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Ellie and Addison

All in a day

5:35 AM. That’s what time Kole decided we needed to start our day this morning. I was ok with it because Kenny was in LA for meetings and it was all up to me to get the three kids ready and out the door by 7:30. Ellie had her Thanksgiving Performance so I wanted to spend a bit longer than usual on her hair. Addison woke up next and she was in a mood. Ten seconds with Addison first thing in the morning will tell you exactly how your morning is going to roll. She wanted to wear her too small brown pants. Where were they? Oops — goodwill last week. Spent 30 minutes letting us all know how unhappy she was about that. Meanwhile, I’m running circles trying to get girls dressed, hair done, Kole fed, breakfast made, start a load of laundry with the one pair of pink pants that is acceptable for Addison to wear as soon as they are clean, lunch packed, me ready, kids all loaded in the car – it’s humid and cold – grab jackets for girls and a blanket for Kole. Buckle everyone in. The girls have 7 dolls piled in the car on their laps. For the love. I can’t even see their seat belts. Give my standard “ONE FRIEND EACH IN THE CAR!” lecture. Pull 5 dolls back out of the car and run them inside. Kole is getting fussy and needs a nap. Grab his binkie and a toy. Back in the car. Forgot Ellie’s lunch. Back in the house. Make sure I have Kole’s stroller. Back in the car. Purse? Back in the house. Grab purse and cell phone. Back in the car.

10 minutes later we’re at the school. Unload all three kids and jackets, lunch box, back pack, stroller, purse, binkie, toy, blanket. Walk Ellie to her class. Humidity is awful. Two minutes outside and Ellie’s perfectly straight hair that I spent 15 minutes on is turning into a frizzy mess. Addison’s bandage on her foot is sliding off while she walks and she is BAWLING about her owie hurting. Kole is beyond tired and he starts crying. Ellie is running 6 feet ahead of me. I can’t handle Addison’s whining so I throw her on my back. Drop Ellie off at class and walk back to my car – getting really frustrated with Addison at this point — “I want my daddy!” she screams. Feeling’s mutual. Go home and get Kole fed and down for a nap. Put Addie’s pants in the dryer and calm her down. Get the camera and video camera out to charge. Clean up the breakfast mess in the kitchen. Wake Kole up from his nap. Pack bottle, formula, toys, binkie, diapers, wipes, purse, snacks, water, camera. Fix my hair which is also a frizzy mess thanks to our lovely humidity. Load two kids back in the car and head back up to the school for Ellie’s Thanksgiving Performance.

And here the three of us are. Waiting for the show. Kids are much happier. Addie has on her clean pink pants and Kole has had a nap (albeit a short one).

And Ellie makes a stunning pilgrim.
She belts out “This Land is Your Land” in perfect 1st grade pitch.
Her hat accentuates her humidity hair perfectly.

The girls are so happy to be together again after the show.

Parents are invited to the classroom for a Thanksgiving Feast of turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie.
We view on the overhead the kids’ pictures of what they are grateful for this year.
I know what is coming because my Ellie tells me everything.
And then she tells me more than that.

I get a picture with my pilgrim that should have been taken without the flash.

My girls act silly with one of their friends.
Kole is an angel baby in his stroller. Smiling at kids and parents all morning long.
We all had a great time.
I was on a “mom high” remembering how much I love being a mom and how much I love my kids despite the exhausting morning.

And then we get home.
Addison had a fit over not being able to draw a star the right way on her paper.
Ellie had a hard time staying focused on her spelling words.
Kole knocked his mushed vegetables off of his highchair and all over the dining room floor.

I ate some chocolate.
Kenny came home. Thank goodness for reinforcement.
We put the kids in bed.

Now I feel much better and with my kids’ sound asleep, I can safely say for the second time today that I love being a mom.
All in a day.
xoxo, Erin
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29 thoughts on “All in a day

  1. LOL Erin I totally feel for you, doing Daycare I have those days too just it all happens here thankgoodness I don’t have to drive them here. Ten seconds with any child in the door tells me what the day is going to bring. Gotta love them tho. Donna

  2. What is it about dads being gone that just make everything HARDER? My husband is usually not home when we get ready anyway, but trust me: if he’s away on a business trip, that’s when things just don’t go well. One hour after my husband departed for this week’s business trip, water started dripping from my kitchen ceiling…and I was PAINTING THE KITCHEN. I wasn’t even surprised. I’ve totally learned to expect it when the husband is away. The time when I had to take two kids to the ER at the same time? Yep, business trip. So glad to know it happens to someone else!

  3. Trust me, it will get easier! You are doing an awesome job & look how sweet your kids are turning out! I remember those days well. The time will fly & then they will have other dilemmas…it’s all good! hugs, Cathy

  4. Oh what a day. I think all moms can relate to this one. Mornings can be soooo frustrating sometimes, and then others seem to go so smoothly. Ellie made a darling pilgrim.

    Hope you are still on your mom high today. Even without reinforcements. ;)

  5. Jeff was gone all day yesterday and not back till late and I was SO crabby after 7 pm. I felt so guilty too, thinking of all the women I know who have husbands that travel most of the week. I can’t even take one long day!
    Love the photos. And the happy meal gratitude. :)

  6. Ok, I LOVED this post! I think because I’m another mom who can totally relate: the child who says “I want my daddy!”, the child who has a fit because they can’t draw something, trying to get out the door with the kids at 7:30am, coming home to clean up the mess you had to leave behind. I hear ya, sista! And my hubby will be away on business for 3 days the week following Thanksgiving….so I see that all in my not-too-distant future, unfortunately. Hopefully the “mom high” will kick in, lol :)

  7. Erin-you even calmly talked to me on the phone about VERY important things like fun Christmas tree stores that you must take your mom to see (you will both love it!), how we are going to hang our Christmas cards on our banisters, blogging photos bigger—in the midst of your morning craziness! I would have never known! You are a pro! :) I have had so many mornings like the one you described where I am seriously in and out of my car 5 times before I pull out of the garage because I keep forgetting things! You are awesome!!!! xoxo

  8. Sorry Erin! While all these other moms are feelin for ya, I’m not! Ya wanna know why? Because even though you claim to have frizzy humidity hair you still look amazing! And Ellie too! And she was by far the cutest little pilgrim! And you still got some super cute smiling pictures! I really hate those kinds of mornings but your hair won’t let allow me to feel bad for you!

  9. Perfect description of a busy mom day. I can just picture you running in and out of the house a million times too.

    But you looked beautiful and your face didn’t show any signs of being frazzled. Woohoo!

  10. I feel like every time Kevin goes out of town on business, all HELL breaks loose! As much as I try, and try to maintain our daily routine (setting clothes out the night before, packing the diaper bag the night before, making lunches ahead of time…) IT. STILL. NEVER. WORKS. OUT!!!

    I guess we should appreciate our husbands for helping out a little more huh?!?

    That being said, as crazy of day it sounds like you had you still look BEAUTIFUL, your kids are SMILING, AND you got some quiet time at the end of your day! Not to mention “DADDY” is home!! YAYYYY for Daddy’s!!!!!! (and Mom’s that can handle almost anything when their gone :0) )

    Cute post.

  11. I am thoroughly impressed that you look like your usual stunning self after such a morning. I know I would not. And that you got a picture of you and the two kids smiling. Very, very impressive.

  12. I so get this day of yours!! Isn’t it so great? I just think its a good thing we can have those moments of remembering that we LOVE being a mom in between all those difficult times!

  13. Getting up at 5:35 and then posting at 11:07 makes for a loooonng day, my friend. And tell me this…when you are going through the crazies does it make it just a bit easier to bear knowing that you will be blogging about it later? I think so.

  14. Loved the walk through your day and the pics are great! Do you think you can do a post soon about how you scrapbook your Christmas holiday? I hope so.

  15. I am glad to hear that other moms run in and out of the house when they leave in the morning. If I don’t make at least two trips back inside then I have definitely forgot something! Loved the post!

  16. That about says it. I didn’t think Ellie’s hair was that frizzy, although, I like my hair with a little frizz to give it more body.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your lovely bunch!

  17. This is one of my favorite posts! We just took a road trip to Washington from San Diego, and I couldn’t wait to get back to catch up on your blog.

    P.S. Ran into some nasty weather and was missing the awful wonderful humidity here. Guess I’m never happy! ;)

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