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House Station #3

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So you may remember my little nightmare spray painting project? Now that the painting is behind me I’m quite enjoying my newly black baskets. They are just right for my next house station – our “reading station.”

Big basket is holding all of our Christmas books…

and I have a little hidden nook in the corner of my living room holding the rest of my baskets.

Far left basket holds the girls’ books (especially for books on Ellie’s reading level). Next basket is for my reading material. And then the last few belong to Kole — diapers, wipes, and baby toys.

Part of the M.O.M system suggests having a “read and review” basket. A basket to hold books, magazines, and other information that you want to read and review when you have a minute. Things that are not time sensitive, but that you would like to read at some point. Part of Ellie’s homework each night is to read quietly to herself for 15 minutes. I decided to set up a little reading station and implement a new evening routine for me and the girls so that Ellie and I can both get in our reading time.
Each night after homework, we set our timer for 15 minutes and have DEAR time. (I called it DEAR time when I taught school – stands for Drop Everything And Read. Anyone remember that?) The girls pick out a book or two they want to read and I pick something out of my read and review basket and we all read together. I try to time this when Kole is taking his last nap of the day. I set a goal to read each night with my girls for two reasons. One, I want them to learn that reading is fun and mommy loves it too! And two, if I don’t have a set time like this to go through my read and review basket I never will. I always have good intentions to read in the evenings, but most nights I end up blogging instead. :) This has been hard for me! It’s so tempting for me to clean when I have a free 15 minutes of quiet time. But when I do “drop everything and read” I’m always glad I did. :)
xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “House Station #3

  1. What a great idea! I think it is great that you are letting your children witness you reading for your own enjoyment, too. I’m really enjoying the posts about your stations. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. So here’s the thing….if I was to set up a station like that, or any station for that matter, it would be dismantled and spread about the house in minutes.

    But, I’m ok with it. I just won’t try to set up any stations. :)

    I love reading about yours though.

    I remember the days of having some sort of control over my environment. :)

    Miss you!

  3. I loved your basket ideas.
    I’ve already gone through my house searching for a big basket to hold our Christmas books. Can’t find one, so off to Michael’s I go.

    Love the DEAR time too. That is great. I also have a basket with my go to magazines and papers I want to read. And like you, most nights I blog instead of flip through those, but on occasion I do. I am also an avid reader too so I usually have several books going at once. So much to do so little time…

  4. My kids have dear time at school too. I love what it stands for. I too need to do it more often at home, and get the heck off this computer!:) I’m glad those baskets found good use.

  5. Another awesome idea, Erin. LOVE DEAR. What a great idea – gives you some time and also promotes them getting into that habit. I like the idea of thinking of stations. I have some super messy stations at the moment that I need to work on. Crazy day today and then we are heading to St. George so they shall wait :) (Excuses …)

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted setting aside time to read either. And btw, when I have kids, I might need to fly you out here to organize my life:)

  7. Shari…I hear you…I am thinking that most of Erin’s readers still enjoy some kidcontrol. Oh! enjoy…let’s not tell them what’s to come:)

  8. Great ideas! Reading to my kids and with my kids has always been one my my favorite things about being a mom. Just think of the fun you’ll have when they are a little older and you can read The Little Princess to them. I am reading it to my eight-year-old now. My all-time favorite!!

  9. We had DEAR time when I was a teacher, too! I should definitely incorporate that in to our home routine. My step son has to read for 20 minutes and he hates it. I bet it would help him out if I read my own book at the same time. Thanks for reminding me of that! Love your baskets, too!

  10. THIS JUST CHANGED MY LIFE. I have three kids, close to your kids age (or at least the age at the time you wrote this) and I’m telling you, THIS JUST CHANGED MY LIFE! I am always feeling guilty for not reading enough WITH my second grader, because I always start cleaning or working in the house while I make her, but she still needs to have an example of how reading can be FUN. So thankful for this post. Love the basket ideas as well, I’ve already had things set aside in my living room like this, but never in baskets, so of course, things were just a mess after the baby or toddler got into them! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

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