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Jewelry organization and a story

It’s already Monday again!? This month is going by way too fast! I always wish December lasted longer. I checked off most of my to-do list from last week including organizing my jewelry. I’m not much of a jewelry person really so I didn’t have too much to organize. But it still felt good to get rid of pieces I never wear anymore.

What little jewelry I do wear I keep on/by my dresser.

I found this jewelry box at Target several years ago and knew it was just the right size/style for me and my little stash.

I also picked up this butterfly hook/hanger from Marshall’s for 6 bucks to use for necklaces and bigger earrings. I got this idea from my sister who hangs her necklaces in her room as part of the decor.

Nice to have that finished!
Now. I have to tell you my jewelry story. So I was at the mall last week trying to find a dress for Kenny’s work party. No luck. (Why is it that when I have Kenny’s approval to spend money I can’t find what I’m looking for? I seem to have much better luck when I don’t have his approval – which is probably the reason I shop without it most of the time – ha!) Anyway. Back to my jewelry story. I couldn’t find a dress so I decided I’d just buy some new jewelry to wear with a black dress I already own. So I’m in a store trying on different pieces – necklaces, bracelets, holding up earrings. I have Kole with me in his stroller and as I try stuff on we’re making faces and smiling at each other. We’re having a great time. He loves to shop with me. Especially for jewelry. Finally after trying on half of the store, I realize that I’m going to be late for school pick up (my day to carpool) so I make my decision, buy some jewelry for the party and leave the store. I get clear across the mall to my car (trying to really hurry now so I’m on time to get the girls) and lean down to get Kole and his car seat out of the stroller.

And then I see it all.

GASP! You have got to be kidding me! Sitting in the top shade of Kole’s stroller hiding in the crease are several pieces of jewelry from the store! Pieces I tried on but didn’t buy! I must have set them there without even knowing I did. I stand there in shock realizing that I’m a shoplifter! I shoplifted! I’m a thief! Holy crap. And this isn’t cheap jewelry. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have time to go back to the store because I have to pick up my kids and their friends. But I can’t STEAL! I decide I have to be a thief – at least for an hour. I hop in the car (feeling like somebody who just robbed a bank and is making a quick getaway – in a new Honda Odyssey mini van) and floor it to Ellie’s school. I picked up my girls, dropped off their friends and then headed with my three kids back to the mall. In rush hour traffic. Knowing that our evening routine of homework and cleaning was now shot.

I dragged the kids to the store and returned the jewelry explaining to the clerk what I did. She was nice so I felt better. No cops were waiting to take me to the big house. (phew!) I was sick of the mall because I’d now been there all day long, but my kids were hungry so we got some food (I paid for it thank you very much) and watched the ice skaters.
It ended up being a fun night with my girls and I think they still love me.

Criminal and all. :)

xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Jewelry organization and a story

  1. OMG Erin! Can you imagine if a cop followed you out to the car, and then didn’t believe you? The funny thing is I could see myself doing the exact same thing :)

    Also, I can never find ANYTHING when I have the “ok” to buy something. So frustrating!

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten out to my car with stuff that wasn’t paid for!

    You should have dropped all your kids off at my house before going back. But it sounds like it turned out ok. :)

  3. At least Cole wasn’t the shoplifter! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten home and found snagged jewelry in the bottom of the babies car seat :) We’ll probably see a segment on TV of “have you seen this lady shoplifting” hidden camera!

  4. That is so funny! I have this fear that I am going to do that someday but get caught and the security doesn’t believe me. Moms are always rushing and thinking of a thousand things at once it must happen often.

  5. I would have been so horrified too- I always put stuff there in my stroller too, so I am really surprised that hasn’t happened to me. You paid your price though by having to take 3 kids to the mall with you. That’s punishment enough for any crime.

  6. that is so funny! i am so glad you didn’t get caught. woah. the same thing happened to me last week at home depot- my husband was out of town, so i went there with my two girls to pick up some stuff for the bathroom…got to the car and realized there was extra stuff in the cart that i missed during self-checkout. thankfully it was a slow night at home depot, so taking it back in was no big deal. i love the way you organize your jewelry, btw. i will have to try hanging my necklaces on the wall. great idea!

  7. HA! That IS funny. Totally made me laugh! And give yourself a break, you weren’t an intentional thief and you were definitely intending to return it, you’re all good. Oh and I’ve been waiting for a post about the new minivan! Come on!

  8. Can I start calling you “Bonnie”, and Kole “Clyde”? So, yeh, I totally did that with a bumload of bath and body works lotion that I put in the basket of McKay’s stroller last Chrismas. I was going to buy some for my friends’ gifts, then thought of something else to get and left the store. Only, I failed to take all of the lotion out before I loaded it up in the car. Got home, discovered the stash. Went back the NEXT day. I actually called the store and they were cool. Michael still recalls the time when my Mom had to say “sorry” for stealing to every teacher at school and home. Precious.

  9. That is pretty funny! What a busy afternoon I am sure that turned out to be for you huh. Hannah shoplifted a jar of jelly at the grocery store before. And I think Claire has done it too! Yikes…

  10. I just have to say that I love your blog! I discovered it a few months back and I just love the scrapbooking posts (I’m a huge scrapbooker!) and all the organization posts are speaking to me too. I have always been such a neat freak but lately it has all gotten out of control. Couldn’t be the fact that I have a 5, 4, 2, and 7 month old?!
    It has been fun reading, especially since our babies seem to be close to the same age. And I just have to say thank you for the cleaning post you did a few days ago. Some of your tips just clicked with me and made me realize why this aspect of my life has been so out of control as of late. I always spend the first couple hours of my day trying to “catch up” and getting everything clean and therefore have no time to get anything else done durign the day becuase that is where all my focus goes and then of course, by the time dinner rolls around and hubby gets home the house is a disaster and I’ve had more than my share of cleanign for the day and just “give up.” So by the next morning, the house is still a disaster and I’m back to spending the whole day cleaning.
    Anyways, I’ve implemented your schedule and spend the mornings doing things on my “to do list” and then have the kids help me in the afternoon to clean. It has been wonderful waking up to a clean house each day!
    thank you for all your wonderful posts!

  11. I’m seriously laughing out loud while reading this!! I can’t even count how many times I’ve done this EXACT SAME THING!! I’m beginning to wonder if those “beeper security thingies” even work!!!

    Glad you weren’t hauled off to the bog house {With three kids in tow!}

    Thanks for a good laugh :0)

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