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Recent Events and Christmas Fun

Catching up on some pictures I need to post! We went with friends to the latest So You Think You Can Dance show a couple of weeks ago. Kenny and Marc surprised me and Ann with tickets and the show was amazing – the best one yet! Ann and I had so much fun and were patting ourselves on the back for how well we’ve trained our husbands.

Here they are waiting in line to get us a snack. See what I mean? Well trained indeed. :)

A quick look at past SYTYCD performances. I love that show! Counting down until the new SYTYCD season starts again.

Last Friday Kenny’s firm had a little party in honor of the new partners. We were supposed to be there at 4:00 and I had been having the craziest day. Running errands – carpooling – Kole hadn’t had a nap. I looked at the clock in my car on my way to pick up the girls and realized I’d have about 20 minutes at home to get all four of us ready. Of course when I got to Addie’s pre-school to pick her up she was covered in dirt from the sand pile. I flew home and threw her in the tub, got everyone dressed and ready and fed the girls a snack and gave Kole a bottle in the car. Record speed!

We got to Kenny’s firm and came bursting through the door – 5 minutes late. I was shocked at how many people were there. So many friendly faces waiting to congratulate our family. Kenny shot me a look that said “are you kidding me – you’re late!?” I shot him a look that said “you have no clue what it takes to get us all four out the door – be grateful we made it at all!” Then we hugged and started mingling with the crowd. :)

The managing partner at his firm (pictured with us above) spoke about Kenny and the other two new partners. Then it was Kenny’s turn to speak and thank everyone publicly. I tried to relax from the harried afternoon and enjoy the moment. My kids were loving so much attention from various adults. It was a special afternoon for our family and I was reminded again of how grateful I am for Kenny’s job and for all of the great, supportive people he works with. (just need to remember that when his clients are getting much more of his attention than I am…)

In other news, Christmas is in full swing at our house! The halls are decked and we are counting down to Santa’s arrival. My girls are at such fun ages. Their excitement for all things Christmassy is completely contagious!

Our Elf has been visiting every day and the girls can’t wait to run downstairs and see where he is hiding each morning. He was in our tree on Dec. 1st and the girls couldn’t keep their eyes off of him! (They know not to touch him – rubs off some of his magic, of course). This is such a fun tradition that we started last year. If you aren’t doing this with your little ones, trust me – they’ll love it! (Some pictures of where our little elf was hiding out last December)

Time to go finish my Christmas cards! As of this point I’ve assembled them all. A third of them are in envelopes, with stamps and addresses written, another third that just needs stamps, and the rest still need to be addressed and put in envelopes. As soon as I finish this post I’m turning on Family Man (one of our favorite Christmas flicks) and wrapping things up!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “Recent Events and Christmas Fun

  1. i can’t believe I am first to comment! you must have just posted! i am going to hit send to ensure i stay first. be right back.

  2. ok, I am back. How timely that we were just texting about krumping and now I see pix of SYTYCD. Marc and I are trying to decide if we like my hair better short now that I see that pix! :) such fun memories!!!! (oh, and i am so glad that i am saying the word correctly now! so glad i see the show with the pro!) :)

  3. Erin, I am catching up on your last two posts (this post and the plannerS post)- love them both! huge congrats to kenny (and you!) for making partner. that is awesome! i used to work at a big firm in century city and so i know what a big deal that is. congrats!

    i also have to say i love your new header with kole in the tom arma snowman costume. adorable!!!! i wish i would have had that last year when my littlest was just sitting up- she was the perfect age for it. it is too cute for words!

    now you’re inspiring me to get a planner- i think i will stick to one- LOL! although i still have all my franklin covey day planner binders somewhere – i used to love that system…but i will have to check out that specialty boutique- Target- LOL!

  4. Festive post. So much to comment on but I will say LOVE your girls’ outfits! How fun to go to SYTYCD! Awesome and agree, love when those sweet husbands come through.

  5. Thank you for the Elf reminder!!! First night “he forgot to move” but you saved me with this post and my early read!!! :-) Merry Christmas!

  6. I have to get that elf!!! I’ve been wanting it for years but can never find it. Where do I get it???

    Kole’s face is so classic in that pic of your family. He’s like, “Um, you kidding me? You expect me to smile after what I’ve been through today?”

    So happy for your family and so proud of Kenny!

  7. Can’t wait to get your Christmas card! I actually broke down and got one made for us this year- and it turned out crappy… but I am still sending it your way because I am out of time and broke. Don’t be surprised if it gets there Christmas eve.

    Love you. Miss you. Hope to see you soon???

  8. you are supermom! congrats on your hubby making partner~that is a huge deal! if you do a post on your Christmas card, come on over to my blog & link yours up. I will have it open until dec 31st. it will be fun to see everyone’s cards! hugs, Cathy

  9. fun post! i started a VERY similar post last night about all the fun we’re having this month so far (too bad i didn’t get it done). you’ll see it on our blog hopefully today. ;) we too LOVE the elf on the shelf. we stared that tradition this year. audra is really into it! oh, and your christmas cards look great. can’t wait to get one. we’re loving this time of year!

    p.s. congrats again to kenny & your family! such big news.

  10. Love your blog! Your planner post had me thinking again about a paper planner. All my friends use online planners and I switched to outlook and color coded the family too but I do miss paper. I kept my old ones and I just like looking back at my old ones. I realize how often I got to go to nice restaurants before I had the girls. :-P
    My girls are close in age to your (mine are 5 1/2 and 2 1/2), would love to hear some of their fave toys. I think I’m pretty much done for Christmas but I love hearing what others are doing.

  11. love your blog! i’m your newest follower. your organizing tips are wonderful and much appreciated. and your family is adorable. i hope that someday down the road i am just as blessed. :)

  12. All incredibly awesome! I haven’t been able to visit blog land recently. Don’t you just hate that?! I’m not brave enough for our elf to hide low right now. We’ve been doing that for 3 years now. :o) Love. You rock, hope all is well!

  13. “Family Man” is one of my all time favorite movies. Love it. Maybe I need an elf. My fighting children are making me a bit crazy. Love all your planner/organization posts! I introduced your blog to a friend who is super organized. Now we stalk you together! We’re both working on our organizer binders! :)

  14. OOOOH! Partner! I don’t know what that fully means. But, OOOOOO, Partner!!! Congratulations to Kenny and you for grooming your man for that moment. And you all looked fab-you-lowce.

  15. Fun post. You guys sound busy busy. Congrats to your husband on his job. That’s great. How’d ya make it out of the house so fast… that is impressive.

    We have the Elf on the Shelf too and the girls have such fun with it.

  16. Your elf is the cutest! Where did you get him? I found one at Michael’s craft store but he is bigger and heavier….(not so easy to hide in the tree) Im hoping you might tell us where you got him and hopefully they are selling them this year :-)

    Best Holiday wishes to you and your beautiful family, you are a special person to share your life with other moms, we all benefit from your wisdom.

  17. Congrats Kenny! I wanted to see this year’s SYTYCD tour, but Carlee came and I guess I will have to wait until next year. I bet it was amazing! Congrats to Kenny for making partner, and cograts to you for only being 5 minutes late! I am now about 20 minutes late everywhere I go!

    PS I am sending my cards out today too! Can’t wait to see yours!

  18. Congrats to your family on Kenny making partner. I come from a family of lawyers so I know it is a big deal.

    I am happy to hear your cards aren’t out yet either….Haylee did mine and is sending them to me today! aaahhhggg! I’m late!

    Merry Christmas! Love the books too.

  19. Love those pics of the girls! Glad all is well and everyone is enjoying the Christmas season to the fullest! Congrats again to Kenny! We are so excited for you guys! And let me say, that you did an A-MAZING job getting everyone clean, fed and looking cute and arriving only 5 minutes late to the big event! That is an achievement! (Ryan was so ticked at me for making us 10 mins late to his office Christmas party, I was like- oh please, I did really well, considering!)

  20. Congratulations to Kenny on the exciting news, that’s awesome! As always loved reading your post and I especially enjoyed seeing all the great spots that your elf visited last year. We just started that tradition this year and I love it!!!! Merry Christmas!

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