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Ellie and Addison

Our Saturday

Kenny was gone all day today so it was just me and the little ones. I had such a good Saturday! We didn’t leave the house. Not once. It was SO nice. I went into an organizing frenzy. We learned about this organizing system at the Power of Moms retreat that I am so excited to try out. BUT…to do it you need a place to put several file folders, organized cubbies, etc. I have NO SPACE left in this house! I feel like we are busting out of this place. So after doing some serious analyzing, I found a space that could work on some shelves in the closet under our stairs. BUT… I already had holiday decor there. So I moved the holiday decor upstairs to my closet which led me to re-organizing all of my closet including going through all my clothes. Then I had to move stuff I had in my closet to the closet in the guest room…which was already full of other stuff so I re-organized that closet…and moved some of the stuff in it downstairs. This went on and on and by the time the day ended I had cleaned/organized three closets, four kitchen drawers, and three other areas that needed to be straightened and sorted through. I also decorated the whole house for fall (it’s looking so festive!) and put up all of my outside decorations. Purple and orange lights and pumpkins are now covering my yard – love it! I can’t turn the lights on until next weekend though or my neighbors will get mad at me again. They always give me a hard time for starting the outside holiday decor so early. I just can’t help it. It’s too much fun. :)

So what did my kids do while I tore apart my house?

First they colored and decorated ornaments for our Halloween Tree. (Addison found Ellie’s pumpkin princess costume from a couple of years ago and hasn’t taken it off. She has to have the whole thing on at all times including the hair accessory and shoes.)

Then the girls had a fabulous time playing with all of the mess I made. They brought down all of their barbies and polly pockets and princesses who had all sorts of fun “living” in my various decorations.

And Kole? Well, I was busy so I sort of just turned him over to the girls…

Sorry little dude. I’ll make it up to you someday. How about a Thomas the Train on me? No pink involved….unless the princesses want a ride…. ;)

xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Our Saturday

  1. Erin, it sounds like you had a perfect day!! Could you share more about that organizing system you learned at your retreat? Also, I would LOVE to see some pics of your home decorated for fall…my favorite season!!!

  2. I watched the video on the Power of Moms organizing system, and have used parts of it myself. I really like it. It’s great having an “in box.” A few weeks ago I was at back to school night and needed some information from home, and when I called i could tell my husband exactly where to find it. He was even impressed with that. I’ve been an organizing maniac! You’d be proud:)

  3. Erin, you are out of control! I don’t know how you do it. Glad it was such a successful day for you while Kenny was gone. Ryan and I were SO thankful he was here with us, it was so great seeing him! It meant a lot to both of us. We wished we could have had you here too, but so glad you were having such a great day. We can’t wait to see you in 4 days!!!! And can’t wait to see that fall decor too!

  4. Sounds like something I need to do . . .organize a bunch of closets! sounds like a real productive day! Yay! would love to hear mor about the organizing system and see peeks of your fall decor!

    Have a great week!

  5. LOVE the pictures of Kole in the glasses! What a cutie he is!!! If you ever need a project when you’re here, I have a BIG one for you!! Oh gosh…my house is so
    UN-ORGANIZED!!!! It just isn’t IN ME!!

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