something similar with our cards.

So here is my version! I decided not to use just the family picture like Sarah did even though I LOVE the way she displays her cards. Because I’ve made a lot of my past Christmas cards I wanted to see the whole card, including what I wrote about our family for each particular year.

It was so simple. I just punched a tiny hole in the top corner of each card…

and then pulled some red ribbon through each hole and knotted it in the back.

Then I tied the ribbon in a bow and hung it on the garland going up my stairs.

I hung each card a little different because I wanted to be able to open the card and read the inside. This card I pulled the ribbon through the front of the card on the left side, but only through the back of the card on the right side.

So it hangs like this –

and the card opens easily. Last years’ card (to the left) opens from the bottom to the top.

A view from the bottom up.

I love this Christmas card photo garland!  It has been so much fun having my cards displayed this way. Everyone who stops by my house enjoys looking at them and so do my girls. Such a fun way to see how our family has grown and changed.

Christmas cards are the best, aren’t they!? It’s like getting happy little presents in the mail each night.

Wishing all of you happy mail this December!


xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Christmas Card Photo Garland

  1. oooh, i just love this idea erin. what a darling way to display a family timeline! (if only i had a staircase…)

    your christmas cards are amazing and your family is just adorable. thanks for the fun how-to post. xo.

  2. Oh my god I love this!! I’m doing it tonight!

    I also like the idea of displaying your favorite Christmas cards you receive this year that way.

  3. Love your Christmas card, love the display idea! Luckily I have stairs too, I’m totally doing this today.

    So awesome that you got the whole family looking at the camera AND smiling for the family pic. When does THAT happen?! Very rarely in my house ;)

    Love your blog….Merry Christmas!

  4. I love this idea! Your garland turned out so dang cute! I may have to copy next year. :) We got your Christmas card in the mail yesterday…I loved them!

  5. Your card turned out darling and I love the family picture- it’s needs to be blown up big in your house. I do love getting card. Mine are almost all sent, but I have only gotten a few this year, kinda surprising, but maybe everybody is just late this year.

  6. You are is gorgeous and I love the design. I know all who receive it will cherish it! I also love the garland that you made and how you still are able to open the cards. I’m so visual and the pictures helped me see how you did it. How cool that you are featured over at Marta’s!

  7. SO, we got your card yesterday, I opened it up and told Ryan I didn’t think I could be friends with you anymore. I don’t think I can send you one of ours anymore either. (Pierson heard me and I had to assure him I was kidding!) It’s far too lovely and perfect and I am a total loser right now. Seriously, you would die if you saw the disaster that is my house, and family pictures never happened thanks to me feeling so crappy! So I took a picture of the kids and threw it on a card just so I could manage to get one out this year. Yes, I can’t handle all your perfectionist-ism right now.

    Love you! :)

  8. love your card this year! that little guy of yours is too cute. i can’t get enough of his big smile & bright eyes. oh, and of course i love your girls!

    great job on the banaster card display craft. how fun to be able to check out all your cards from past years.

    p.s. great to hang with you guys for a bit the other day. you’re always so easy to talk to! oh, and your home is beautiful.

  9. You are simply amazing! I can’t believe Christmas is next week. Wow. I am so behind this year. Happy note, we will be in San Diego enjoying our kids and Poinsettia Bowl and the Vegas Bowl – whatever it is called!

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