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Summer Wrap Up

Can I just say that I am SO behind on pictures I want to blog! I have enough pictures and blog post ideas to seriously do a post every day for the next three months. The problem is finding the time to do it. It took me two full days just to get my new header up because I was trying to do it between carpools, activities, play dates, church projects, meals, appointments, housework, homework, diaper changes, feedings, LIFE. Life is really busy right now. I’m too busy with life to find the time to blog about it. I need to find a way to remedy this. Doesn’t my family understand that they should drop everything when I need to get a new blog header up!? I mean come on people! Prioritize a little. ;)

I did finally add an e-mail button (said I’d do that months ago) so if you have a question, e-mail me. Much better chance I’ll actually answer your question. I always have good intentions of answering questions in my comments, but like I said – life gets in the way and sometimes I forget. I also added some fun things on the sidebar. A list of fall posts from last year and a list of popular posts according to google stats. Which can I just say always surprises me. Seems everyone is checking out my organizing posts and not many of you are clicking on the old food/cooking category. What? Really? I have like two awesome recipes in there! :) Anyway, I added the lists of posts for any of you who are new to my blog…or if you’re just REALLY bored one night….or if your husband MAKES you watch Survivor once a week. (I know – talk about painful.) I do my best blog stalking during Survivor.

Anyway – before I can move forward to fun fall activities and posts I need to do a quick summer wrap up. These are just random summer pictures with no particular theme, in no particular order. It was kind of a crazy summer with a new baby, but one I want to remember.

An interesting little phase the girls went through dressing up with shirts on their heads. Red Riding Hood? Little Bo Peep? Homeless bag lady? I don’t’ get it. We were much more home bound this summer than we usually are and I think they were forced to get really creative. Or maybe they just went little crazy.

Typical pile from unloading the car.

Typical scene in the playroom.

Kenny and I at a parade in front of his grandma’s house.

This cute little guy just turned six months and has now outgrown the swing. Weird. I’m done with this swing forever. He’s also rolling over now. The girls kept giving him tummy time and rolling him back and forth. I’d say “NO – STOP! We are NOT encouraging movement!” I tried to not let it happen, but happen it did.

Christmas p.j.s in June. That’s just the way we roll around here.

Typical scene on the stairs.

Heading to the beach. Yes I took this picture driving. Not a good thing to do, but I happened to have my camera nearby and this picture stirs up fun summer memories.

Leaving Ellie’s first grade summer camp performance.

Another example of us being home bound/crazy.

This just makes me laugh. Ellie drags her pet dog “Frenchy” around all over the place with this leash she made from some of my scrapbook ribbon. The girls tie him up to the stair post to hang out sometimes and I always get a kick out of how his feet are never quite touching the ground and his tongue is hanging out. Poor Frenchy.

Next are a few pictures that scream “third kid”…..

Just a few months old and feeding himself.

You’re never too young for a little TV. Kole prefers Little Bear.

And this scene was all too familiar. I’d leave Kole alone for a minute while I was off dealing with his sisters and come back to find him asleep on the floor. Sweet sweet baby.

El spent a lot of time this summer dressing her dolls…

and drawing and coloring.

Ad spent a lot of time mixing up magic potions,

making tea in mommy’s rain boots,

and chillin’ in her summer shades.

Dinner with friends. A lot of my friends have summer birthdays. Love that!

Sorting through the binkies I’ve collected over the years. Done with the pink!

Hanging out with cousin Claire. Grandma always keeps these girls dressed in the latest princess fashions.

This little beauty hanging in my house is an original painting actually used in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. For each movement in the action of a character a “cel” painting was made. The cel paintings were then photographed in succession over and over and then when projected on the screen create the illusion of motion. This is one of the original cel paintings. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie. I have loved it all of my life and quote it often. My great uncle worked for Walt Disney and his family had saved some rare pieces from his Disney days. This piece came up at a family auction we do every few years to raise money for future family reunions. Kenny went to battle with many of my family members (including my sister) to buy it for me. At the end he was the highest bidder (sorry Car) – only because he knew how much I would love it. I do love Alice in Wonderland. And I do love that I now own an original from the movie. But what I love more than all of that is that when I look at this picture I’m reminded of how much I love my husband.

Now we’ve all had our fair dose of sappy so I’ll move on…

A few summer shots of me with my little man…

Ad helping out around the house…in her coat…in 80 degree weather.

Every night Kenny reads Junie B Jones to the girls. They look forward to Junie B time with daddy all day long. So does their mom.

My girls playing at my mom’s in the sand pile. My dad created this sand pile tucked away in a corner of their yard under some trees for grand kids. It’s always a hit.

Funny story. After I took this picture of the girls I was backing up to get a shot of the whole sand pile including the trees and I walked backwards right into my parents swimming pool! No joke. Fell right in. Luckily I had my suit on because I’d been swimming earlier that day and luckily I thought quickly and held my arm up out of the water balancing my camera. I came up from the water gasping “my camera! SAVE my camera!” My girls ran over and grabbed it from me before it got too wet. They loved telling everyone the story of their mom falling in the pool but saving the camera. :)

Our first summer with little Kole. Good times. :)

xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Summer Wrap Up

  1. Oh my gosh! I could leave a comment about every single cute picture but of course I can’t remember them all.

    I just can’t believe you managed to fall into a pool and save your camera! Amazing.

    I just can’t believe that Kole is 6 months old.

    I love the story of Kenny getting that painting for you.

    Such a cute post, Erin. Love it.

    Oh and I cannot forget to comment on the new header. Ahhhhhhh!!!! Soooooo cute!!!

  2. I needed a little laugh before I head off to bed- that image of falling in the pool is pretty funny. Love the new pictures on the header and sidebar. So cute. We are getting some done next weekend and I always stress over them forever.

  3. I can’t believe you managed to hold onto that many binkies! I’m sure I’ve purchased at least that many over the years with my 3 kids, but they always managed to get lost or chewed or no-amount-of-boiling-will-save-this-filthy-thing dirty and went straight to the trash.

    What a delightful summer you had!

  4. As soon as you started the story about walking backwards I new what was gonna happen and was worried about that camera! I’m glad the girls saved it:) Love all the pictures, and I LOVE your new header.

  5. Agree. Every caption is so sweet with such a great story. That picture, what a treasure! Giggled (knowing that you were okay) about falling into the pool. Your adorable kids! Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

  6. I loved reading that wrap up. I’m so glad you didn’t hurt yourself falling into the pool (and that you saved the camera). LOVE the new header.

  7. I can’t wait to see the rest of your family pictures that Melody took… They turned out soooo good! But how could they not when the models are as lovely as you guys!!!

  8. Hi Erin,
    LOVE your new header! Looks so great. And how do you make an email button? I know that is a Q- does that mean I should email you that question? :)

    Fun summer wrap up.
    I’ve never heard of the Junie B June books. I’m thinking my girls might like em though.
    My first thought when you fell in the pool was OH NO your camera!! Glad you saved it. Phew.

    Happy Fall to you. :)

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new fall header. The pics are awesome! I have been waiting for this little girl to do mine–she better hurry. Love all the pics too. Funny story about the pool. Very fun post–love your blog.

  10. awwww- what a sweet post! i made it thorugh the WHOLE thing! i loved what you said about “we’re not encouraging movement!” too funny! i love, love, love your new header- i was going to say something about it even before you mentioned it. i would have done the same thing for my camera. haha!

  11. Yay! My favorite kind of Erin post- loads of cute pics of the kids and of course a funny story! Love, love all those pics, Kole is the cutest and the girls just crack me up. I really love all the ponies lined up so perfectly, could they take after their mother?! And oh my heck! So glad the camera was saved!!! I would freak if I did that. Ryan would freak if I ruined the camera. That was seriously lucky, way to go girls!

  12. hahaha So funny. What a great blog post idea — wrapping it all up. =) I had to laugh at the pile of pacifiers. Wow. That’s a lot.

  13. Your Frenchy picture made me smile. I was just watching our Frenchy being dragged down the driveway by a scrapbook ribbon leash this weekend! (and thinking, “Poor Frenchy!”) :)

    So glad you saved the camera! Only thing better would have been if someone else had their camera on you! :)

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